Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Indonesia Trip: Day 2 in Bandung

This is a lengthy post. Beware, your laptop or PC might lag a little bit, due to: this post contains a lot of pictures, pictures and pictures!! Heh ;p

So we went to a lot of places on our second  day in Bandung! Five places to be exact! We had a very super early day that day..

So we get dressed and had our breakfast at the hotel and off we went for some sightseeing in Bandung! First stop was to Taman Wisata Alam, Gunung Tangkuban Parahu.. Such a nice place! :)

On the way to that place. I saw a lot of green! Which is so beautiful, Mashaallah! :)

See....a lot of green! Cantik, kan?!

The pencinta alam in me loveeee going to this kinda place! ^__^

Only Rp 35, 000 to enter! That's about...ermm.. less than RM 15, I think!

So we have arrived at the top part of the mountain..

Gotta take a picture with my family! Well...daddy was not there because he went for some golf or something.. So only the three of us!

Tangkuban Perahu is the biggest crater in the West Java. They called it as the Queen of the Craters of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. According to the driver who took us, this place is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close! And maybe buy eggs cooked on the hot surface! hehe.. Well, they named it Tangkuban Perahu based on the local legend/stories about a mother and a son who were apart for years and then fell in love when they met again or something something..and then they wanted to get married but it's forbidden and thus..err..... Okayyyy.. I forgot the story actually, but in the end, somehow the place is called Tangkuban Perahu! hahahaha. Oh God, I am sooo bad in explaining things! LOL ;p

So anyway..here is our picture in Tangkuban Perahu!

"Panas nya!"

The pavement here is really not that smooth. And it was erm.. a slight mistake for me to wear my usual footwear there.. hahaha. Ok fine. It was a big mistake actually ;p
Cuz I had to walk down the hill, on this rough pavement in my 5 inch heels! hahaha. Do you know how challenging is thattttt?? hahaha ;p I had to turun bukit and walk so slowy and very careful that time! Otherwise, I'd definitely feel so malu if I jatuh tergolek over there! LOL.  But oh well, this Shazwani Hamid girl had survived walking along this hill without tripping or falling at all! Oh, sweet victory! hahaha ;p

So anyway...along the err...street I should say? they have a lot of shops/stalls selling many kinds of unique things and food!

What is Ketan Bakar??

I stop by at this shop.. selling crafty wooden things.. And my eye caught on this tree!
This tree is very unique! It has a natural pattern inside it! 
Mashaallah! Cantik ciptaan Dia! ^__^

It looks like some kinda batik or something!

So cool right? 

Next, I went to this shop that sells some kinda batu or crystal stuff..

This is another unique tree that I'm sitting on! I dunno the name, but inside it, it's like marble or something and the temperature of it is sooo cool! If your butt is hot, you should try sitting on this tree! hehee 

See the walkway down the hill? Verry rough, ey? Haha. 

But I survived, without breaking my heels or my leg! LOL 
(sampai terkeluar jari dari landasan kasut saya, sebab nak grip kaki/control the way I walk down the hill! haha ;p)

Some unique stuff for the kitchen!

After half an hour walking down the hill, I was thirsty and wanted some Es Kelapa Muda satuu! hehe


My mom loves this Teh Halia. Very nice! 

Kawah Ratu

My boyfriend. heh ;p

Wondering.... "Am I gonna fall?". LOL ;p 

Next, I went to a shop that sells many kinds of handbags/purses that are made from reptiles' skin/exotic leather!

Err...Okay. Not all of it is reptile. 
This is stingray's skin! Cantik kan, kulit ikan pari?! I like the texture!

Snake skin!

The brother was interested with the wallet..

They sure do have a lot of bags and types of exotic leather in here!

Which one you like? Eel skin or Stingray?

The guy was showing me how to tell if it's the original snakeskin or the faux leather ones.

Next, I was being stopped by this man, asking me to buy his Rp 50, 000 strawberries and raspberries..
For me, I thought it was cheap...only about RM 18 for 2 packs. So I thought that's kinda cheap..  So because I felt kesian and he followed me just wherever I go, so I just purchased it, to shoo him away! haha.. But apparently.. that's quite expensive rupanya! LOL. It's supposed to be Rp 10, 000 or something like that, as I was told. Pfft. Nevermind mister, I forgive you. But don't laaa...tipu people next time... heh

I thought it was naturally super sweet. (I only tasted like 1 or 2 berries before I buy) 
Rupanya, that man tipu me some moreee! They dipped these berries in a sugar water! - After eating a few, I really felt something weird in my throat. Pffft

