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My Indonesia Trip: Day 3 and 4 in Jakarta

So I told you on my second day in Bandung, I had food poisoning right? Thanks to that yummy meat! Pffft...

So yeah..I spent the next day, one whole day in my room, vomiting and diarrhea-ing. It was a one hell of a day! My butt hurt. My mouth hurt. My throat hurt. And my tummy hurt so badly! I was too weak! Seriously..going to the toilet every now and then isn't such a nice scene. It wasn't funny at all! I thought I was gonna die cuz I was too weak that time! tskk..

So I just slept in the room while all of them went shopping. I ordered room service and took my meds..and off to bed until they came back from shopping.. 

I couldn't eat/ didn't feel like eating anything.. So I just ordered soup and fruits..

And around 3 or 4 pm..they came back with all their shopping bags in hand. And feeling so excited.. I was a bit jealous that time, waking up to see my brother bought so many cool stuff..and rant all about the outlet he found/went.. Sigh.. What do to. This girl was sick. mom did the packing for me since I really couldn't get up.. We checked out that afternoon and we went straight to Jakarta..

Checking out..
I was still so weak, so I rested at a sofa at the lobby there, while my parents were doing the check out thing..

After a long boring hours of our journey from Bandung to Jakarta, we finally reached our destination! (I slept all the way! Still soooo weak! huhu)

This was our hotel... 
The Sari Pan Pacific Hotel

One word:  Magnificent! The hotel was great.. the ambiance was great.. and oh, our room was great too! It was sooo spacious.. I love it!!!! Especially the bed and the bathroom! It's amazing how all these little luxury things in life could change my mood from very very errr.....not so sick? heh ;p Ok fine...probably because the medicine has started to kick in by the time I arrived there..hehe

The pathway to our room! 

Anyway, we stayed at the 15th floor. It was the Junior Suite...  But for me, the size is not "junior" at all! At least to my eyes.... - everything didn't look "junior" to me! haha... Everything was so niceee... So luxurious!

I wonder how does the senior suite looks like! Ini pun dah besar and awesome...huhu

So this is TV/relax area..

They hang this thing almost every where in the hotel.. At the our the reception, etc... They called this as Kain Tapis... (which is very unique and pretty, btw!)

They have a lot of this Kain Tapis which they hang around the hotel.. Even the bed also has quite the same material with this Kain Tapis!

Our little kitchen..

Yeay..there's Oreo! ^__^

Look, how cool the tea section in the kitchen! There's a lot of flavors! Yums!

The bedroom area and the dining table..

The work station..

The view from the bedroom area..

While I was being all excited and couldn't stop taking photos in the room, there's this man came to our room with a complimentary fruits and choc in his hands! Yeay!

With a welcome note some more! hehe.. See...told ya it's awesome staying here! ;)

After we have put all our bags and stuff, we went to the 18th floor to have our light dinner at the Pacific Lounge area..

Eating here is free for all guests who stay at 15 - 18th floor! So jimat duit! hehe

You can just request whatever drinks you want. It's freeeee! ^__^

I didn't eat anything.. Just drank some tea.. Cuz it's good for my poor tummy..

See...that's my sakit face! hahahaa ;p

After dinner, I went back to my room to have a nice warm bath before going to bed..

The things I love about hotel is....their bathroom! There's just something so  fascinating about it! hahaha ;p

Amenity kit..

Shower room..

There's another door to the hallway.. This bathroom is quite spacious, actually! I likeeeee!

...and it's time for some me-time! ;)

Time for bed!

See..even the comforter is made out of that fine gold thread..

I slept well that night. No more tummy ache. And woke up feeling so fresh and happy! I'm ready to visit Jakarta! hehe

So the next day, we went for a little sight seeing around the Jakarta city..

We went to Monas..which stands for Monumen Nasional...and also a few other places..

So this is the Tugu Monas..

...and this is...erm...not so sure. huhu

The city centre..

Next the driver brought us to a place called Tanah Abang Market.. It is the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia!

We had our lunch first.. and I had this...

...and this dessert. I forgot what this is

So this is how Tanah Abang looks like... It's really like pasar malam. There's a lot of people in here... 

This place definitely not for me... Because most of the things that they sell here are textiles and clothes in bundle.. I mean, it's not like I have a fashion business or anything right? So yeah..I didn't purchased anything here..

...and they also have lotsa fashion accessories, but none caught my eyes =/

.....but while I was going down an escalator, this signage actually caught my eye!! haha
"Dilarang mengeluarkan anggota badan"??! hahaha. I laughed out loud seeing this. haha we went back to the hotel around 5 pm...and reached the hotel around 6 something.. 
Just fyi, Jakarta is always always always jammed! Really bad traffic in here.. :(

Since we were quite tired that day (a lot of walking throughout the day!), so we didn't go anywhere that night.. So after dinner at the Pacific Lounge on the 18th floor, I went downstairs with my brother... look around the hotel and went to the swimming pool area.. I thought of swimming there...but I didn't bring my swimming attire so I had to call off my desire..and just camwhore instead.. heh

Back at our room, me and my brother decided to call up the DVD guy..because we wanted to rent/watch some movies..

They have a lot of awesome cool collection of DVDs!

...and we can just pick any movie. Banyak-banyak pun boleh! hehe

We settled for Wedding Crashers, Aeon Flux, and some dog movie. Forgot what it's called..

....and before bedtime, I made myself a cuppa Chamomile tea at the tea bar in the kitchen! hehe

Ok that's it! Day 3 and 4 is finished! Another 2 more days then I'm done on my Indonesia trip Part One! hehehe. Okayyy talk later! Gotta sleep! Tata ;)



  1. Me. Want more story!!hehe


  2. Hi. May i know rates for the hotel u stayed at jakarta.

  3. haha akak pun gelak tgk 'di larang mengeluarkan anggota badan'

    :p so funny

    sakit2 pun masih kekal bergaya,if it's me rasanya dah mcm bibik jek rupanya..hehe..

  4. bestnyeeeeee

  5. uhm, that dessert called serabi solo :).
    btw, nice blog.


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