Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Sunday I had!

Like everyone else, I've always look forward for the weekend to come because this will be my time to really relax my butt off, or have a little fun! It's either I'd stay in bed, all day long like I have no life..haha...watching movies, doing some online activities, etc... Or, I would go out and chill with friends.

And I'm glad last Sunday I spent my day quite well! Early in the morning, I played for a bit with my nieces, and then in the afternoon, I met my blog-readers-whom-we-have-became-friends-now, at a cafe to have a little chit chat! hehe.. And later in the evening, I spent the day with my best friend and talk things out like there's no tomorrow. haha. And lastly, at night I watched Pitch Perfect on my laptop before I sleep and get ready to start my Monday and work! I love that movie by the way! SO awesome!

So anyways, remember last time I told you guys about my blog readers whom I invited to the little Tea Party I had, last two years? And then last year, they decided to be super sweet to me and made a surprise birthday celebration for me pulakkk?? Remember them?! Well this year they decided to have a little celebration again! But this time, it's double celebration! Because there are two girls who were born on 17th January in that group! And yours truly happens to be one of them! Awww...thank you guys for the sweet thoughts!

There were supposed to have all 10 of us. But half of us had to cancel it at the last minute, due to some family/personal stuff, so it was just five of us! But it was really nice and fun.. We talked a lot! Especially me, seperti biasa lah. hahahah. I would always be the one who would talk more (and loud - I hate that part about me. It's uncontrollable... I'm always so semangat when I tell stories, I don't know whyy. Haih -__-')

Anyway.. we decided to wear pink and/or yellow that day, because we wanted the picture to look lively, and we made it! The pictures did turn out to look so cheery, lively and happy! Pink and yellow really make a perfect combo for that sweet, cheerful and lively effect, huh?! ^__^

Enjoy the pics!

Our cute birthday pan-cake!! hehe 

I just realized, someone should make the Number 1 sign, to complete the 1-2-3 signs in the picture! LOL

Birthday Princesses of the day! 

We sure did talk so much that we didn't really take a lot of pictures like last time! haha. Most of the time we share our stories and bits of our life ;)

This is Yati in soft pink hijab, and Aisyah in hot pink hijab. They're so nice to me! :')

Oh, and Aisyah bought for us the Birthday Sash too! Last time it was the crown, and this time it's the sash! Aww...I'm so gonna keep this! hehe

Aisyah, Ayna, Zuen and Yati. 
So sad that Nurul, Lina, Ashikin, Afra and Raisya couldn't make it! Next time ok, girls? hehe

The (belated) birthday gals! ;p

My fave!

Even after a month, we still want to blow the candles! heheheh ;p

I'm so glad I know these girls! From strangers to blog readers or should I say my fans? HAHAHA ;p To becoming my friends now! 

Got this from Ayna! Thank you darling!!!

Next double celebration, girls?? In May, maybe? Ashikin and Ayna's? hehehehe ;)



  1. love your outfit and makeup!

  2. let's! but if it's in may i have to pass because i'm gonna beranak in may LOL. ;)

  3. wani..u have such a beautiful blazer...

  4. Hi wani..i love to read your blog. love your style and outfit. If you don't mind, can you share with us about the SK II product? I'll wait for the post. Thank you. ;)


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