Wednesday, March 6, 2013

There Are No Ugly Women. Only Lazy Ones!

I strongly believe in that and firmly abide by that saying! Anyway, I'm sure any beauty fans out there have some products that they would use over and over again because they made magic happen on their face! Well, at least I do! hehe.. So today I thought I'd like to share with you girls some of my favourite items to wear on my face ;)

I'm the kind of girl who cannot leave the house without applying my mascara! I can leave the foundation, the blusher, the eye colors and liners, or even the lip balm. But not mascara! I just think that applying a sweep coat of a good mascara on your lashes can make you look prim instantly! ^__^

So anyway, my daily wear/look to the office would be the BB creams or tinted moisturizer, one shade of eye color and a mascara! That's it. I don't really like applying lipstick because I like licking my lips every few minutes. haha. Plus, my lips isn't that pale. I have a natural pinkish lips, so I don't really need colors on it. Hee.

However if I have a date, or events or gonna attend something special on that day, I would doll up a bit and put a little more make up than my usual 3 items that I just mentioned above. So today I'm gonna share what I normally use for that day..

I've always loved the neutral colors (brown/bronze/gold tones).  I don't really wear green or blue eye shadows that much... I like to stick with the natural look these days. Although my outfit is blue or purple or pink, green, etc on that day, you would still see me in neutral colors on my face! Guess I'm not really a fun person, huh?! haha ;p

So here's what I use...

Face (after applying my skincare of course): 

Mac Pro Longwear foundation. Gosh...I love this foundation so much! It gives me kinda like a flawless effect, which I likeeee!

Make Up Forever Full Cover concealer - if I have blemishes to cover on that day, otherwise the foundation will do

Johnson's Baby Powder. Yes I don't really like to use other powder - compact or loose, etc. I just think that those powders made my face feels a little heavy..

And lastly, a Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat compact powder for a little touch up if I need to (that's when my eyeshadow powder drop on my cheek a little, while applying it on my eye or something like that)


I don't really like blushers actually. But if I feel like wearing one, I would use this Lancome Blush Subtil in rose color, and then sweep a little of that Clinique All-Over Color in Posy on my cheeks and on my T-zone area, so I wouldn't look too this color is a little brownish pink, which is nice for that natural effect look! ;)

As for the eyes...

My current favourite would be this Naked 2 eye palette from Urban Decay. My favourite shades would be: Half Baked and Busted. They made such a pretty combo!

And then as for the mascara, I would normally apply two different types of mascara; Lengthening and Volumizing. Current favourite would be from Sephora, Outrageous Volume..and DiorShow for that lengthening effect

For eyebrows, I would either use the SilkyGirl in dark grey or, the Arch de Triumph from Soap & Glory. They match my eyebrow color, and look natural on me (I don't like wearing brown shades because my hair isn't brown. heh. I have a very dark hair, that's why I prefer the color to be as close as possible to my natural hair color)

And for the inner corner of my eye, I would highly recommend this brand! It's Clio, a Korean brand. Such amazing product! I love it so much! You can get this at Watsons. It glides so perfectly and the color is very pigmented, that's why I love it!

For eyeliners, I would apply the liquid liners on my upper lids, and pencil ones for my lower lash line 
The liquid eye liner is from Lancome, and the pencil from Maybelline

As for the lips, if I wanna match my eye colors for the neutral look, I would opt for a brownish pink/nude colors. My current favourite is the Chanel lipstick. It made my lips feel so soft! And that Dior Addict lipstick in 215 is such a perfect combo with my Chanel lipstick in Canotier. These two are such a great neutral brown with a natural, smooth matte finish. The color is just right - not too pale, and good for day or night. And then I'll top off with that Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss from Soap & Glory

That's it! So what's your favourite item? :)



  1. Cantiknyaaa bilik air you.. mcm hotel. ♥♥

  2. have cools make up collection!! weeheee~~

  3. salam, boleh share tak, u guna product apa for facial wash, day n night cream? ive tried few but still having dull and tone tak sekata :(( n dah tak tegang :(( ada ambil any collegen tak?

  4. sis wani,
    suka tengok you. you pandai bergaya even you badan besar. selalu tiru style you. teruskan menulis sis


  5. johnsons baby powder tu selalu di dlm beg untuk kegunaan harian..:)


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