Sunday, March 10, 2013

That Creme Brulee Tea

Have you guys went to T42 cafe before? Man...they have the nicest tea, kan?! I really love going to this place! Especially when I'm having a stressful day and I just wanna chill. This is such a good place to relax. Nice tea, nice music and perfect ambiance! 

Oh, food is good too! (I love their cakes and steaks by the way!)

Tea would be my choice each time I dine here!

This particular tea! 
The Creme Brulee tea! It's sooooo good!!! Better than TWG creme brulee tea! - At least to my taste buds ;)

So like it!

Suddenly I have this craving to have their tea..and cake! Hmm..maybe one of these days I'll ask Farhana to join me..and have my English tea! Mmmmm :)



  1. salam,
    T42 ni kt maner yer?? I teringin nak pegi...

  2. nak ikottt...

  3. hi gorgeous,ur cheek nowadays looks kurus la..i'm glad to know what's the secret! xoxo

  4. Hi Wani, if you're a tea lover do go to Carcosa Sri Negara. They have excellent choices of quality tea - one of my favourites are with rose petals. It comes with pretty tiers of petit fours desserts & mini sandwiches. Classical english building ambience - perfect for some quiet reading or even fun girls-day-out high tea!

  5. Hi, nak tanya where did your sis got her scarf from? Cantik!

  6. i think the scarf is from arzu..
    btw shaz, kat mane kafe ni??

  7. @noreen: it's in bangsar village II :)

    @norazirah: LOL. What secret? That's an old picture honey! hehehe

    @sitihadiana: cool!! thanks for informing!

    @nadia: hehe..thanks. It's my scarf actually. From hermes

    @shark: in bangsar! BVII ;)

  8. Ohmygoshhh..beautiful place and you also beautiful..:)


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