Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Note from Yours Truly.

Hello my dear readers.. =)

How are you? I hope you are doing fine.

As of now, I am not doing so great. I'm in the state of 'unstable' actually. =(

Well, first of all, sorry for not replying any of your emails, comments, YMs, or text messages. (I'll get back to you as soon as possible,ok).

Life's a little too busy and shaky now. I just don't know why I don't feel like doing anything. Not even to reply a "Hello" back to my friend. (I know, I'm suck!). But well, what can I say, I'm only human. Erm.. a weirdo human being, actually. So I do have my ups and downs.

This week has been really really sucks, man!!! =(

Well..probabbly cuz I've got tons of stuff to think about. Most of the time, my mind will wander around.. Only my body's there. But my mind and soul has gone to everywhere in the world! heh. Most of them are negative thoughts and destructive sentiments. So basically it has affected my moods. And I easily get upset. And I super hate it.

And unfortunately, this week pulak, my workload has increased tremendously! (And I am now officially hating accounting!). And to make it worst, there are two ladies that has really really make my days become so awful and nasty. One is from that place. And another one is from this place. (The one who is from 'that place' is the one that I am furious with. I just can't forget the way she looked at me! Seriously, if you did 'that thing' on purpose, I swear I will curse your life to be so difficult as you have made mine! haha. *Evil laugh* ) =P

And also, May is coming in another 2 days. And I have not done anything yet. Haih. What a loser I am.

And I still haven't figure how to work things out between you and me.




Entah lah.. banyaknya lagi benda nak fikir!! Sumpah banyak. Ishhh..

Tah la. Dah 4 hari sakit kepala non stop. Even if I take that happy pills, it won't stop. Penipu punya ubat! =(

Only chocolates can make me feel better. But then again, I cannot eat it! I'll have more and more fatties in my bums. =(

Hmm.. I just don't feel like doing anything la. Anything at all. Can, ah?

Nak cuti satu minggu duduk dalam spa boleh? heesshh.. duit pulak takde. Dok perabis parking ticket, tol, minyak,makan, etc etc.. haiyoo.

Bila la...nak abis PMS ni.. menyampah la perasaan tah pape camni.. isk ='(

p/s: And sorry for not updating any interesting stories to share! I'll revert as soon as possible!! isk. =(

Yours Truly,


  1. wanie, u r not alone... this week kinduf sucks for me as well.....
    everything seems wrong...... benci... ive been staying in my room for 4 days..... dah macam duduk dalam gua!!!
    dunno wen ill recover... baru jer nak semangat ade jer things yang pull me down.... BENCI!!!
    i hope things will turn out to be better for both of us,
    just keep on hanging kay...

  2. hi dik... biasa la dunia pekerjaan memang camtu... my lady boss garang giler, but lama i keje under her and she really appreciates my work compared to my senior's work (my senior from other uni, u & me from the same uni)... u'll get used to it... yang penting buat keje up to our standard, make sure ur standard is far far better than ur senior... without having to ampu & bodek, we'll be appreciated.

  3. dik, just ignore them ok. take care!!!

  4. welcome to the real world, honey !! once ur working, ur bound to have those kind of problem.. and made u miss ur student life !!

  5. eheh..thanks for ur words, everyone!

    but actually, it is not work that's been bothering me so much..

    its something else..


    someone has really really made me upset..isk.

    how i wish to turn back time..


  6. im truly sad for u... cepat2 recover ya?€ :)

  7. kak suzie saw ur pic kat EH! mags...cheer up ye wani.don't be is nothing without having any problems.that makes our life colourful anyway.

    ada masa sedih,suka,kecewa-all in one!take care sweetie =)

  8. sabar..want to see ur smile again..=)

  9. "A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures
    in the doctor's book" - Irish Proverb

    *wink*wink* ^_^

  10. is always like that, ada masa happy..ada masa sedih, but it's okay to felt that way coz kita kan manusia :)

    hey...chocolate pun boleh cheer you up kan.. hope to see your smile soon.


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