Saturday, September 29, 2012

How I Store My Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs!

This weekend I've been spending my time in my room, unpacking my stuff and cleaning up my make-up area.. Y'all know that I went to Singapore twice this month right? And I purchased quite a lot of Lush products while I was there. haha.. (Just can't help it!) So...when I get back home, I had to think how do I store these lushies that I purchased! I know I accidentally bought a lot the other day...and now I have a bit of a problem to store them in here, knowing that my stuff are all overflowing in this room! haha. ;p 

It's just's so overwhelming you know, when you're in the store, not knowing what NOT to get! Cuz everrry thing looks and sounds amazing! hahaha.. - I'm the kind of a girl who loves all things pretty and girly..and I don't just love make up and fashion.. I love body and bath products too! So of course this girly girl just couldn't resist not buying Lush products and had a really hard time deciding what to buy! (I spent more than 2 hours in there! haha. Thanks Michelle, for assisting me..and for making my wallet hurt a bit. haha ;p) 

Anyways, so when I got home the other day, I checked every item I got for myself..and I couldn't stop smiling! Heee.. I know they're not Chanel bag or whatever. They're just.....soaps? But oh well, like I said, I loveee all things girly and pretty! Even if it's just soap! haha. So I'm very sorry if I sound so lame in here. But I'm just so excited! - If only you get to see my face when I first got into the Lush store, you'll know what I mean! haha ;p

Anywaysss.....I love their bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars especially. They are like their famous items. I took quite a number of these darlings the other day. I can't wait to use them in the bath tub! They smell so yummy! But the slight problem is.. they're quite big and chunky..and very fragile! So I gotta take extra care of them, before I get to use them. 

I don't really take my bath in the tub that often. Normally I just shower. Bath tub is for days that are special..hehe. - Which happens like...once or twice a month it's gotta be a loooong way for my bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars to be used and finished! So I gotta find a way to store them properly but still look nice and presentable.. while they wait for their turns to be used each month! hehe

...and I got an idea! 
Using a clear bowl, and a plastic food wrap!

I wrapped each and every bath bomb I have with this plastic wrap, instead of the yellow Lush bag they gave me! So it's easier to choose and know which is which... Rather than having to open each bag, to find out what I'm looking for!

Tada! All wrapped up! Ready to be displayed in my bathroom...waiting for their turns to take a bath with me! hehe

They looked like some kinda candies or should I say...kuih? hehe

Ok, I gotta continue cleaning my room! Blog soon! Have a great week ahead! Take care girls! ;)



  1. kn bli bowl yg lg besar lah lenkali..haha

  2. Yum.. I wanna go n get some lush as well today

  3. i wish to bath in bath tub frequently,, but i dun have tub in my bath room.. haha.. well,, such a nice storage style..

  4. Great idea Wani.

    I was thinking, lush should have already done that before they sold the items.

    I heard that Lush has no intention to come to Malaysia. They do offer franchise opportunities, but none in Malaysia and I am not sure why.


  5. Went to aberdeen last wiken n i found miss bubbalicious..similar wif lush but better in design n smells plus it come wif the pladtic wrap try if u found it..

  6. Because of you, I'm now obsessed with Lush!

    Ok, maybe not as obsessed as you la..but still! huhu. Tapi Lush best so thank you! :D

  7. This sound so exciting. The fact that I am 9 years haaa


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