Friday, April 15, 2011

The Maldives Trip! :)

Before I start, let me warn you that this post contains about 260 pictures.

image source: google

Yes, you read that right. It's a lot of photos in here! So... be prepared for your PCs and laptops to lag a little! hahaha ;p
(I'm so lazy to do a post day by day... So, sekali harung semua gambar in this post, ok?! Plus, I was there for a few days jer pun! hehe ;p)

Okay let's start! Happy viewing! ;)

Arrived KLIA around 6 pm..

I chose to travel in white and pink that evening.. And yes, since so many of you asked me about the bag (it seems like handbag is a really big issue for women, eh? hehehe ;p), so I'll spill it lahh - though it's kinda obvious alreadyy..haha (as much as I would want to shout about thisss in here when I got it, but...well,  I'm not supposed to tell it here, due to some reasons and also to jaga hati some people, actually.. tskk. But hmmm... Nevermind about thatttt now... heheh ;p)

Well anyway, the bag's name is Kelly. Got it from someone, from Dubai, a graduation gift for me, I suppose... 
That's all I can say.. Go figure! heheh ;P

After checked in the bags and everything, I went to the Golden Lounge to have my pre-dinner....with my friend, Kelly Clarkson.. haha ;p

Oh ya..before I forgot..since I went there alone (got no friend/youngsters nor brother to teman me cam whore! tskk), therefore.. in this post you're gonna be so bored looking at thisssss face and only this face! hahaha

Yummy rojak!!

Oh look...there's a mini spa too in here! I thought I wanted to do a little foot massage before flying...but when I look at my watch, it's only about 30 mins left before my flight depart.. So, I went to the other room.....

....which is the Business Centre! - My fave area...cuz there's free internet! hehe

Around 8 something, flight to Male, Maldives departed.. and I fell asleep instantly the moment my butt sank into the seat! So sleepy and a bit tired, I think.. So I didn't know how long does it take to Maldives island.. Probably about 4 hours kot? Entah lah.. Not sure... Too tired to even look at the watch when I arrived.. I just want bed alreadyyy...hehe

So on the first night, checked in to one of the best hotels there (as I was told), which was in Hulhule island..

Hmm..this hotel receives a lot of awards..

Arrived the room. And.... 
"Oh, this is a good mirror,.. Now let's take a picture of myself, before I changed into my kaftan!" hehe ;p

Hmm... when I stepped into the room, I wonder why does this hotel receives so many awards.. Cuz it looks quite normal to my eyes actually.. Nothing so special about it! Not that extravagant or whateverr... At my eyes! heheheh ;p

Ahhh... I see. 
Now I know why larrr.. Cuz they're using Crabtree & Evelyn's products! heheh ;p

Anyway... I had a good sleep..and the next morning, after breakfast, us the ladies went for a little sight seeing in the Male city.. off we went to the jetty to catch a boat to go to the Male city! Btw, Maldivians do travel a lot by water as all of their islands are close to one another.. I was told that they have about 2000 islands altogether!! And each island have their own resort! Now..that's a lot of island!!!

In the boat with Maldivians. I get so excited whenever I ride a boat! hehe

We gonna head to that city/island. It's only about 5-10 minutes ride!

Look at how different the colors of the water! The darker the blue, the deeper the water!


Do you know..that this is actually the biggest road that you can find here?! hehe.. The Male city/island is small, so that's why it is so cramped with buildings.. All buildings are very close to each other.. So that explains why the road are so small...hehe

Anyway..on our way to walk around the city centre with nothing in mind on where to go and stuff, we found a man with a really good heart and showed us around the city! FOR FREE! Thank you God, for helping us out and sent us this man!

So I walked around the city... He explained to me about the history.. A lil' bit of this and that buildings, etc...

Hmm..can't really see what it says in the picture below... It's something about the person who brought Islam to The Maldives.. Alhamdulillah, banyak pahala dia dapat.. ;)

So in case you're wondering of what is the national religion of this country, well... Islam is the ONLY official religion in Maldives. The man told me, open practice of all other religions is forbidden and such actions are liable to prosecution under the law of the country.  Hmm.. So, you don't need to worry about food when in Male.. because everything is halal! That's the best part for us, Muslims as a traveller..
However, you do need to be careful when you're outside the Male city.. (the laws only applicable in Male je kot? Not sure about this... - Because other islands do serve pork and alcoholic drinks.. Hmm..


