Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dining Out

I know this post is way long overdue, but since I'm not doing anything tonight, I thought I wanted to update this blog a bit, before I delete these photos that I had that night, in my MacBook. hehe..

A while back, I had a very nice fine dining experience for the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival  that was held at Al-Amar Lebanese Restaurant and Circus in Pavilion. Yes, two places in one night. My dear friend Esther, invited me to join this dinner that was held by The Eatertainment Group. So I had the chance to try and taste their scrumptious food that were specially prepared and served for us that night! Mmm..Lucky me ;) 

So after came back from work that day, I rushed to Pavilion to fill my tummy with food as I was actually quite starving and can't wait to try their food! So the first stop was the Al-Amar Restaurant, a fine Lebanese Cuisine restaurant, which is located at Level 6 Pavilion.. (I think I will blog about Circus in another post, ok?)

When I arrived, I was served with this yummilicious green drink that has some minty and lemony taste! I'm not so sure what was in this drink.. Maybe a mixture of green apple, lemon and mint? Not too sure. But it was so good!

Then, came the appetizer. They called it as The Daily Staple

So this was our starter for that night. They called this Shanklish
A fusion of aged Lebanese cheeses, mixed with olive oil and chopped parsley, tomatoes and onions

Then we were served with this! The Cold Mezze as they called it. I like the fresh mini bread that goes with the Hommos dips..
These are the Hommos (the chick peas) and Moutabal  (eggplant) dips, steamed artichoke with a zesty garlic and olive oil dressing, refreshing Tabbouleh Salad and long beans cooked tomato sauce and olive oil

Then we have this. The Hot Mezze - Falafel, Meffarakeh, Shish Barak and Kafta Skewer. This is an all time vegetarian favourite, falafel, the shallow fried salt and pepper beef with mushroom, lamb stuffed wheat dough cooked in yoghurt and spicy kafta skewer. I personally love the Kafta Skewer!

More fresh breads..

....and more Hommos and Moutabal!
(At this point, I'm actually already quite full! haha)

But I was still eager to know what would be the main course and desserts... haha
(Desserts are always the best part, no?) 

So for the main course, we can choose between the lamb or the chicken..

This is called the Lamb Rack with Cousa Mehchi and Warak Enab. 
It's the juicy rack of lamb, served with rice-stuffed zucchini and vine leaves with mint yoghurt sauce. 

The Moghrabieh Chicken. 
A combination of chicken and semolina pearls, cooked with cinnamon and all spice onion broth. 

I think I prefer the lamb more..but I only had like one bite of these two meals, so I couldn't really tell which one is nicer as I didn't enjoy the course that much...hehe.. Because I was saving my really-bloated-tummy for desserts! haha ;p

So this was our dessert to end the night!

It's called the Layali Loubnan. 
Translated as "The Nights of Lebanon". This is a very popular layered pudding of kachta and bananas topped with nuts and honey. I love the taste....and I don't really know how and why, but somehow the taste of this dessert reminds me of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, for some weird reason! haha 

This was our chef of the day! Chef Pierre Chahda. (who were sleeping in this picture apparently! haha)
Thank you chef, for the wonderful and delicious experience to enjoy your beautiful creations!

So...what's the price for this Full Festival Menu? It's RM 115++ per person without wine, and RM 195++ per person with wine, for those non-Muslim who would like to try!

Part 2, for that place called Circus will be in the next entry! Now...let me just munch on my apple first! Talk soon! Take care girls! ;)


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