Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Peraduan Bibir Menawan Lip Ice.

Hey ladies!

Do you remember your very first moment of wearing a lip stick or a lip gloss or any other lip care products?

Well, I do! I still remember my very first purchase of a lip product. I was just about 10 years old at that time. For years and years, I’ve been watching my mom and my aunts wearing lipsticks or lip glosses everywhere they go. And so, I wanted one too! But mom wouldn’t let me have it because she said I was too small to be wearing a lip stick! Hehe. But I was really curious to know, how it feels like to put something on my lips!

To me, they all looked like crayons and chalks and a set of watercolor pallet ready for painting activities! And for this reason, I always find myself standing before the makeup counters or sections at the drug stores or department stores and stared dazedly at the lip products, magnetizing at my attention.

And so, after visiting the Watson’s near my house for about a few times, wanting and lusting to possess a lip product, at last, my mom allowed me to have a lip balm as lip balms are colorless and can be used for school or any other occasion! Hehe. I was really excited, as that was the first time ever I was gonna buy and pick a lippy with my own choice!

As I was browsing through the lip products that were displayed on the racks, something unique caught my eyes.. It was Lip Ice! I was attracted by the word ‘ice’ that were stated on the packaging. And also, there were so many flavors that they offered. I had a really hard time finding the perfect one because they were all so darn cute (the size and the colors), so how was I to pick the perfect one?! hehe.

But at last, I settled for the blue one, which was a Vanilla flavor. (Blue was my favorite color at that time! hehe). However, they have discontinued producing for this flavor, as they have redesigned all of their packaging and flavors.
Now, Lip Ice offered such a variety of flavors from Strawberry to Grape-Blackcurrant, which I think is so much more fun! The lip balm that I have right now is the newer packaging but there really is no difference between the old and new. =)

And I personally think that a packaging of a beauty product is a bit of a factor when you’re deciding which ones to buy. So that’s why when my mom offered to buy me a lip balm, I chose Lip Ice. Because it was the only brand for lip balms that were offered that has such a cute, fun and sleek packaging! Plus, I loved how the smell of its flavor and the icy and minty effect it gave me! It's really refreshing! And the best thing about this lip balm is that it is light weight and the flavors are really true to the scent!

So since then, I decided to collect all! Lip Ice was my ultimate favorite lip balm when I was in primary and high school! I would always carry one in my school uniform’s pocket! The packaging is brilliant (slim and cute), and it is a fun and fashionable product to use while it also moisturizes and protects my lips!

As up until today, I still use Lip Ice products! I love the Lip Ice Sheer Color especially! I love the fact that my lips will magically turns into a really nice natural pinkish color! I also love the Lip Ice Color Gloss too! It gives me rich moisturizing effects on my lips, which would give me fuller and plumper lips that I always wanted!

And today, I have great news for you, ladies! Lip Ice is having a contest called ‘Peraduan Bibir Menawan Lip Ice’! And I am so gonna enter! =)
I’ve got two reasons for it. First because I love Lip Ice’s products as it was my very first lippy product. So it has some sentimental value to me! And second because of the cool prizes that they offered! If I ever win this contest, oh my God.. It would mean very much to me, and such a dream come true!

Fyi, since I was a little girl, I always wanted to appear on a cover page of a magazine. And excitingly, Lip Ice is having a contest with such great prizes to be won! So when I heard about this contest, I was thrilled! This is a great chance for me to try my luck! So ladies, let’s try our luck together! =)

Do you have what it takes to be the next big star? Imagine yourself appearing on the cover page of Remaja magazine alongside with Lip Ice brand ambassador, LISA SURIHANI, the gorgeous girl!! Wooh! It would be TOTALLY AWESOME, girls!! Plus, you could even stand a chance to win cool other prizes too like these!

1 x Grand Prize Winner:
A chance to appear on a cover page of Remaja magazine with Lisa Surihani
RM 3000 cash prize
12 free issues of Remaja magazines
FREE LIPICE products worth RM500

1 x Miss Popular:
The most popular girl will be featured in Remaja magazine
RM 1000 cash prize
12 free issues of Remaja magazines
FREE LIPICE products worth RM300

10 x Finalist:
All 10 finalist will be featured in Remaja magazine
RM 500 cash prize
6 free issues of Remaja magazines
FREE LIPICE products worth RM300

50 x Consolation Winners:
FREE LIPICE gift set consisting of 1 hand mirror
2 variants of LIPICE Fruity

So how do you enter this contest? It is so simple, girls!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Just purchase any one of the fabulous Lip Ice products - Fruity, Sheer Color, Lip balm or Color gloss.

2. Take a picture of yourself with the product.

3. Register and upload at

4. And get your friends to vote for you!!!

Contest runs from 1st April to 31st May.

So what are you waiting for girls!

Take your chances! Get that Picture Perfect Lips shot!

"Lip Pot is my favorite spot as it makes my lips look fuller and plumper! And I feel so sexy wearing a Lip Ice!"

To my dear readers, please VOTE FOR ME!

