Thursday, July 5, 2012

In the mood to travel...

Was bored in the office during lunch time yesterday... I was fasting, so I didn't go out to have my lunch. So I browsed through my old pics..and saw my holidays back in December 2011. Oh, I miss Switzerland. It is one of the beautiful country I have seen so far. It is very clean. Nice weather. Friendly and beautiful people. And shopping there is awesome! hehe.. And I must say, Lucern city is sooooo pretty! Please visit this city if you ever gonna travel to Switzerland! :)

Hmm...anyway...I have no idea what to update today. I mean, I do know what to blog about, -  I owe this blog lotsa stories right? haha, but all that are such a long post. So I'm gonna spare some time to do that later.. For now, let me just share with you the 30 countries/cities I would like to visit some day, insha Allah..

1. USA - New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, San Francisco, Hawaii, Alaska (Never been to the states at all! It's in my wish list! hehe)
2. Canada
3. Germany - Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich
4. Greece
5. Sweden
6. Portugal
7. Austria - Vienna
8. Italy - I've visited Milan twice, but would love to see Rome, Florence, Capri, Verona, Monte Carlo and Venice! (Venice would be such a perfect spot for honeymoon, ey? hehe)
9. Spain - Madrid. I've visited Malaga last time. It's beautiful city, but I would like to visit their capital city, pulak! ^__^
10. All over UK. 
11. Russia 
12. Finland 
13. Finland
14. Monaco
15. France - Nice
16. South Korea
17. Bora Bora, Tahiti and her islands
18. Indonesia - Bali 
19. New Zealand
20. Barbados 
21. Maui
22. South Africa - Cape Town
23. Galapagos Island
24. Kenya
25. Japan, again
26. Brazil
27. Jordan, again (I was 11 years old. Not much memory of it! Would love to visit Petra!)
28. Australia - any parts. Would love to say hi to those kangaroos again!
29. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc 
30. MECCA and MADINAH again! (Every year if possible! ^__^)

*Countries that I don't state the city, it means, I don't mind going to any parts of the country! 

Phew. I have a lot of list, huh? hehe. I loveee traveling. I love Europe especially! Alhamdullilah, I'm lucky enough to get to travel to more than 30 countries for the past 20 years.. I think traveling makes you more open minded and you learn a lot of things and get to broaden your horizon. You get to see different people with different cultures, etc.. And I loveee seeing God's creation especially when I travel. Different countries, different scenery! Makes me think/feel that God is the most powerful and Almighty! ....and PERFECT!

My 2012 wish list: To travel more, insha Allah, and if my rezqi murah of course! Amin! hehe



  1. sis, you should go to Perth,Australia.. awesome people,nice place and best shopping..
    i go twice there!

  2. ok.poland tak termasuk. kalau termasuk lah.. mmg i tak suggest langsung u dtg, hehehe

  3. monte carlo is in france. south of france , next to a town called Nice.

  4. Alhamdulillah you've been everywhere, lucky you dear, I love to travel too just need to adapt with many luggages of little ones...mmmm:)

  5. Just ask from dadddyyy

  6. Tak nak bawak Masri ke?


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