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Meet & Greet with the F1 Drivers!

Last week I was invited by PETRONAS to attend the PETRONAS Meet the Drivers at PETRONAS Solaris Serdang. The event was held from around 12.30 pm until 5 pm. It was the longest event I've ever been to, I think? But it was fun! A lot of activities and games were held on that day..

Anyways..I was there quite early, so before the event started, I had my lunch there - the PETRONAS Solaris Serdang has a lot of cool cafes and restaurants, by the way! It's nice to chillax over there! There's KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Chatime, etc.. just to name a few! So we, the bloggers, hang out for a bit around Starbucks before the event started..

These are the invited bloggers

Kakak-kakak comel..hehe

Around 2.00 pm, I saw some Mercedes Benz cars and policemen..arriving at the PETRONAS Solaris Serdang... So I quickly look around to see where's the handsome drivers! haha..

Then I saw Nico Rosberg came out from that MPV

...and then I saw the ever so macho man, Lewis Hamilton! 

They had their lunch first before waiting for the PETRONAS Top Customers to position their car, for fueling up activity later on...

So around 2.30 pm, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg fill up the lucky top PETRONAS customer's car with the PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA! 

That guy is SO lucky! hehe

Another PETRONAS top customer..

Fueling up with PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA 

Another winner..

After that, there's some shooting activity for the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team 

This car worth around 10 million! Erk.. Wonder how it feels like to drive this car! hehe

While the two drivers were doing the shooting, we went upstairs to see what other activities and games do they have there for us!
Intro/Welcome speech..

They set up this racing track for us to play!

This track is here at the PETRONAS Solaris Serdang for this whole one week, for the public to play!

Then came Lewis Hamilton to do what he does best, and play the racing car! hehe

He was so near to me, I could faint! LOL

The car and the controller

The boys played the game well..

Racing with each other!

Next, they did the handprint on a clay or something...and then plaque signing

This was Hamilton's handprint!

These are the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team 

After Nico and Lewis had leave the PETRONAS Solaris, it was time for us to play the racing car pulakk! I was so nervous when my name was being called! haha.. I was in team number 2, by the way

Team 1

I was in Team 2!

I was so nervous, my hands were shaking throughout the game! haha

"Why is this thing so hard to control??! >__<"

My car asik terbalik je. Haha. I'm SO not a pro.
Kereta betul, boleh la aku race. haha ;p

Abang Nara menang!
(Each team, guys yang menang! Perempuan takde seorang pun yang main ok! haha... Duh!)

They got the GiftCard. 
Not sure how much is the amount inside in this card though..

Around 4 pm, it was time for the Bloggers and Mesra Top Customers Engagement Program, where we got the chance to interview the winners and ask as many questions as we like to them.. - I always wonder how do these people get so lucky! What did they do to win?

So these are the guys who win the contest they entered from December 2012 to February 2013
Oh, lucky them!!!

Coffee Talk at Starbucks in PETRONAS Solaris Serdang.. 

Mr Akbar M Thayoob, the Head of Retail Business Division PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad, told us about the PETRONAS history, their mission and vision, their products, etc etc.. It was a really nice session, to actually get to talk to some of the key people in PETRONAS and know some parts of their plans, etc! - Made me more semangat to support PETRONAS and Malaysian products! enter more contests from now on! haha ;p

By the way, I just found out about the PETRONAS Facebook fanpage.. it's called PETRONAS Brands. Go like that page to know the latest events, products, contests, etc from PETRONAS!

Mr. Akbar M Thayoob, handed me some Petronas goodies..

Thank you PETRONAS for this opportunity to attend an event like this!

Anyway, have you heard about the latest contest by PETRONAS? If you haven't already, you better enter it now! That's because the contest carries such awesome prizes that you sure wouldn't want to miss it! The contest is called Mesra Store Promotion -  yet another rewarding initiative by PETRONAS to its loyal customers and PETRONAS Mesra card holders! Yeay!

All you need to do is to purchase a minimum of one Race On promotional combo at Mesra Store like the picture below,

OR purchase a minimum of RM15 in a single receipt at any participating PETRONAS station. - However, this does not include the purchasing of fuel, diesel, kerosene, Touch n’ Go, e-pay services, cigarettes, flour, sugar and cooking oil, though. And then, just answer a simple question stamped on the receipt. Then drop the receipt into the contest box at the station. And that's're in the contest now!

The Prizes: 

Grand prize: The New Mercedes-Benz A-class!!! 
2nd prize x 10: LED HD Smart TV 
3rd prize x 20: Mackbook Air 
4th prize x 30: iPhone 5 
5th prize x 40: gift cards

Contest period: 7 Mar - 30 Apr 2013 
Terms and Conditions apply

Woooh. All of the prizes look so tempting, ey?! I am soooo going to join this contest and eat Oreo everyday! haha.. I want that new Mercedes! I saw the picture already. One of the PETRONAS guys showed to me the other day...and the grill looks SO classy and sexy! I want it!!!! They call it diamond grill or something! I hope I'll win this! haha.. Wish me luck! You guys should enter too...who knows, luck is on your side! ;)


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  1. Dear Schazwany Hameed,

    Hai, Salam kenal dari O salon :) Kami team O salon dari negara tetangga.
    Nice blog dan review yang sangat bagus. Seandainya saya di posisi kamu berada dekat dengan Lewis Hamilton pasti saya akan minta photo berdua :-D
    See U next review :) we wait :D


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