Monday, February 11, 2013

Yellow Mellow

One fine day at a bazaar that sells scarves.... Me and my best friend, Zeam just had lunch and just before going back to the parking lot, we walked past a few shops that sell scarves.

Me: Oh hey! There's a yellow scarf over there! Great! Come, let's go see!

Zeam: Erm.... Aren't you wearing a yellow scarf right now....? (saying it with a face that says "you-don't need-it, girrrrllll")

Me: Errr....yeah. But this is a different kind of yellow! Look, it's verrrry different!

Zeam: It still looked yellow to me? (saying it with a blur face)

Me: Umm....well.. You see, the one that I'm wearing is a Sunshine Yellow ok... And that one right there on the rack, is more like a.....Tangerine Yellow, maybe? It's one tone lighter, I think.. Hmm, let me just see for awhile......

Zeam: A tange-...what??

Me: It's called Tangerine Yelll...-Oh, never mind. It's basically a different yellow than the yellow that I have right now. Cuz different tone and shades give me different effects on my outfit. So I definitely need this! 

Zeam: No you don't. 

Me: Yes I do! Excuse me, how much is this?

Salesgirl: RM 10 

Me: Oh great! 10 bucks, je! Ok, I take this one right here....and that one...

Zeam: Pfffft. Only ten bucks, but that doesn't mean you gotta take 10 different colors of them, do you? Put it back Wani. You don't need all these -___-'

Me: Umm... Okayyyyy. How bout 8..cuz I'm not so sure on this pink and that blue though...

Zeam: No, take only one. With 10 bucks I could fill up the car fuel and send you back home safely...

Me: How bout five? One for each day of the week?! Plus, I really don't have this Olive Green, and this Tangerine Yellow and that Cherry Red color...and also my white scarf went missing the other day, ok! So I realllly need them!

Zeam: Pfffft. Women. So many reasons, for so many unnecessary expenses. Suka hati lah Cik Wani. Don't say I didn't remind you not to go crazy here, ok. Dah, go pay now..I'll go pay the parking ticket. Be quick. And don't go look around anymore.. You really don't need another Tangerine Purple or Tangerine Black scarf or whatever!

Me: Ok byeee...Go noww! Shussshh! *paid the scarves and lived happily ever after!* 

Haha. Men. They will never understand the different shades of colors, do they?? ;p

They're verrrry different, ok?! Right girls? ;p

You never tone lighter or darker, could change a girl's life when they're searching for that perfect shade to match things on their outfit of the day! Kan?? who's with me?! hahah ;p



  1. setuju sangat okay. that's why I have like 10 green/pink/brown shawls semua different shades but still can't match with that one dress. the search continues...

  2. definitely with you on this! heheh

  3. semua nampak sama lah wani.. hihi..

  4. Kak Wani beli dekat mana ni?

  5. In case you need another shades, @cottonmotten offers 19 beautiful colours to be matched with your outfits! Happy searching :)


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