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Day Five in Indonesia

So I'm up all night, thanks to the new coffee from Starbucks that I tried tonight. haha. It's the Dolce Latte or something....gosh so yummy, so strong, just how I like my coffee to be. BUT, it has made me stayed up all night that I didn't feel the need to go to bed AT ALL!!!! haha. Well it's reallllly good if you wanna stay up to complete your project or study or something..otherwise, don't ever drink it at night! hehe ;)

Anyway...I watched two movies tonight. And then after not knowing what else to do, I decided to open up my old photo albums/folders in my external hard disk drive and guess what I found?!

All my traveling pictures from Indonesia, Holland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, etc!!! I thought I have lost them! (so many pictures and stuff in my laptop, that I seem to neglect and forget a few things -___-' )

So I went and checked my blog posts, just to see what have I blogged about and what I haven't blogged about. And apparently, I didn't finish my Indonesia trip story?!! How did that happen laa?? Oh mann.... I realllllllyyyy thought I have done all of them! haha. Silly me. Probably because they're too long that I thought I have written all of them?? haha. Maybe.

So...since I have nothing else better to do at this hour, (I know at 3 am, this should be the best time for me to pray and do all the ibadah,'s that time of the month, so I'm on a holiday today. heh ;p), thus I decided to finish my story and let my fingers write about Indonesia tonight! ^____^

Okay. Where did I stop?

Let's check it out.....Day One in Bandung is here. Day Two here. And you can find Day Three and Four in Jakarta here. So now, Day Five and Six then!


On our fifth day in Indonesia (second day in Jakarta), the driver took us to this place called Taman Mini Indonesia. It's something like a Miniature Town/Park in other countries that I've visited before. But this one is a little different, because it's not so mini actually, like the one I went in Rotterdam, Holland. - That one is too mini. hehe. This one is more like a park/museum where they show you everything you need to know about Indonesia customs, rituals, traditions, heritage, etc. - From their cultural stuff, the unique heritage houses, the traditional dresses, the wedding customs and dresses, the tools they use, the different lifestyles, etc! They even have some cultural events in here if you would like to see..

With 13,000 islands and 27 provinces in Indonesia, it's really hard to see all of Indonesia, right? So this Taman Mini Indonesia is such a great place to visit and see all of Indonesia in one park/place, and summarize them all! ;) - The park is filled with famous buildings from all parts of Indonesia and authentic examples of the various cultures through Indonesia.  This place is hugeeeee I tell you.. so I would advice you to plan the whole day there if you're the kind who loves all cultural stuff. And because the weather there is the same like ours, I would suggest you to bring water and towel too, because it can get pretty hot over there..

Some heritage house of which province/state, I'm not so sure...

Then we went to see all the different traditional wedding attire of each region or something...

There were sooooo many of them! (Which kinda look the same actually..hehe ;p)

I think it was more than 20 mannequins in there..
They displayed the pelamin/dais as well, but I didn't take a photo of them because there were too many people around that area..

And then there's some tools and whatnot that were displayed in here. It's like a museum in here... A lot of heritage stuff. And this one is their little piggy bank.. This is where they save their money back in the old days

Anyway, in general, the concept of this place is kinda awesome. Bcuz visitors can get a glimpse of feeling about all things Indonesian! The culture, the heritage, the archipelago islands, and even some of its wildlife! I heard there's comodo in here too! (We didn't really get to see everything in here because the place is sooooo big, that we couldn't finish it all in one day!)

Oh look, Princess Diana was here too! In 1985. That was a few years before I was born..haha

This is Rumah Aceh

Mummy buying souvenirs..

Then we moved on to Kalimantan Barat

So this is how their house look like.. Very high! 

The entrance of this house (I forgot which province was this) looked scary! I wouldn't dare walk here alone at night with all that monuments and berhala looking at me. LOL

And then we arrived at Sulawesi Selatan..
(We skipped a lot of provinces because it was so hot and we just wanted to finish everything fast..haha)

We spent time quite a bit over here compared to the other areas...

Because this place looked kinda interesting..

Oh, there's cave in here..

This is called Rumah Tongkonan. It looks very nice traditional house from down here..

So let's go find out what do they have here and see inside!

