Friday, September 28, 2012

That Perfect Crisp White Bedding

Since I have been busy adjusting myself to working, traveling and blogging at the same time, I did not have time to find an article or post that is worth blogging that would interest you guys! Sorry if I'm lacking of stories in here! =/

Anyways, I've been in and out of KL lately.. to JB, Singapore, KL, JB, KL, JB, Singapore, JB, KL! Phewww! haha. And so when I arrived my room yesterday I realized how much I miss it! The first thing I did was jumping up and down my little white queen bed, and curl myself on it for a good one hour before I got up and changed into my kaftan and washed up.. haha. I can be such a kid sometimes! (or maybe I should say, all the time? LOL ;p) Anyways... so today I thought I would talk about making the bed! And how it can change your mood and your day! ^__^

I really think having an organized room and a clean bed, can really make your day after a hard day at work or something.. I don't know about you, but the first thing I would do when I come home, is to go to my room and put my stuff away..and just chill on the bed! Not the sofa in my living room, nor the chair in the dining hall, or the comfy couch in the family area..or whatever. Nope! I would prefer my room, my bed to relax! My room is my baby. I love my room very much, although I do not have the best room in the world..but this is my little space where I relax..and where I can be 110% myself, - because no one else is in this territory of mine! hehe. I feel so calm and relax when I'm in my room. 

And when going back home from work or traveling, and seeing a clean white bed when I enter my room, can reaaaalllly change my mood! I would smile the minute I see my bed! So yes, making the bed in the morning, can change your day at the end of the day, making you a happier person! hehe. 

Even though I know sometimes there is a major debate between yourself about whether or not you should make the bed, right? - You'd think that you are just going to get back into it in a few hours...right? So why put so much effort to make the bed that you would mess it up again..right? haha. (I used to have this kind of mind set too! Heee. Lazy me! ;p) But my mom taught me that if we used that argument for other areas of our home, we would never have clean the dishes, or do the laundry. Because why wash something when it's just going to get used again? haha. Mom was I always make my bed these days (except when I'm super late!), to please myself when I get back from work later on! Trust me, making the bed changes the look of a room! It makes a room more inviting and uncluttered looking and CLEAN! ^___^

Anyways, my kind of "best-dressed" beds, are usually the ones that only have one or two tone colors on it, all folded quilts and crisp edges! And for now...I love white bedding! Why? Because you can match it with any colors, and you can bleach it if you want, and you can play with other accessories and it would still look good, and best of all, it just feels better lying in bed under a white duvet! - Think hotel rooms! hehe

Plus, an all-white bed lets you mix in affordable linens or cushions or throws/runners too! You can get some pretty awesome stuff from I Wanna Go Home, or Aussino, or IKEA, or anywhere else! And you can mix white with such pretty colors like... Lime Green or Sunshine Yellow, or Mint Green, or anything, making your bed appear so much cooler!!

Mmmm... Crisp, light, cooler and refreshing white bedding. You will not be disappointed.

Mom bought me this 100% Egyptian cotton comforter set the other day.. It's a 500 thread count sheets. So comfortable, I gotta say! And she bought it together with some pearl cushion covers as well, which I loveee to bits! It's so nicee! Thank you, mother! ^__^

Since the usual bedding set only provides two pillow cases, I mixed this bedding set with my sister's wedding bed set pillow cases, which mom got from Hallmark last time.. since I have 6 pillows altogether on my bed! (not including the cushion, though! haha) - the other two pillow cases would be from Akemi. So I have 3 different brands and designs of pillow cases on my bed altogether now! 

I don't know why I have so many pillows. But I need all 6 of them. One for the head, one for the thighs. Two for the headboard. and another two for my left and right side of the bed. haha. And oh, the cushion would be to cover the face! ;p

Anyways, I think I first started making my bed when I was 12, to display all my pink beanie babies all lined up neatly in a row.. And 12 years later, I am still making the bed, except that I'm displaying my pearl cushions! haha.  Even if I have a lazy day, I still need to make the bed before I go to sleep. Or sometimes, I clean my room too!

What about you? Do you make the bed? Do you get the same fantastically pleasing feeling like I get walking into the room and seeing a crisp white bed so pretty and made? =)



  1. Hi Wani,

    Nice bedsheet you've got there.

    I am similar to you. The first thing I look for when get back home from work is my bedroom. Usually like to drink coffee and read magazines or surf the net from my bed for an hour or so.

    You seem travelling a lot for work. If not confidential, may I be a busybody and ask what are you working as?

    Cheers & hope you have a good weekend.


  2. Dear Wani, your bedroom deco is gorgeous. So stylish, so you!


  3. salam.
    just nak share...
    dulu ms bujang sy mmg malas kemas katil. tapi since kawin, dh jd rutin harian. mmg berbaloi the effort..;p

    tp xde 100% egyptian cotton 500tc and pearl cushions...huhu!

  4. Sally: hi sally! :) Thank you, I love my comforter set too! hehe. Anyway, am working with my brother now. I run my own business. :)

    nyda: awww thank you darling! yeah, i love it too! ;)

    far: kan! i suka katil kemas...rasa perasaan yg best..hahaa

  5. last time when i was studying at univ, i love buying all those nice looking bedsheets and i changed the bedsheets like.. twice a week! lolx (obsessed with bedsheets' design back then). they're all colourful and so youngster-ish. now i grow up as an adult, i prefer to use earth tone colour or plain ones.. depends on my mood. and yeah, i love my bed and my goose feather pillows!! xD

  6. Hi wani. I love to read ur blog. I love to know ur girl stuff n all that. Yes i admit that making the bed in the morning will make u happy see it when u got back from school or work. It reduce ur tiredness! I just realised it when u said that. From now on i will make my bed every morning. I also hv this kind of mind set 'why nk kemas, after work u gotta sleep again right'. But what u said are right. It helps to gain our mood when we're tired. It comfort us. Thanks wani!


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