Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wani on-the-job. Her first week.

So here’s a brief overview or a snapshot of my workplace.. (And work attire -as requested. hehe..)

Day 2

On my second day of my practical training which was Tuesday, I wore a navy blue Banana Republic silky top, a black Topshop pants, a black & blue Pieces cinch waist belt, a black & blue Tie Rack scarf, a black Bally bag, and a black Aldo shoes (not in the picture)

Oh and just for the record, on that day, the Store Manager of Coach Malaysia invited me to a fashion show event by Coach at The Gardens.. but I passed it up as the event was held during maghrib time.. sob sob.. =(

Day 3

And on Wednesday, I was feeling a lil’ bit malas, so I chose to wear something that looks casual and effortless, and so I picked out a suntanned Forever 21 very soft cardigan, an off-white singlet from Forever 21, a dark brown Agenda pants, a polka-dot Tie Rack scarf, a dark brown Gucci bag and a black Vincci wedges (both bag and shoes are not in the picture)

Day 4

On Thursday, the day I had to be the mystery shopper at KLIA, I wore a black Dorothy Perkins top, a lace corset from Agenda, a dark brown Agenda pants, a scarf from Mortada, an LV Mini Lin bag, and my fave Eclipse black platform (All these are not in this picture because I forgot to snap a picture on that day! But only the top was the exact top that I wore! Hehe)

Day 5

On Friday, we can wear casual and that means we are allowed to wear jeans! How cool, isn’t it? hehe.. So, I chose to wear a mustard yellow cardigan by Dorothy Perkins (It’s kinda ‘loghat’ with all the ruffles detailing at the front, but who cares..hehe), a grey Seed t-shirt, my lovable stone-washed dVb jeans, a scarf from Tie Rack, my sayang Aldo yellow mellow platform, and my usual daily bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs (Again, I didn’t take my picture cuz I was in a hurry. This picture was taken on the day I went to watch the Bride Wars movie preview with Miu)

Just so you know, I haven’t really shop for my work outfits the other day, after the exams were over. Cuz I didn’t have the mood to go to all the ‘big’ shopping malls as I was exhausted from the stresses and tensions that I went through during the exams.. Plus, I was feeling so fat (which I am, due to consuming tremendous amount of sugar (Coke and coffee) and fastfoods (Mc Donalds, Maggie and Chipster!!) during the exam week. And yes, I know I have an overabundance of flesh. So you don’t have to tell me over and over again whenever you see me! Haiyoo..). So anyways.. I just bought myself a couple of pants and some blouses. All from Jaya Jusco. I looove to shop here! They have such affordable yet nice clothes, I tell you! =)


I only take one picture of my workplace. I didn’t have the guts to snap pictures of all over the place lah! Takut kena marah..Hehe. =P

So this is the entrance area.. This picture does not really depict the actual view of the place, cuz the lighting in real life, is quite dimmed and the flat screen tvs (on the left) are usually switched on with all the fashion shows or the video of all the brands that they carry.. with such harmonious sound of music are being played all day.. (it’s the kind of music in luxury stores. Dunno how to explain..hehe) and also, all the sofas in this area are covered with velvet! Hmm.. very luxurious! Seriously, the moment you stepped into the entrance, you’ll feel the vibe of classy and posh! Hehe =P

So for this week, I’ll be assigned under HR department. Next week will be Auditing, Finance and Accounting. So.. Kelly is my training consultant for this week. And I sit in a cubicle next to her..

And here’s my desk!

My desk is still clean (yeah, what do you expect, I’m just an intern..hehe).
I haven’t arrange and bring my necessary stuff yet like my M&S calendar (that calendar is Kelly’s), my pink organizer, some books, pictures of the people in my life, complete stationeries with magic colors & markers-so I can scribble on my cute white board, and also some fridge magnets to stick any notes on the white board, and some other things.. hmm..

And these are some of the materials (mags, newspapers, and the event book) that Kelly asked me to read..

And here are some coffees that I bought for Kelly and for myself! Hehe

The famous Frappucino for two.. Umm..Yummy! =)


This is me with my colleagues during lunch time..

Mari saya perkenalkan.. This is the HR team. From left: Tina, Crystal, Wani, Diana, Maran (he's the funniest guy I've ever met!) hehe =)

Me with Diana, my ex ex ex ex senior in UIA! hehe =)

We ate at the near Thai restaurant, which is in Crown Plaza hotel. And I ordered a Pineapple Fried Rice and an Iced Lemon Tea. The nasi goreng that I ordered wasn’t that nice though.. I miss lauk kat Nusaibah (my hostel’s cafĂ©). My favourite is Ikan Keli/Kembung dengan Cili Padi. Perghh.. sedapnyeee. Rindu la! Dah terliur dah ni.. I want cili padi!! =(

Hmm.. Ok la, that’s all for now..