When I arrived up there, the house seemed so small!! I can't imagine how a family live in there.. Situ lah dapur, situ lah tempat makan, situ lah tempat tidur..... =/

Anyway the one in red cylinder thingy, is actually some sort like a coffin where they put their family member's dead body/corpse..or something like that. Can't really remember what was the story like. haha. But they sleep together with it or something...not so sure! But the story that the uncle who told us were pretty scary! huhu

Oh, the Toraja people sure love accessories like I do! hehe

My mom is more interested in the kitchen section..hehe

So this is the bedroom

The Torajas sure has a very unique and exotic culture. They're non-Muslim mostly. So their rituals and cultures are veryyyy different compared to the other provinces in Indonesia. In Toraja society, the funeral ritual is the most elaborate and expensive event! The richer and more powerful the individual, the more expensive is the funeral! - And I thought wedding is expensive!  huhu...

Anyway, they mass slaughtered several water buffaloes and pigs during a funeral. So the richer the person is, the more animals they'll kill! (I was told that it'll be hundreds of pigs usually) 

They believe that these dead animals/sacrifices, would make the deceased journey in the afterlife much easier - The Torajans believe that the deceased will need the buffalo to make that journey and that they will be quicker to arrive in the afterlife world, if they have many buffalos and pigs..

Erm..... Oookayyy.

So that's the Toraja's believes, cultures and heritage...

Next, we're in Bali

They have lotsa temples in here.. 

By the time we arrived at Bali area, it was already so hot over there. We have spent quite some time already...Almost 3 hours, and we just wanna get out from there and go to a much cooler place! And just chill. No more cultural stuff! My head cannot take it anymoreee. heheee

So we went here!
The Plaza Indonesia!

Much better place to chill....

....and eat quiche! haha

And's time for shopping! My brother was so excited, he saw a lot of his fave brands in here..
(This man is not really like any other men I know. haha. He loves shopping. LOL)

This is my kinda shop!

Lotsa cool stores in here

The next day would be our last day in Indonesia, so that was why I gotta shop as much as I can! haha

Do we have NYX in Malaysia?? No, right? Oh, so sad. 

Shopping at Police

My brother has a thing with watches...while I have a thing with ermmm..... shoes?

........and.....pretty tops, and bags...and fragrances..and all the girl stuff! hahaaa ;p

Then.. before going back to our hotel, we went to this mall called Sarimah which located just next to our hotel. This mall is very quiet...

Lotsa Indonesian traditional wears in here.. But I didn't buy a thing because they're not really my cuppa tea to do some damage on my wallet.. hehe. I'd rather damage it with some nice foot massage ;p

Then we went for a tea session with my family..and just chill at the hotel lounge after a loooong tiring day

Anyway, every time we're in Jakarta, my parents love going to this one particular restaurant to have our dinner. It's called...

Pondok Laguna, which is not very far from our hotel..

Although they serve very nice food in here, I didn't really eat anything because my tummy was still hurting from that food poisoning I had in day 3 in Bandung.. :(

Semua cakap sedap gila. So sad, I couldn't eat...

Tengok je lah...tskk

I had a taste of this though. And was sooooo delicious! I forgot what it's called though

And then it was time to go back to our hotel and relax! I love the night view of Jakarta, by the way!
(I heard that Jakarta has one of the best nightlife in Asia or something like that..)

We stayed here, last time

Ahhh....gotta love the beds!!! Too comfortable!

Anyway, the next morning we had breakfast in our hotel early in the morning...and later we went for some last minute shopping in Jakarta malls, before going back to Kuala Lumpur in the evening! (Sorry, no shopping pictures)


2 bags for 51.1 kg.. hehe. All that from shopping in Bandung and Jakarta! Ok la kann...not too heavy. heheheh ;p

Last minute purchase before boarding! 

In conclusion, Indonesia is a very nice country to visit with your partner or family or even friends! If you ask me what I really love about would be: the people, the culture, the language, the songs..heheh, the FOOD!!!, the shopping, and the SPA!!!! nice! (I'll blog about the spa later!) I could spend a week in their spa places! hehe.. Although they have the worst traffic ever, and it's a little crowded and chaotic at some places, I still find Indonesia is VERY fascinating despite those things..

And pssst... Wanna know a secret? Well not so secret anymore lah, now that I'm letting you guys know here... haha. Anyway, last time I had a hugeeeee crush on this one Indonesian guy in my class. Siap dah berangan nak duduk Indonesia nanti. ahahahhahah. ;p But well, nothing ever happen between us. I didn't even talk to him..because I'm shy around guys. haha..

Ok lah, talk later guys! I'm gonna dig out some more what other pictures I have in my external HDD to find what next to blog about! Take care! ;)



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  3. Net time you should visit the real Toraja in south sulawesi, their culture is very amazing...


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