Sunday, March 31, 2013

Planning Ahead on a Sleepless Night

Can't sleep. Too much coffee I drink last night, and I was told about something creepy this afternoon as well, so....that kinda added the un-sleepiness in me tonight. Thus, I decided to not think about that creepy stuff, and focus on what I like to do! So instead of trying to get some sleep, I used all my energy to think of what to wear for this week.....and update my blog! haha.

It was sooooo fun laying out the outfits and put everything together like this actually, instead of trying each and every attire that I'd like to wear, like how I always do before deciding what to adorn for the next day! haha. So yes, this method is actually less tiring...and less time consuming!  - Normally it would take me about 2 to 3 hours every time I play dress-up in my room! ;p

And then by the time I'm done with it, I'd be tooo tired to kemas everything back to their place.. Lepas tu bilik bersepah and I had to hear my mom or my dad or even my sister nag about it! hahaha... ;p 

So yeah, no more playing dress up in the room laa after this. I'm just gonna lay out my outfit like this! - These are the outfits of the week that I've picked, by the way. 

Day 1:
H&M Sunshine Yellow Cropped Jacket
Scarlet Cobalt Blue Tank Top
Warehouse Black Wide-leg Pantsuit 
Tie Rack Paisley Printed Scarf
Aldo Yellow Heels
Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy Bag
Ferragamo Gold Chain

Day 2:
Mango Black & Red Tweed Jacket
Wallis Gold Tunic Top
Levis Jeans
Pasar Malam Red Scarf
Zara Black & Red Pumps
Prada Black Convertible Tote Bag

Day 3:
Topshop Nude Flowy Top
Scarlet Brown Skinny Pants
Tie Rack Red & Brown Leopard Printed Scarf
Duet Red Necklace
Chanel Beige Quilted Caviar Flap Bag
Aldo Red Heels with Bow

Day 4:
H&M White Peplum Shirt
Mango White Straight-Leg Trouser
Diva White & Purple Flower Corsages
Tie Rack Purple Scarf
Prada Purple Saffiano Tote Bag 
Aldo Purple Pumps

Day 5:
Mango Black & White Striped Blazer
Scarlet Tangerine Yellow Tank Top
Ralph Lauren Jeans
TSL Yellow Scarf
 Chanel Pearl Necklace
Dior White Bag
Aldo White Heels

I just realized, I didn't include my ring-of-the-day in these pictures! And also, too many yellow and nude/white hues. Ish..I forgot to add Orange or Green laaaa! haha. Oh, never mind now. Who knows, by mid week, this fickle minded girl would probably change her mind and decide to wear something else pulak! Heee. Or maybe I will wear Orange on Saturday and Green on Sunday, then! heheh

Okay lah, I will try to get some sleep now. I have some important things to do in the morning I better get some sleep! Nighty-nite you guys! I hope I have inspired you girls what to wear this week! ;)

Have a great week ahead darlings!



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