This is called the Muliaage (Presedential Palace). The official residence of the President of Maldives

Next, we went to the oldest mosque in the city...

There's a well in the mosque!

The water tastes something like Zam Zam water! It tasted so natural.. So fresh. So pure.. 

So this is the mosque. 100% made from corals!!

This is the ablution area..

This is inside the mosque.. 

Everything about the mosque is 100% from natural resources.. Like walls, they're using sea corals, and those wood...from I-forgot-what-the-name-of-the-tree-is... And they carved it, and made it look nice...and so on.. The man told me everything in the mosque was made from the villagers own hands or something like that... Can't really remember it..

This is the mimbar area..

The coral walls...

This is for storage of the Quran..which was made from that kayu he told me.. He said, it was handmade..!

Beside the mosque area, there's a cemetery.. Yes, that thing that looks like a house is a cemetery.. 

Hmm..people those days didn't know that we Muslims can't make a "house" for the graves...  By the way, this is inside the "grave house". There's about 4 graves in there...Or maybe more. 
Hmm.. Maybe they're family, I think..?

Now this is the normal grave.. hehe

Now this is kinda interesting... If the dead is a man, then the tombstone would be pointy a bit... If it's a woman, then it is round! So senang nak recognized.. Eh jap... Or is it the other way round? Hmm...I dunno! I'm confused already! haha

So...we walked around some more... (At this point, I was really really sweaty and hot! And was dying for a glass of fresh lemonade! With lots of ice, that is!)

"Panas nyaaaaa!!!" >_<

The biggest mosque in the city...

....then, the nice man who took us around the city took us to his shop. To buy some souvenirs..

*tired, thirsty, sweaty, hottie face* 

They sell a lot of souvenirs in here...

Like these...

....or some beautiful corals for decoration.

Some fridge magnets... shisha bottles, etc...

Some beach wear...snorkeling stuffs, etc...


Tada! It's a "magic" t-shirt!

some cute stationary items...

...and this would be my fave department!

There's a lot of jewelries in the house y'all!!!

...and all from 100% original pearls!!

Feast my eyes! Mmmm..

He was showing me on how to tell whether the pearl is original or artificial..

And.... OH MY GOD!!! A lot of big chunky rings!!!! I bought three..for myself. hehe

..and some bangles! 

"Hmm...what else to buy eh.. 4 pairs of crocs, 2 sets of snorkeling stuff, 3 rings.. Hmm..what else ya?"

Ahh...this pantapario! Gotta buy this! It's super comfy! This man named Syaheed, was showing it to me, how to wear it..

So I tried it on...

It's flowy.. Suitable for beach wear.. - Pantapario is a skirt + pants, by the way

So anyway...after purchasing the goods from his store... I thought he would leave us on our own now... But no, he brought us to have our lunch at a nice place because we are clueless on where to eat! See....he's so niceeee kan??! ^_^

Shops..along the streets

...He was explaining some things about this place... but I don't know what he was talking about, actually! - I wasn't focusing, as I was too tired and feeling so hot and lapaaarrr already! Heee

The streets...

By the way... these are the shops that they have in Male. Only small shops.. They don't have shopping mall at all... Syaheed told me, most Maldivian, shop overseas.. Maybe in India or Sri Lanka, etc... Wow... I'm imagining situation like, " week I got a party, and I don't have anything to wear... So let's go to New Delhi (or something..) to buy a dress!". Mmmm...that'd be fun! heheh ;p
Ohhh, and they use US dollars in Maldives, by the way!

So anyways, we went to a place called Baywatch Restaurant.. Quite nice ambiance, but I didn't take the whole area.. Too hungry to snap! ;p

This fork and spoon are soooo heavyyy I tell youu!

And I ordered myself a Nasi Goreng. Yes, they do have Malaysian cuisine in here! Yumm! hehe

So after eating, the two men carried my stuff to the jetty for us to go back to the Hulhule island where my hotel's at..

You only buy from his store, and he brought you around the city (and explain about history too) and carry your stuff some moreeeee!!!! And the best part is, THEY DON'T CHARGE ANYTHING FOR THAT!!! God bless these two guys!!!! ^_^

There's a lot of ships, boats, yachts and all kinds of water transportation around here...

But this is my favourite! I always imagine that it'd be so romantic to ride this with your hubby on a honeymoon! hehehe ;p

See....the water is so clear, you can see plenty of fish happily swimming in there!

Mereka angkat barang-barang sehingga ke dalam boat! Cair hati aku....

