Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I "Organized" My Handbags!

A lot of girls asked me how do I decide what to wear every morning before going to work when I have so many things in my wardrobe..  Won't I get confused? Indecisive? Annoyed? or anything at all..?

Haha.. Well, my answer is simple! Get organized! And you'll be excited to see what are the things you have in your wardrobe and choose them happily in the morning!  ^__^

Really... Last time when I don't really organized my wardrobe and just stashed everything at one place, my mood to dress up is really off! I mean like...when you're so in the mood to wear this and that, but then you have to dive in your closet and search high and low for some items, that could be really really annoying, right?! Especially if you're late.. So, dressing up can be really tricky if you don't organized your stuff well! 

So that's why whenever I have my free time, I really enjoy organizing my stuff! I love sorting out things... I love categorizing stuff.. And I also love to see the stuff that I owned! hehe.. Because I'm the kind of girl who loves to indulge myself on all the pretty little things I see when I'm out to malls... (say for example a little brooch...or maybe a bangle, etc - I guess this applies to most girly girls out there! haha ;p) So sometimes, the tendency to forget what I just bought is quite high (bcuz I keep on buying stuff I don't need! Heee - Inherited this habit from my mom! She just loves buying stuff! LOL ;p)

So anyway, that is why I need to organize my stuff so I would see all the things I own, and I won't miss out on wearing them! That way, I know that I'm not being "membazir" as my dad would say, whenever he saw me buying things! haha ;p (Note: My definition of 'membazir' means, if I buy and I don't wear them, right...? Rightttt girls?? ;p)

Anyways..for now, I live in a compact room. So I don't have a walk-in-wardrobe like every girl in this world would dream of having. least not yet! hehe.. So, I don't really have a nice space for my bags in here. I only store them in my little closet that I have.. How I wish I can display them like this! 

Remember last time I used to store them in boxes and all? Oh well...after a few weeks, I find it quite troublesome to choose my bag-of-the-day! So I decided to just store it like the above picture! Less hassle. But anyway, I still find that it's a bit crowded in there.. - Finding bags in there can be really really annoying especially when I can't think of what bags do I have. =___=' 
So sometimes, if I'm so lazy to search, I would end up wearing the same bag for days! heee.. 

So to avoid me not knowing what bags do I have, the other day I decided to take a picture, one by one of each bag that I own, and store them in my MacBook! So every morning, after I have decided what outfit I wanted to wear, I would go to my iPhotos, and look at this Bag Album that I have in here! And start selecting my bag-of-the-day! hehe..

Like so!

These are just some of the bags that I have.. Maybe I will start organize them according to colors, ey? :)

After taking these pictures, I realized, I have almost 200 piece of bags in my closet! Erkkk. Maybe I should start letting go of the old bags that I have.. Cuz what's the point of keeping things you don't wear anymore right? Hmm... =/

So ladies, do and where do you guys store your handbags?!



  1. i want your dior bag, can? :p

  2. Shazzy pls,pls & pls start letting go ur handbags. Im the first person whos gonna splurge for them! Lol

  3. Hi Wani,

    Love reading your posts :)

    Unfortunately, I don't like to keep too many things at home, so currently, I only have 1 handbag which i use for all purpose, ie , for work and outing. I rarely attend functions :)


  4. 200 bags? OMG...u shud pass some of them 2 me...ngehehe

  5. Wow..200? That's great.. I have that white dior too!! But smaller size :-) love it so much

  6. omg, 200. my bag less than 5 (-___-)

  7. 200 pieces?? only for bags?? oh. my. god.


  8. Dear, if u have any top, bag, to letting go... Let us know k... Adore all ur stuff....

  9. wani,

    curently i only used 3 handbags..hehe, takdela sampai 200 handbags..ade 10 pn dh tk reti nk pakai dh..dh tk boleh nk organize things inside that..

    hoping that u want to do a preloved item sale hehe..

  10. i dont know how u handle 200 bags... huhu...
    i could barely handle my less than 10 bags...
    i basically living in a compact room and sometimes i just hang my frequently used bags and while the others i will just keep them in another bag (luggage)...

    i guess u should start letting go some of the bags.. :D

  11. I want ur bags too!


  12. me to...
    i want ur handbag if u want to let it go...

  13. me to...
    i want ur handbag if u want to let it go...

  14. kes nak menunjuks jer ni..nyampah


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