Monday, April 20, 2009

Working is…


Seriously, I dunno where should I start story-ing! Hehee.. Everrryything about the company was just so awesome! least up till now la.. hehe.. =P

I couldn’t sleep the night before. Dunno why. Excited + a lil’ bit nervous I guess.. So I got up from bed, and get myself ready around 6.45 am. Put on my
Warehouse Waterfall top, a grey pants from Agenda, my Tie Rack scarf, my lucky shoes and a black Bally bag. Had my breakfast while I was on the way to work.. And I got off from home around 7.45 am..

The traffic was congested reallllly bad. But I dunno why I was smiling all the way! I was really happy to go to work! This is my very first experience of working life! Of course I’m excited! Hehe.. I even talked to myself while I was in the car.. I said.. “Huiyyoo.. Wani dah kerja la!”. Haha. =P

Anyways.. It’s really funny you know.. to see the faces of people who stuck with traffic jams! Haha. I dunno why people always find traffic jams are stressful. I never felt that way about traffic jams. Well.. not that I liked to be stuck in jams, just that I just dunno why some people make a big deal out of it while he or she knew that she’s gonna stuck in jams.. heh.
Unless, if you’re really late for something very important, then that’s another different story la. heh.
I mean, if you already knew that you’re gonna face jams every morning, then why don’t you try to make yourself more relax and comfortable in your car by doing something like singing your heart out of your fave songs ke.. Or maybe eat something.. Call someone. Whatever that won’t make you feel bored lar. I always have something to do while stuck in jams you know! (I just can’t seem to duduk diam-diam whenever and wherever I go!) Huhu =P


I arrived the office around 8.45 am. Then, upon arriving at the entrance hall, Kelly Wong my supervisor greeted me. (Oh, and she complimented me! Hehe. Thank you! ^_^ )

So.. today’s activities were fun!

First, I was being introduced to the HR department, then to Directors’ rooms (I met the CEO, COO, their P.As, etc), then I went to the Marketing department, and then to the Pantry section (Oh my goodness! I have never seen such a nice pantry area! I’ve visited and been to a few offices and big companies in KL before this, but none has such a big and nice pantry area like the one in that company!! Their chairs were so colorful, they have a feature wall that were put up with green grasses with bird’s cage!, they have a Cafe machine that you can just press to have your Milo, teh tarik or white coffee, etc etc.. They have Pepsi, 7up, Isotonic drinks, etc in a Pepsi Fridge, and also the cabinet and microwave and refrigerators were all modern and contemporary! I was really excited and feeling a bit jakun for awhile! hehee) then, we move on to all the meeting rooms, and then to Designing unit (the coolest section! they have a Coach's mannequin, baju2,etc), Inventory department, IT, Accounting and Finance, and lastly, Administration department.

I was being introduced to the staff one by one, you know! It was quite tiring to salam all of them and say, “Hello, I’m Wani. Nice to meet you!”. Hehe.. I think I may have said those lines more than a hundred times already. huhuh.
But it was fun though.. They were all so friendly and so nice! They don’t make me feel nervous at all! How fantastic isn’t it? huhu. (Just so you know, I always feel a little bit uneasy and anxious and nervous and whatnot, whenever I’m with someone that I am not really familiar).

After being introduced to the Valiram team, I had a short orientation program with Maran and Kelly. They both are so friendly! I felt really really comfortable! =)

The short and simple induction course was for me to get to know and have a clearer picture of the company’s background and business and stuff.. And you know where was it held? It was at one of the Kopitiam downstairs! Hehehe. So informal and so cool! Heh. My supervisor blanja me Hazelnut White Coffee. It was realllly nice! And we had a little chat too.. =)

After knowing about the business, the people, and the culture of the company, I set-up a thumb print and got myself a card to swipe at the entrance as well! Oh, and I also got a new email! It’s How cool is that? I never have a company’s email before! Hehe. I only have gmail, ymail and hmail..blablabla.. hee hee =P
(Okay.. wth. I sound so jakun now. Haha)
But seriously, they really really treat me nicely! They gave me a laptop, a company's email, my own set of stationaries (I can just order what I need), they even asked me do I need a telephone on my desk! OMG! huhu..
And I really felt like I am one of their permanent staff already! haha..

Then.. at around 11.30 am.. Comes the fun part!

We visited KLCC and Pavilion to have a store visits! We walked all the way from the office to KLCC and Pavilion! And I was wearing a 5-inch heel! Haha. It’s not the height and heels that I have to carry all the way that makes me felt uneasy. It was the weather! EEEK. It was frigging HOT!!!!!!!! I sweat like hell.. Ishh… Tak suka.. dah la baju dry clean.. pastu, lencun..huhuh.. But nvm, I had fun! I had the privileged to meet all the Brand Managers, the back stores where they keep all of the bags and stuff.. And I even got some free chocolates from Godiva when I visited them! Coolies,huh? Hehe.. =)

And also, Kelly belanja me lunch at Dome! Haiyoo.. I feel like kissing her you know! Haha.. She paid for my mineral water&chewing gums at Kiosk, my coffee at Kopitiam and a Dome too? Haihh… Sooooo nice lah this Kelly! Dahla comel!! =)

So anyways, altogether, I visited 13 stores, both in Pavilion and KLCC! And tomorrow on Tuesday, I’m gonna have a store visit at KLIA pula! Hehe.. Seronoknya! =)

Just for your information, the brands that they carry in KLCC are: Godiva, Coach, Jimmy Choo and Pedro.

