Monday, July 30, 2012

It's been awhile..

Hi girls! It has been awhile since I last blog. You really blogging....with some words that is, not just pictures! haha. It's just that I am not so inspired to write in here these days.. Well...more like taking my sweet time off to enjoy the great life I'm having right now! hehehe ;p

Plus, it's the fasting month, so most of my free time I would be either sleeping..or hanging out shopping or.. performing terawikh..or reciting the Quran. So, there's not much space in my day for me to really blog. tskk

I promise I will write soon! What would you like me to blog about, ey? Gimme ideas! I'll try to do it for you, inshaallah in my next post! hehe ;)

Okay...happy fasting peeps! Don't run away ya! Stay tune! Love you guys! xx


  1. i'm waiting for your entry everyday. like to hear everything from u .

  2. hmmm... sometimes i do have this phenomena where i don't know what story to tell...well, i think it happens to most bloggers..hihi..anyway, y don't u write on your experience choosing contact lense, how to wear, jaga contact lense, what brand u wear, etc...coz it took me forever to put that thing in my eyes. hahah...

  3. maybe talk more abt fashion, like where you get your bling bling fashionable rings etc.


  4. macam muka pelakon ayu raudhah!! suka suka suka!!!! comelllssss......

  5. Suka tgk u...macam muka pelakon Ayu Raudhah...suka..suka...suka...1000 like!!!


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