Anyway...because I was soooo exhausted all from that walking by foot (heels, that is! ;p) around the city, so, I decided not to go out, and dine in room... And guess what, I received bouquets of flowers that night! Ooohh... I love flowers!! Thanks mister! hehe ;)

Here's what I ate: another Nasi Goreng. I get so hungry over there and I need riceeee!

After my hibernation, the next morning, had my breakfast at the top floor of the hotel..and see the view from up there... Such breathtakingly beautiful view!!

That's Male city..

And that light blue water is the hotel's "natural swimming pool"

Anyway.. after breakfast, I packed my bags and off me went to Kurumba island! It's a really beautiful resort! I was sooo excited! hehehe

Thank you mister, for taking my bags! ;)

Masyaallah... cantik, kan??!

It was really really windy!!! I likeeee

Arrived the Kurumba island.. This kakak who took my bags, is from Malaysia too! She worked in here for a few months already.. 

Upon arriving at the reception area, they gave me a cold towel to freshen up a bit... and this yummy drink! I don't know what's inside it..but whatever they put in there, it's workingggg! It's sooo yummy, and refreshing!

Checked in... (This kakak is from Indonesia, btw)

She took us to the villa..with a buggy

Btw, what do you think of this contact lens? It's new. And I only tried once when I was there.. Hmm..I think it does not really suit with me..kan? =/

"This is the sports centre..and spa area.. blablabla...", she explained.

I really like the ambiance and the environment in this island... So peaceful. So beautiful..

So this is the villa. The left one is mine. And the right one is Uncle Brian's

The room number was 244..

Now let me show you the whole area in this room/villa!

She's helping me to get the WiFi code..

Ahhh...there's a free lime and ice! Gotta make lime juice then! ^_^

A booklet about their spa services.. Quite expensive, so I didn't have any. Bummer. =(

Saw a mirror across the bathroom's door.. Gotta take a picture of myself! heheheh. 
Pffft. Vain ;p

And thissssss..... would be my favourite area!!!! The bathroom is sooooo spacious!!! I would really love to own a big, beautiful bathroom like this!! I could sit in here, all day long! haha

It's an open area concept.. (of course, no one can see you.. Unless of course, they climb the wall..haha). Seriously, it's such a nice feeling having your nice warm bath in here.. There's pokok-pokok... There's sunlight.. There's the smell of the beach/sea.. There's a sound of bird's chirping... etc.. 

So. Nice.

...and so huge bathroom! (the bathroom is an "L" shaped by the way)

There's the shower area

The view from the shower area
(I get really really really excited when I enter a bathroom that is huge!)

So after I spent almost an hour in there, exploring things... I took my make up bag, and started unloading the bag!

...and put everything for display! haha. 
(The things I do when I travel. I really make myself at home! ;p)

So this is my "cleansing area". Solutions, facial scrubs, facial cleanser, masks, make up remover, deodorant, etc..

And this would be my make up area... Colors, tubes and tools

And this is the skincare area... I arrange all these, according to types, just like I'm in my own house! haha ;)

And these are the villa's amenity set.. (I loveeee their Shampoo and Cream Soap!! It's made from coconut + mint. Superb!)

After one hour arranging these things.. I cannot wait to jump into the bathtub and play with water and bubbles! hehe
Mari mandi! ;)


I brought my shampoo from the hair care centre that I went too


Sit in here for one hour! heheheh

Now time to get dress for lunch!

Wore a harem pants. But it's a bit short though..  Gotta find another one that's longer! =/

Seafood Pizza

Mee Goreng Mamak

Nasi Goreng

When I was eating my meal..there's a bird came near me..

... and she's friendly! I likeee!

She wants some food! (I only assumed it's a she because it looks pretty! LOL ;p)

It's a beautiful sunny day...

Then...after lunch.. I had a nap.. and later, around 5 pm, I went out to have a walk around the island...

...and wore a hat that I bought in Perth last time! ;)


I love these Chloe flats. Super comfy! Seriously!

When in beach and all romantic places in the world, I get a little mushy... heheh ;p

"'s hotttt..."

That's Uncle Brian swimming...

Ini namanya dah takde kawan nak tolong ambik kan gambar saya. Pffft ;p

And yup, that's my boss swimming....hehe

When I was walking along the beach.. I saw a celebrity which I recognized her face, but not her name though... who was making a video clip...

