Saturday, September 15, 2012

A little weekend getaway!

Shoes, checked. Handbags, checked. Four coloured tops, checked. Jeans and black pants, checked. Scarves, checked. Pajama and underwear, checked. Telekung/Praying attire, checked. Make-up & Skincare/Toiletries, checked. Passport, checked. CAMERA! Checked! hehe

Just done with my packing! Since it's gonna be a long weekend, dad decided to go for a short holiday/weekend getaway with the whole family, to spend time together and enjoy ourselves! Yeayyy! Can't wait! hehee ^___^

Okay, I gotta sleep now, tomorrow gotta wake up at 5 am! Ok, take care now... Have a great weekend, girls! And Selamat Hari Malaysia! ;)



  1. Don't forget your sunnies!! Enjoy! <3

  2. Singapore kn? happ holiday ;)

  3. wahhh hepi nyer jalan2 take care ok :)

  4. best nyer dapat travel...

  5. perlu ker nk tunjuk brg2 ko yg mhl2 kaya xperlu nk tunjuk sume tu klw org jakun yea...

  6. hi miss anonymous. hehe. barang ape eh yg u tiba2 nak TERASA dia mahal tu? cuba terangkan sikit? i never mentioned any price pun? haha - it's just a picture of me packing things, bcuz if u understand carefully what this entry is about, then MAYBE you wouldn't post such a useless comment i guess? oh well..never mind. You're just bitter. (bcuz if you are not, u wouldn't have spent the rest of your night, reading n analyzing my blog n my old entries, and leaving such comment in EVERY ENTRY? haha. Tak rasa buang masa ke? Tak suka, tapi baca semua, then siap tinggal kan komen tak masuk akal kat setiap entry lagii. Oh, terasa special nya blog ini! Dpt perhatian awak yg sgt teliti tu! hehee - And yes, sorry la kalau i tak layan all your comments sebab I malas nak penatkan diri n otak, melayan org2 negative like u. . Tak kuasa nak rendahkan my mentality n ikut cara u berfikir, n then to answer each n every bloody comment of yours some more! Only this one, will do! LOL)

    btw, yes. i am not rich (yet) like you. Saya memang org biasa2 saje. So memang sentiasa jakun dan kagum dgn segala2 nya. So yes, I AM jakun about everything in my life..bcuz why be bitter and unhappy and sad (like u) all the time when you can have so much fun in your life. - EVEN WHEN YOU'RE PACKING YOUR STUFF TO TRAVEL! Kan seronok if you have fun doing everything u do! Baru la hidup ni awesome!
    Why don't u try it? Living happily? - Say for example leaving such a happy comment ke? hehe. I'm sure your life will change if you stop being a bitter person like u are now, n start thinking positively and be open minded/take things positively! Trust me! hehe ;)

    Ok, thats all from me, I wish u have such a HAPPY and FUN life! xoxo! ;)

  7. Well one thing that you can deny miss blogger-you are showing off every single thing you have. If you can accept people criticism (since you are allowing public to view this blog kan), your mentality is not that good anyway.


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