Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's in My Bag!

Ok, I got a request from my readers to do a What's in My Bag post! They're wondering how do I change my handbags every day and decide what color to wear each morning.. So today I will explain a bit what's in my bag and how I choose my bag-of-the-day! ^__^

Before I reveal what are the things in my handbag that I bring every day, let me explain a bit how I change my handbag every day without forgetting some of my essential items. (I get a lot of questions regarding this!)

Ok. After I have chosen my outfit-of-the-day, I would choose what bag I want to wear that would match my outfit...and then transfer all the things inside the current bag to the chosen bag of the day! The key is to have a Bag Organizer! You know...the one Vivy sells on Fashion Valet website! This thing really does help you to organize your things....and can do a big favor for you when you decided to change your handbag in the morning! So for you ladies who tend to forget some important things when you change your handbag, you should definitely own one of these Bag Organizers!

So anyway, I keep all my important things in here. You know like those essential things that MUST PRESENT in my my wallet, my keys, my SmarTag, my handphones, my camera, and my iPhone charger. These are my necessities. 

So every time when I want to change my handbag, I would just grab this little green bag and stuff it inside my Bag-of-The-Day that I choose! It's that simple! hehe let's see what other things inside my handbag that I bring besides that green bag, and break them down into details!

I have 11 items inside my bag! So basically, these are my everyday things. 
Yes, I bring a lot of stuff in my handbag. And as a result, my bag always weighs like 2 kg...which I hate so much....But can't help it not to bring 'em, as I need my things! LOL ;p

Ok so here goes:
  1. I call this Hygiene Bag where I put all my tissue, pads, etc.. (but there are still non related to hygiene things in here! hehe)
  2. My Make-Up Bag (Reason why I bring a bit of my make up when I'm out is because I would need to reapply/touch up my make up a bit after solat)
  3. My sunglasses
  4. My office tag
  5. A little notebook (I like to write ideas and things to do inside that book)
  6. My phones
  7. My camera
  8. My iPhone car charger (I always change the car that I'm driving these days. That's why I don't keep it inside the car)
  9. My house keys and car keys
  10. A little purse which I store cards and coins
  11. My wallet, of course! 

Now let's see what are the things inside those little small bags that I bring!

The Hygiene Bag!

  1. A miniature perfume 
  2. A pen to write in my notebook! (sometimes I didn't put the pen inside this bag.. but instead, I slide it in the little compartment in that green bag organizer)
  3. My Lush tablet toothpaste
  4. A travel size toothbrush
  5. Fresh Breath spray
  6. Some mints or chewing gums
  7. Eye drop
  8. Extra contact lens case
  9. Sanitary Pad for those emergency days! haha
  10. Pantiliners
  11. A digital tasbih (I'll use it whenever I'm bored, waiting for something..or whatever)
  12. Some tissues
  13. Wet wipes
  14. Plasters and some panadols (not in the picture)
  15. Hand Sanitizer
  16. Hand Cream 

Ok..moving on to my little Make-Up case!

  1. Lip Gloss
  2. Lipstick of the day
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Cream Foundation
  5. Mini moisturizer pot
  6. A little Eye Shadow palette
  7. Travel size make up remover
  8. Some mascaras (yes I bring at least two mascaras with me every day! haha ;p)
  9. Compact Powder
  10. Eyeliners (Gel, Pencil and Liquid)

So....That's all the things in my handbag! The key is to get organized, ladies! Put your items in those little small cases, so it'll be easier for you to look for what's inside your bag! ;)

Hope you like this post! Take care and have a great day ahead darlings!



  1. i love are so immaculately organized girl...

  2. serius banyak gila ur stuff.. =)
    my first time visit to kat cni..i love ur blog..

  3. a lot >,< but can't help it.better safe than sorry >,<
    anyway,hi wani from wani:D

  4. I am really love your postings about the things inside your handbag. Lots of things ya... But it is good for yourself. I am sure you are a very organized person in your daily life. Am I right? :-)


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