Just click here, and click on the 'Gallery' section, and then enter my email at the email section, to find my picture, and

You can vote for me as many times as you want, if you think I got what it takes to be the next big star! hahaha =P

LIP ICE. For Noticeably Smooth Lips!

P/s: I would highly recommend this lip care product to anyone for its super cheap and affordable price, the scent and flavor it offers and the SPF15 that it contains in their lip balm!





  1. kak suzie sudah vote..hehe..good luck dear =)

  2. Hey! I pun suka Lip Ice gak.Planning to enter the contest too.Hehe.

  3. i memang tak putus stok lip ice sheer colour :) dah 10 tahun rasanya :)

  4. i cant believe it's so expensive to actually take pics with Lisa. I never thought she's that expensive. Lol. She's a friend of mine. A really nice girl. you girls should grab the opportunity to see her! especially taking pics with her!
    xoxo, goodluck!

  5. kak suzie: thank uu sooo muchhhhhh!!! MMMuah! =)

    reena: ha masuk lah!! nnt i vote!! =)

    jane: itulah..mmg yg sheer color tu best, kan! dia mcm pakai tapi tak pakai..n tak pakai tapi mcm pakai.. hehee.. u get what i mean? =P

    nona: hey hey u!!! hellooo! how r u doing? r u in london or kl now babe? =)
    anyway, wow..u knw that gal? lucky u! hehe =)

  6. i'll definitely vote for u!!
    all the best dear!!

  7. baca your entry nih, wat saya nak beli barangan LipIce jugak. kuat jugak pengaruh pengiklanan awak ni ek ;)

    I already vote for u. I really hope you will win! :)


    JASAMU DIKENANG..hehe =)

  9. ske gamba fresh peach tu so niceee

  10. Good Luck!! Vote you! Both you and your sista~~

  11. i tros belik fresh peach pas tgk u pakai.. ekekekekkeeke :p tp kulit gelap so tak bape chantek plak..cisss

  12. hey girl..good luck nnt i akan vote for u & ur sister.
    btw, i think i saw you during lunch hour kt subway uoa tadi...i was there having lunch with my frens...if not mistaken it was you..pakai bju kaler ijau kan..kan..kan.. nak tegur tp malu..been ur silent reader & admire ur style..keep up ur good writing okay..

    nway..anda sungguh comel secara realiti hihi if that was u la tadi masa i nampak..

  13. Gigi awat jarang sgt.......hahaha!!!!

  14. anon;tak baik kutuk2 org tau :-( apa2 pun kan itu semua anugerah Tuhan.

  15. Hey i nampak u dalam Female mag May edition! :p

  16. coci: oh thank u! appreciate that! =)

    anon 1: hehee.. yeke?
    well..actually i mixed with my fave lipstick to get that pinkish brown effect! hehe.. ala.. kulit i pon bukan nye putih pon.. i am quite tanned actually.. u just have to play around with colors to match with ur skin tone n lips!

    good luck! n have fun! =)

    fiza: oh.. erk.. malunyee sayee..
    umm..yeah, i had a quick bite at subway on friday! hehe.. but my baju was kinda like yellow mustard.. tp tudung mmg hijau2 sket..hehe..

    tp taktau la..mmg yg u nmpk tu i ke tak..huhu.. but if it was me..then erm..thanks for the compliment..
    *saya malu + cair dah ni..* haha =P

    anon2: heh? cuz i didnt wear my retainer for quite some time now.. tu yg jd jarang tuh.. but nvm.. the ad was for lips, not gigi! ;)

    kak suzie: ehehe.. biarlah dia akak.. biase la manusia..mesti ade je dia nak cari kesalahan org.. huhu.. i guess that person has the perfect teeth in the world kot..heh.
    tp takpe, i know my gigi is not that jarang pon.. mmg la ade gap sket.. sbb after pki braces dulu, i malas nk pki retainer..huhu..n my doctor ckp, gigi manusia mmg akan bergerak everyday.. kite mmg x kan prasan kalo tgk ari2..
    so eventually, tu yg ade gap what? lantak la dia nk ckp ape pon..huhu.. there's no rules and conditions to be a blogger or even to be a human being! hehe ;)

    reena: ha..yeke?? hehee.. haruslah saya membeli nye...heh.
    thanks for informing babe! =)

  17. hihi i think it was you...btul la kinda mustard tu..hihi ala nothing to malu la babe ;)..

  18. betul la wani,kak suzie pun malas sgt pakai retainer after removed my braces.initially i felt braces much more effective than retainer.skrg pun dah a bit 'lari' sket my teeth...but to wear it again..wohooo..can't imagine the painful that i have to go thru =)


  20. fiza: hee hee.. ok x malu dah.. haha =P

    kak suzie: itulah! haihh.. payah la mcm ni kalo nk kena salu pki retainer balik..isk


  21. owh.pasni i kine try pakai retainer la. coz skang tgh saat akhir b4 bukak braces :p heeeeeeeee..

    btw, the color tu mmg tak masok dgn kulit but jd cam natural/glossy so nice.. i loikeeeee.. :D

  22. voted for U + ur sis...gud luck babe ;)


  23. buruknya mulut...wakakaka tak payah la wei amek gmbr.....


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