Saturday, November 28, 2009

For far too long..

Hello readers,

First of all, I wanna wish all of you a very happy eid ul adha (if it's not to late to wish..). Hope you guys had a good times and had a very special or memorable moments during that weekend. I know I did. =)

And second of all, I owe all of you an apology for leaving this blog boring and dormant for far too long. I've been swarmed with 'my little project' for days now (or was it weeks?). As a result, I just didn't have time to update this journal of mine.. Plus, my mood and emotions lately were kinda weird and abnormal! So I refrained myself to blog during these times because I know, I would talk about craps that you guys won't even understand, so I just don't wanna corrupt your mind, so might as well just shut up, right? hehe. Hence, my blogging mood is just wasn't there for the past few days or weeks. So that explains my muteness and kenapa I selalu ponteng on this blog (ehh..panjangnya I explain! haha)

Lastly, just a quick update, I LOVED Quantum Science Pendant! My body feels so awesome now! (and no..I am still fat. haha)

Love, XOXO,


  1. hey u beli pendant tu kat mana?

  2. not sure.. my dad beli byk gile haritu.. siap botol air apa bagai sume.. tp mmg this thing sgt berkesan towards my weak body ni! =)


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