I’ll write again soon.. Thanks for reading!


Signing off..



  1. loike day 2 & 3 nyer i know mcm mana nak menggayakan baju i yg day 3 tu...huhhu...

  2. the life of D' Glamorous Valiram trainee! clap clap! more more!

    i can feel how posh n classy the Valiram office is.. omg.. it's just so way cool Wani!!!

    no wonder u're not stalking stila down!

  3. what a luxurious place!! Meaning u must look classy all the time heh....

  4. hey wani, are ur tie racks square or long? do you have any photos of u wearing long ones, if you have any? =D

  5. kak suzie: thank u!

    red clutch: oh..i suke baju day 2 je..yg lain sume tak suke.. i mean, biase je la..takde la benci..kalau benci tak kan la i pakai..haha.. =P
    anyway, have fun wearing ur baju! =)

    miu: hehehe.. u r so comel lah miuu!!

    anyways.. i did purchase some of stila's items la.. but not as many as urs! a lot of their items dah habis..sob sob..
    when i looked at urs, n i terpengsan u know! hehe.. a lot!! r u going to open a stila counter at ur house? if so..please tell me tell me!! i am sooo going to ur house! hehee..

    oh btw, i did get ur msg thru my ymail..but i tried to text u d other day..but my phone says "sms cannot be sent".. u're still using the same number right?

    kak azlina: eheh..takde laa 'kena'..
    sukati je nk pki ape.. n im planning to wear baju kurung next week.. hehe.. so..takde la mcm wajib kena pki seluar n kena pki cantik2 n all that.. heh.

  6. lilo: hey there.. i wear both all the time.. but the one in this post are all squared..

    u can view the ones that i wore oblong scarf of tie rack here:




    and lots more..cant remember where and when la..

  7. hi wanie,
    i kenal diana tu, her husband sama office dgn my husband. shes nice yeah..

  8. oh yeke? yupp.. she's very nice! dah la comel..suara pon comel..hehe =)

  9. "And these are some of the materials (mags, newspapers, and the event book) that Kelly asked me to read.."

    Bestnya dapat baca free aje. I mean you need to read them as part of you work. The rest of us have to read during our free time or for bed time reading :)
    Keep on posting!

  10. Oh i dok terfikir2 nak beli belt macam dlm 1st pic tu from Dorothy Perkins since last two weeks.Tengok Wani pakai lagi rasa nak beli.Hehe.

  11. and i know maran..we knew each other back in 2003 (if i'm not mistaken) we both stayed at pantai panorama..he's such a nice guy..he can speak a very fluent malay and can sing too..his favourite was misha omar...small world huh!

  12. wani, mcm mane u pakai ur tie racks tu ar? hehe.. i x reti nk pakai mcm tu. tgk lawa je. tp bila pakai sndiri x jadi. huhu

  13. omg wani
    i looovvveee the cardigan u wore in day 3!!
    its sooooo gorgeous!
    also ur dorothy perkins jacket!!
    simply chic!

  14. wani sgt sesuai keja with valiram because you are very kena jek..lagipon leh la beli designers items murah murah kan...x de staff price ker..hehehehe...

    good luck!

  15. You are a very sweet young woman and you look like a kind person. I hope you don't get me wrong with what I'm about to say. As a Muslim, do you think there is a purpose to wearing a headscarf if the clothes you are wearing are tightly fitted and shows off your figure? Isn't this against the concept of Hijab? 'Tudung' is not Islamic dressing if the body shape is being revealed by tight/fitted outfits. The point of Hijab is to NOT be sexy. I see this to be very common amongst Muslim girls in Malaysia, girls who cover their heads but wear short sleeve shirts, tight jeans and etc. If you really think about it, a woman's body attracts men even more than just her hair, so it's actually even worse for a Muslim girl to wear tight outfits then for her to show her hair. And the girl who doesn't wear headscarf but wears decent clothing is actually dressing much more Islamically than a girl who covers her hair but wears fitted clothes. You can still be stylish and fashionable while wearing longer shirts that are not tight with full sleeves like many Muslimahs in the Middle East. There are Western outfits that are likewise suitable for the Muslimah. The Malaysian traditional dress is also very beautiful and decent and so is the Punjabi suit. I hope you will forgive me if I'm sounding rude, I understand that nobody's perfect, but if everyone kept silent about the flaws of each other, people would be making mistakes over and over again without reaching realization. So I hope you understand the reason for my posting this comment and the sincere intentions behind it. I don't mind if you don't approve this comment, I just hope you get to read this, and that is enough...I hope what I have to say will benefit you InshaAllah.


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