Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My KLIA visit was cancelled on Tuesday because the drivers had to send all the directors to somewhere for meetings..

So, it'll be replace on Thursday.. =)

...and guess what???!!

I'll be assigned as a mystery shopper at Hermes, Tumi, Dunhill, Montblanc, Coach, Swiss Watch Gallery, Flying Emporium and Godiva!

Wooh!!! So cool la!

I love my job! hehehe.. =P

And later on I have to do the evaluation and the report and presentation to the Vice President of Human Resource! erk.. huhuh..

But..nevermind, they give me plenty of time for me to get myself ready and prepared.. hehe.. Plus, it's something that I love, so I don't really get freak out like I would if it's something that I am not really familiar.. heh.

Oh, I'm excited already.. hehe

Wish me luck!!




  1. wani, nanti u boleh come out with a novel or maybe a guide book: how to be an intern at VG.


    sila buat report di sini dahulu ya sebelum u prepare your real report ;)

    and, LUCK!

  2. mysterious shopper??sounds fun+enjoy!!

    ugh...they gv u pocket money as a mystery shopper not?

  3. sorry dear...to be prudent, please check with ur company whether it's ok to disclose to public about "mystery shopper" before u complete the task.

  4. i get so excited reading about your job! i know u can do it! and with style!!!!!!!!!

    let us know what a mystery shopper do ok!!!!!!! i always wanted to be one too!! osn sososnonosnosnosonssbbosbosbosobs

  5. wahh.. your life is getting excited!! and so do this blog!! gud luck sis..

    btw.. err.. katakanlah.. u got to shop something kan.. pastu you get to keep all the things yg u dah beli tu ke??? hehehehhehe

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