That's my first time seeing people making video clips... Kinda funny actually... Miming, and dancing in front of the camera! heheh ;p

Anyway... When I see them swimming... Suddenly I wanna swim too..and join my boss, and the gang..hehe.. So I went back to the room and changed into my swimming attire... 

...and brought along my snorkeling set too!

Tadaaaa! Testing the camera from under the sea...heh

I only swam near the shore..because I am not a professional swimmer... And I was kinda afraid a bit... So I swam about an hour, then I went back to the rest a bit..

Oh look, this is a cute tap to clean the feet! hehe

And later at night, I went to the Ocean Grill for dinner..

Wore my fave Topshop leopard printed top

Ordered this.. Something somethinggg Dory fish

When there's no brother tagging along and teman-ing me cam whoring.... You gotta take the photos, all alone! tskkkk.... =(

"hey..can you see my knot in the scarf?"


(Lame, I knoww! =p)

I've always love this kind of setting/mood. It's romantic.! hehe 

And then...the next morning.... 

Going for a breakfast..

with the mother!

"Does this sea shells ring match with my outfit? Hurm..."

After breakfast, I went to a snorkeling class!

.....with my pantapario on, and a beach bag! hehe

Snorkeling class in progress!


A little practice

Because I am not that good swimmer, I asked for a life jacket, so I'm a bit confident when I'm in the sea later on...

"Don't worry mom, I'm doing good!" 

Last briefing..

He was explaining about the fish available in the coral reef

Okayy..time for practical! ^_^

Put on our fins!

I'm ready, sir!

Yeayyy...ready, get set, goooooo! hehe

Yeayy.. I'm in!

Gulp....gulp.. Gulpppp....

When I was happily snorkeling... and seeing those fish swimming happily, and me joining them swim too, I felt like I was a fish too in there! hahaha. I really felt like I was in that Finding Nemo movie... It was so beautiful, I couldn't believe my eyes... 

Subhanallah. Masyaallah. Allahuakbar.


When I was swimming happily in there, Dory's voice, from the Finding Nemo movie, was inside my head all the time, "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming..." hehe

So many fish!!! (they're far from me actually!)

So many pretty creatures in the sea!

That's Nemo!

It's kinda scary actually, swimming in the ocean, not knowing where to head because the route seems to be all blue, and your eyes can't see that far, what's ahead of you. Nanti tiba-tiba je, muncul jaws! hehe

I found a turtle actually... tried to capture it, but it was tooooo far.. Dia berenang dalam sangat.. So, can't really see in the camera =(

Oh look, there's a shark along the sharks reef! 
(These sharks are not dangerous. They don't eat human)

What is this weird looking thing ehh.. Is it coral?

Hey look!!! I caught a sea cucumber!!! It's so slippery though...

My trainer + savior. hehe

Done with my snorkeling session!! 

...and time to eat!

And then I was back in exploring the island for one last time...

Wearing only my kaftan and Crocs. haha.. The feeling was like, as if I was in a kampung... Breezy and there's this beach smell.. I like. =)

There's botanical gardens in here..

Then after shower and everything, I took a rest for awhile..because that night, I was going back home...

Wearing a pink and white/black again! hehe

Bye byeee Kurumba! ;(

At the jetty...waiting for the boat to the airport

Arrived Hulhule.. and went for a dinner at the Hulhule hotel

Complimentary from the house, a fresh tuna! Mmmm!

I loveeee the coaster/plate's mat. It's bits and chunks of pearls... SO prettty! 

This, has got to be the most delicious Pina Colada everrrrr!!

Dinner. Sashimi with rice..

Arrived the airport!

Hehe.. My rituals in the airplane! ;p

......and we have arrived Singapore!

So that's it! Phewwww. hehe.. Hope you enjoy viewing the photos... hehe
Penat tak? ;p

P/s: I found a new hobby!! Guess what it is! hehee.. Next, gonna try diving pulak lah! Never knew water activities could be SO funnnn! hehehe ;)

P/ss: I bought some Fridge Magnets from Maldives. Selling at RM 25 each, including postage. Will take a photo of it later.. If you want, email me. Thanks! ;)



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    Err..steal? haha.. i believe stealing is not the word la dear. my sister borrowed my bag bcuz she doesnt have a brown bag just yet.. and i let her use it since i dont use it la... tak rugi pon.. family sendiri lah babe.. Dunno about u, but we all tak berkira with each other.. =)
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    along: yup boleh. tp kena beli casing dia, which is about 800 bucks.. so i used aai's cam instead... its olympus btw

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