Monday, July 16, 2012

My lovely weekend in Pictures

Went to Nurita Harith, and tempah a few Baju Kurungs for Raya

Had delicious cake at Delicious

Went to Farhana's Baby Shower! Dress code: Pregnant Lady! haha ;p

My bump is bigger than Farhana's, the real pregnant lady! haha

Haha..My bump is sooooo big! Ada 5 anak kat dalam. LOL ;p

A lot of fun activities was held that day! Will blog soon! :)

I had a great weekend. How about you?
Okayy darlings..will talk later! 



Mornizawati Abdullah said...

adoiiii..lawak betul tgk ur bump....yg x tahan heels tinggi tuh

Mooniqueen said...

So cute if u betul2 preggy later...

cik kuning said...

mine is way too difficult and tiring, saturday, i sat for my last final paper and sunday had to attend seminar. today my practical session starts for two weeks. really need some shopping and walking therapy....
nyway, nice weekend you have and a very huge belly. hihi. take care dear...:)

SuriaRashid said... funny..sweet..but y ur belly so big? hahahhhaaaa..this kind of event pun ader ek??

Aishah Noordin said...

Bigggg bump with high heels!! Klo btol2 bole tergolek tu haha...and time tu kak dah bengkak

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