Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pregnant Pants

Last week after work, before going back home, I stopped by Aeon Jusco to purchase some groceries...Then after spending a good 1 hour in the sundries area, just before heading out to the parking area, I have a feeling that I gotta check out the Ladies Department they have there..

And oh...I feel like a little kid in a candy store! I saw a lot of awesome and pretty pants over there! They're so cute and pretty! And most importantly, they're super cheap! One pants cost like RM 25 - 29 jeeeee!!! Macam orang jakun sekejap..cuz actually I needed a few colored pants that has a nice cutting, and have been searching for them high and low... Surprisingly, I found them at Jusco with a realllllly perfect price tag! O_____o

So without thinking much, I took about 12 pairs, I guess. Not so sure. But it was quite a lot. hahah. Different cutting and colors! Mannn.... I was a happy kid during that hour! haha

Anyways... I told my sister that I purchased a maternity pants among the 12 pants that I purchased in Jusco the other day. She went like.."Whaaaattt??! Hang dah kenapeeee? Orang yang pregnant pun tak nak pakai maternity pants. Hang ni yang tak pregnant nak pi beli pulok, dah kenapeeeee? Lawak la labu oii!" =/

Err...I told her it was too cute that I just could't resist. It's a cobalt blue pants...and it's polka dot! Plus, the only difference in maternity pants and normal pants is just around the waistband area. - They don't have zippers or buttons like the normal pants; but just the bands. - Just like my pajama pants at home, I thought.

So at that time, I was thinking that this kind of pants is much easier to wear than the normal pants I have....cuz I just have to sarung and go, which is easier, no? But boy I was wrong. No wonder my sister told me not to buy a maternity pants...

Went out to get my coffee yesterday, wearing this pregnant pants I bought in JJ...and because the waistband is a little bigger than my unpregnant tummy, the pants kept on slipping down my hips! And I have to pull the pants like a weird person for every 30 seconds! Pffft.

Thank God I only went out for an hour that day. Otherwise, I'll be pulling my pants constantly for the rest of the day! hahah. Ok, lesson learned. No matter how cute the pant is, don't buy maternity pants! LOL. Or at least.....wear a belt! hehe

Aite, talk soon! ;)



  1. klo x selesa. letgo r pd kite. kite da 6m preggy, tp xde suar yg best. kat sabah ni sush r cr, klo de pon cm mak2 sgt kolornye. klo rs nk letgo, emel me k. nufaka@gmail.com...hahahah

  2. comel.. rasanya maternity pant ada getah kan.. tarik bagi ketat cikit la.. hehe.. Jusco mana tu? nak p cari gak la.. :)

  3. maternity pants that cute? aiseh...that means I have to get pregnant again just to wear that pants la macam ni..huhu

  4. beli kat ne sis? nak jugakkkk

  5. brand apa seluar tu wani? beli kat mana? akak nak beli jugak lah..comeiiii

  6. Hi Wani. I also bought a skinny maternity pants from Aeon during pregnancy...memang harga RM20++ je. It's my favourite and I still wear it until now. Maternity pants biasa ada adjustable getah so boleh kecilkan waist tu.

  7. lady garments at jusco aeon are very affordable! i am pregnant and shops there for maternity outfits. the price is quite cheap compared to maternity boutiques.. and the design is nice, too.

  8. Hi, where did you buy the pants?
    I cari dekat AEON tak pernah pun jumpa yg murah mcm tu.
    Selalu jumpa yg hideous lepas tu harga mahal haha.
    Maybe AEON yang I pegi tak best kot.

    Maternity pants mmg comfy for pregnant women.
    Because of the tummy kan..
    It looks weird tapi bila pakai..ahhh so legaaaaa! Haha.

  9. At first I cant believe that it's a maternity pants.too cute.I have one in black but it is too momsy.still I like wearing it for exercises because it is very comfortable. They actually has stretchable waist band . I supposed yours too.he he

  10. janji selesa kn...sape2 pun boleh pakai


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