Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wedding Dress

Haha. No girls, I'm not getting married anytime soon! Still searching for that perfect candidate, and that perfect dress. LOL ;p
Anyways..I'm at that age / phase of life where a lot of my friends are either getting engaged or getting married. So every weekend now, there's got to be one of my peers tying the knot! And I'm running out of dresses to wear to their weddings/events! >__<

The really nice ones that I have are mostly very tight now..and those are like the dresses I had, 3 to 4 years ago..which when I was a wee bit slimmer then. Haha - Well I'm not really a dress kind of person. So I don't have that many dresses/Baju Kurungs to wear. So now, when it comes to weddings, I really don't have any dresses/outfits to wear! So sad.

Anyway, early February the other day, my friend Hannah & Raimi tied the knot. So when I got their wedding invitation, the first thing that popped out of my head was, "What am I gonna wear??! I don't have anything nice to wear to her wedding!"

So I quickly dived inside my closet that night to search some other dresses that I haven't worn, to wear to her wedding. And I found one. It was nice and purple. (I like purple, by the way)

So on that wedding day, I put on my purple dress that I chose above, and got myself ready.. I was rushing that noon, because earlier that day I did the bridesmaid's make up for one and a half hour, and later I find myself rushing to get ready pulakk! haha. So when I was done with my own make up, done with wrapping my scarf nicely, and done with everything, I wanted to run downstairs to get my car keys and then shoot to some place in Damansara....

But I guess that was my lucky day. My dress somehow got caught in my room's door when I was rushing to shut it and ran downstairs.....
So it got ripped off right then and there! And all the sequins and embellishments fell off! I screamed out loud because I was so shocked that it happened so fast, and I didn't see it coming! I felt like crying because I really love that dress...AND I really don't have anything else to wear AND I was rushing to get to the place! T___T


But it was too late to do anything or mourning on the torn dress, so I quickly went back inside my room trying to figure out what to wear! At that moment, I really understand what a fashion crisis really means! I felt like crying and screaming... Dah la tengah rushing. Tak ada baju pulak! Sedih betul! Sobbb...

I was thissssssssssss close to wear my jubah.... or my jeans to her wedding. Yess, jeans to a wedding! Hee.

Then I saw this Nurita Harith's emerald green dress that I had. So I tried it on...... Ughh. I thought I look so darn fat in that kaftan dress! So I changed and went to my closet again, search for something else...that I can wear. Sadly, I couldn't find a thing.... Seriously rasa nak nangis masa tu.. Baju ada, kain tak ada. Baju & kain ada, tudung pulak tak ada, etc!

And then suddenly while fidgeting and whining about nothing to wear, I had this awesome idea, that came out from nowhere! haha - Since I don't have a perfect dress to wear, I should just combine whatever that I have instead of whining about it.. and just make it look like a one piece of outfit, and flaunt it! hehe

So I pick this green skirt that I have, and went to my closet again to find her match...and use whatever that I have in my closet to mix and match with the accessories, scarf, purse, shoes, colors and everything..

And I found this Zara green shirt that I usually wear to work/office!!! Hihii. Yes, an office shirt to a wedding! haha ;p
(I accessorize it with my corset belt from In Wear that I purchased 5 years ago!)

Oh, what an awesome feeling I felt at that time, when I found these two items that can complement my skirt and my scarf! Seriously, at that moment, I feel like I just bought a new dress! Although everything that I wore on that day, aged more than 5 years! hehe..

So I wore this to my friend's wedding! Totally a new dress! hehe

Anyway, enough about my dress. Here are some of the pictures I took while I was at her wedding with my friends..

Congratulations Hannah and Raimi!!! May you guys be as happy and sweet as always! I am wishing you the best of things in your marriage.. I am glad to be a part of your wedding day, and looking forward to seeing what comes from you two! ;) May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine, inshaallah. Amin.



  1. Nice. Look like kebaya ♥

  2. Emerald Green is the IT color for this year!!

  3. Honestly, I love that 'new' dress ever since you shared the photo on Instagram. I personally think you look great in emerald green.

  4. wow! pandai u match & mix! good job dear! ;)

  5. I love your creativity but frankly speaking, ditch that corset belt dear :)

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  7. The couple is looking very nice. All the dresses are looking so awesome in the wedding. I have much enjoyed this post and now waiting for your new update.

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