Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guess what..


Oh it feels so great to be home! Good to know that I won't be staying in a hostel for 3 months! Yippppie..

Being away from house for 3 weeks makes me homesick. heh

Plus, I misss my room, my bed, online in my room without any one to disturb who I stalk (haha), going out to JJ whenever I'm bored, I miss my parents, borak2 with my brother, My mom's cook especially! Plus, makanan rumah pulak tu.. hehee


Ok la, saya nak tido.. semalam tak dapat tido langsung. isk..

Catch you laterr..



1 comment :

  1. i miss mama's cook juaa.... lauk kampung! next weekend mau dtg makannnn. huhu


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