Anyway...after spending some time in Tangkuban Perahu, next we went to a Strawberry Farm! The last time I went to a Strawberry Farm to pick my own strawberries was in 1988, in UK! And I was barely one year old that time! haha.. ;p

LOL. Masuk strawberry farm with that shoes! hahahahah ;p

Only superwomen can walk on the farmland with heels without ruining the heels! hahah ;p

Buat lawak betul aku ni laaa

(sape suruh driver tu tak bagitahu mana nak pergiiiiii....hahahah ;p)

Okay..Fine. Gotta. Bring. Flat. Shoes. Next. Time

"Okayy.. dah dapat 3 bijik strawberries cukup lah. Penat lah nak control kaki jalan atas tuu.. Lagipun tadi dah beli strawberry. So now time for me to relax a bit"

Hahaha ;p

You must be rolling your eyes now, kan? LOL. Whatever! ;p

The view from my R&R area. hehe

Mummy's basket and the other Aunty that we went together with... 
Hmm...what about my basket? Oh well, only 3 pieces, no need to show here la! hahaha xD

They gave us this free strawberry drink! Yums!

Time to go for lunch!

We had our lunch at Balibu..

Some of the dishes that we ordered.. Didn't snapped everything, though. I was too starving..huhu

Next, we went to some villagers area.. Just for sightseeing, and see the area, the houses, and the people..

They have a lot of tanam-tanaman!

The view there was soooo pretty!

Next, we were back in the city area.. 
And the driver dropped us here to do some shopping some more!

After shopping, we went back to our hotel, and get ready for dinner!

We had our dinner at The Valley! Awesome place! So romantic, I likeeeee!!! hihi

Lots of lights... This place brings out the romantic side in me..hehe ;p

The menu..
OMG, the food here is just so marvelous! Semuanya sedap! Memang puas makan sini!!!

This aunty is Awal Ashari's eldest sister apparently! hehe

And this aunty next to me is Shazwani's mother! heh ;p

Everyone ordered special, yummy meal!

Air dia pun sedap! hehe

And this is what yours truly ordered that night! 
I had Cupacabras Steak! Ya Allah, rasa dia sedap gileeee. Saya yang kurang suka makan daging pun boleh suka sangat! Sumpah sedap! hehe

Daddy's plate and Aizat's...just after 10 minutes! Haha..

...and mine! Licin aku bantai! 

Actually, half way eating my steak, I've felt that my tummy is really really full. But the greedy side in me said it's only one night that I'm there, and I'm on my holiday...not everyday I get to eat nice steak...So, I forced myself to finish up that steak, although I was actually really really full, and can't really take it anymore! Sigh.tamak. So I forced myself because I just don't want my tummy to miss tasting nice food. haha ;p (and later I got sick! Pfffft! Will continue in the next post!)

This place is so nice for couples! hehe 

"Kenyang, dowh!"

I wasn't ready for the pic. But never mind. =__='

So anyway, after dinner, we got back to our hotel, we went to the spa area at the roof top, but apparently, the room for massage was full, but they have available masseuse there. So we did it in our room instead!

But I was sick that night after the massage! Like really really sick! I keep on vomiting the whole night! =(
I guess my tummy was too full, and couldn't process all the food I just ate, and thus it pushed everything out! tskk.. I passed out that night. Feeling so weak. I think I vomited about 8 times that night! Or maybe more... couldn't remember.. But for all I know, it was the worst vomiting experience ever for me! Sigh...at that time, only God knows how regret I feel, for having to eat a lot! And for being so tamak! Sigh. =____='

Learned my lesson. Next time, cannot finish, don't force myself no matter how good the food tastes! Okay, will continue my story in the next post! Take care girls! ;)



  1. eh, that's kak niza in the pic! i'm her cousin. :)

    anyways, you were right. i did roll my eyes looking at all your pics wearing high heels. LOL! i was thinking asal la si wani nih tak bawak havainnas or fit flop at least. hahahaha!

    p/s: i'm a fan of your blog. :)

  2. Finally! Can't wait for next entry!
    So addicted to read ur story!

  3. Salam Shazwani,

    Thank you for posting the continuation of your trip, mmg follow :) . At least can experience it first thru yr eyes. Shazwani, what camera do you use, I see it's a canon cam? what model is it, the pics come out fairly nice.
    Will be waiting for your next post ;)


  4. You are sooooo cute and pretty!!! i always love your travel entries! (and the rest of your entries la of course! hehe)

    love your outfit! i memang salute dkt u sbb boleh pakai heels just about everywhere! wah! kagum! haha..

    can't wait to read more entry on this!! love u wani!


  5. So i guess u went here by tour guide or just rent a driver? If so can i have his contact no.?

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