And in Pavilion; Coach, IWC, Rolex, Swiss Watch Gallery (I met Irwan there!), Shanghai Tang, Giuseppe Zanotti (my goodness, they have such killer hottie devil shoes to die for! Haha), Charles & Keith, Chloe, and Godiva Café.

And then after that… I got back home… Yippie me.. Penat gila.. dah la semalam tak tido.. pastu jalan satu hari suntuk..huhu..

Oh, and my parking fee for today was RM16!! Crazy, huh??! Hadoi.. Macam mana nak pegi kije ari2 cenggini nih..isk. =(
Takpe, dah jumpa satu parking RM 10 flat per day. Hmm.. mahal gak..but at least cheaper than the one yang kira per hour tuh.. haih..But least, they pay me well. heh. Well enough for me to pay the parking fees. =P

Ok la.. I wanna have some good rest!!!




  1. it was exciting ye wani,super GREAT la...ur journey made kak suzie enjoyed each moment happened to u.

    it was something that u really want which was good for ur 1st experience.

    anyways,good luck...have fun...and enjoy whilst u can =)

  2. wow. jelesnye. sounds more like coming from a movie or something. like the devil wears prada. haha. i have never felt an enthusiasm like that regarding my work before... LOL

  3. ya lah....
    smiling while reading your story..

    Pictas gurl!!

    tumpang excited=p

  4. i think u get the job just for ur name

    no idea

  5. i think u get the job just for ur name

    no idea

  6. agree with Lilo on the movie part. hehe.

  7. wow............. i also wanna work in valiram................

    wani way to go!!!

  8. wah!! senyum jer baca entry u yang nih. Kerja bebaik dah layan baik tu.heheheh Mesti macam2 gift dapat nanti kan?....congrats dear.

  9. Seems like you really enjoy your workplace and that is good thing.

    All the best for you Wani.

    And maybe if they like you so much, they will ask you to come and work with them once u graduated..hehehe..

    Wah bestnyer!

  10. bestnya !!!
    mcm dgr crita dlm movie plak..
    keje btul2 wani...
    selalunya company yg u buat internship nih akan pgl u balik lps graduate nnt...
    so kalau diorg sgt impress dgn ur performance , for sure la diorg akan pgl kan...
    & time tu , dh kerja permanent , mesti lagi syok !!
    jeles nya !!
    takde gamba ke???

  11. hi..slama ni i silent reader but this time nk wish u good luck in ur internship ek :)

  12. wah bestnya dah mula kerja yek..nnt buh gamba ek..nk tgk outfit u p kerja..mesti cantik2 belaka..enjoy the moment kerja k..gud luck..=)

  13. i love your jobbb best nya best nyaaa ! hehehe. when are we going on a date nih?

  14. sounds fun! dulu aku internship kat eye-bee-em gi jalan2 melawat site client jumpa computers n machines n mainframes n whatnot macam nak terpengsan! i am so not an IT person ;p

  15. wow..wani, include la gamba skali...huhuhu..

  16. pics!!!!piccs!!

  17. wanie, akak pulak yg rasa excited for you... yeah, it's fun kan? kalau keja permanent, sure lagi excited sbb dapat earn your own moneyssssssss...... you're lucky la dpt buat internship kat one of the biggest company....

  18. how lucky of u! :))
    my internship before wasn't that fun. yg fun-nyer is the money they paid. haha. but the experience was important though. take care, have fun and learn as much as u can! :)

  19. exited baca your story!! :)
    wahhh bestnyer valiram group yer
    kalay ada buat clearance sales don forget to invite us jugak hehehe :p

  20. nak pics wani..
    tapi takper.. takkan first day dah sebok2 nak ambik pic kan.. huhu..
    nanti letak pic tau

  21. wani!!! bapak best dowh!! aku pon nk keje gak!! tp aku x nk keje kt supermarket dh...nk keje kt valiram gak...mcm la dorg nk amik aku...huhuhu...

    btw, i mish u!!!

  22. to everyone: yep! It IS fun!!
    so far memang takde apa2 yg tak best pon pasal VG ni! hehee =)

    p/s: pictures tu..i x sure bole amik ke tak.. nnt la ye saya tanye.. manetau tetibe kang amik gamba pastu upload sini, then kena saman ke.. or ape2 la.. mati aku..huhuh =P

  23. ha...
    y not amik gamba ur working outfits...
    mcm best je nk tgk....
    xdpttgk gamba ofis pun xpela...

    ~huu...lps nih every morning nk g kerja tu kene pose dpn cermin dulu la nmpknye...heheh~

  24. omg wani!!
    u are sooo luckyyy!!!
    wish u all the best
    eh update us more tau!!


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