Monday, March 25, 2013

What a Weekend!

I loveeee having a productive weekend! Most of my weekends I'd be like, "Hmmmm....what do I wanna do today? Where shall I go? To the malls again? Ughh..boring. How about I sleep?" haha. Yeah something like that. But last weekend, I had an eventful weekend indeed! - Petronas sponsored me to their Twin Towers Alive 2013 on Friday and Saturday night, and my dad pulak, gave me the F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix tickets for Saturday and Sunday..

Every year ever since the year 1999 when the circuit was just opened, I would get the F1 tickets from my dad..but I don't usually go every year, and gave them away to my cousins or my guy friends, simply because I don't really have any friends who would like to go see this race. They'd give me reasons like, "panas lah", "too far lah", "not my thing" or worse... "there's no handsome drivers that I would like to see. So no thanks"


Sabar je lah akuu. haha

But this year...I went for it! 

So yeah I went to the circuit on the weekend... see these guys again! 
The macho man Lewis Hamilton, and the cutie pie Nico Rosberg! (I met them last Tuesday to cover the Petronas event in Solaris Serdang, by the way - will blog about it later)

Oh, there's a Petronas wall... Gotta take a photo like those models lah! ahahah ;p it baby! ;p

This car worth around 10 million bucks!!! O____o

There's a lot of booths selling the brand merchandise...and also clowns walking around the area!

So was a super hot day on Saturday! And I totally forgot to bring my hat and my umbrella! The only stuff I brought with me were my electronic fan and my shades.. I even forgot to apply a sunblock! tskkk

Oh yeah, I even forgot to bring my earplug! Note: If you ever wanna go to this Sepang Circuit, don't forget to bring something that would protect your eardrums! Otherwise, be prepared to be deaf when you go home later.......or, be prepared to spend RM 10 per ear plug! (Things are really, really expensive at an International events, huh?)

So because we got the front row seats, an earplug just won't do any justice to our ears.. I swear my eardrums felt like they were about to explode when I heard the screeching sound of the cars or the engine or whatever they call that... So we had to buy some sort like a headset but with radio, which is kinda cool actually. Well, my friend bought it for me actually. So thank you! - I saved RM 100 from that! haha

I call it a radiohead (just like the name of the band. Do you know it? hehe)

We sat justtttt across Lewis Hamilton's pitstop station..

That's him racing...

It was a super hot sunny day..
(I've always stay in the buildings these days that I forgot how panas Malaysia really is!!! >__< )

Yes I wear my 6 inch heels to this Sepang Circuit. teeheeee ;p

Oh I can see Mr handsome Hamilton!!!

Awwww.....such a sweety. haha 

He got the second place for the Third Practice Session 

The Qualifying Session

Then there's a Malaysian Super Series race.. where there's a lot of super cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc race with one another...

It's kinda cool actually watching these cars speeding and racing with each other..

This was the winner! From Singapore!

First, second and third place

Winners, from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia

I got the tickets for two days actually, but I only went for Saturday because my friend had to go to the north Malaysia on that Sunday because of work. Thus, I don't have any other friend who would like to accompany me to I went to the mall instead on that Sunday! haha
(I can only be comfortable being alone, when I'm in the malls! ;p)

Our Sepang Circuit is nice, isn't it?  :)

Anyways...that Friday and Saturday night, Petronas gave me the tickets to the Twin Towers Alive at KLCC to cover the event. I didn't go on that Friday night though, as I have some stuff to do. So I gave my tickets away to my friends. But on that Saturday, although I was super exhausted from the F1 that afternoon, I still went for it because I was super duper excited to go see the BSB!!!!!! Been waiting my whole life to see them! haha

This was my first concert. Thank you Petronas for these tix!

When I arrived, I was shocked to see the crowd! (and the smell too. haha ;p)

Since I was out all day, by the time I arrived in KLCC my camera and phone's battery are about to die! So I didn't really get to take a lot of pictures! Which is so sad! :(

What a cool performance! The glow in the dark girls!

I think this thing is so cool!

The moment that everyone was waiting for! huhu

I'm actually lost for words right now.. Cuz I'm really tired and sleepy actually... Sorry for the kinda-short post. Will babble more later k! Mengantukkk sangat niii! I don't like writing stuff when I'm sleepy like this.. haha.. But I still wanna update my blog! LOL

Ok lah.. Talk later! Byeeee nak tidur!



  1. bertuahnya dpt pergi..jeles nih..hehe..:)

  2. you're lucky coz u got a complimentary tickets to sit at grandstand F1 because of your dad. you don't need to hide the ticket price.


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