Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Craving for Meat

Lately I have a sudden weird cravings for meat. Meatballs. Kebabs. Any food with minced meat. Mc Donald's Double Cheese Burger. Meat Curry. Steak. Anyyyyy kinds of food that contains......cow in it. LOL

picture taken at one of the Lebanese restaurant, during my trip to Switzerland in December 2011

I don't like meat. I prefer chicken or fish...but now, lately I wonder why all of a sudden, my tummy or should I say my throat wants to taste meat soooo bad. This rarely happen to me.. I'm more of a chick kinda person...and I only eat meat when I feel so angry with someone. hahah. JK. But yes, this meat craving is so weird for me!? =/

Is it PMSing? Do you crave for meat as well when you're on PMS? Or is something happening in my body right now that needs me to eat meat? Why the sudden crave laa? Hmmm... I know that the foods you eat can affect the chemical composition of the brain and your mood.. And I guess that's why when people on PMS, when their hormone is imbalance - either they always sad or mad, they always wanting comfort food, that's high in sugar and calories to make their mood feel better somehow...

And I'm on PMS right now. And I thought when PMSing, you're only craving for sweet stuff? Normally I would be wanting a cupcake. Or a slice of a Red Velvet. Or...a Starbucks Frappuccino. Or ice cream.. Or cream puff. Or any sweet stuff! But now...It's M.E.A.T! Oh, sounds so macho..I eat meat, man! haha.. (It's weird! Cuz I don't eat meat.. Although on my first date, I did order a steak. haha)

Hmmm... I need meat so badly right now! Probably I should break my fast this evening having a Carl's Jr burger, huh? Oh yums..that sounds so good right nowww...O______O

Or...KL Burger Bakar is awesome too! But it's too far. 40 km from here to get to it. tskk.

I need meat. Help.

P/s: I wonder...macam mana lah kalau aku  pregnant one day nanti ek? Cravings aku ni selalu mengarut-ngarut! >__<

Meat Eater.


  1. Salam, seeloknya jangan dilayan sangat nak makan meat tu. through my experience sendiri kalau sekali makan daging kita akan jadi ketagih. i think its actually a fact i read somewhere. lagipun consuming red meat often kan tak elok untuk kesihatan secara umumnya.
    take care kak wani =)

  2. heheh... if u preggy confirm dapat bby boy.. sbb u craved for meat..


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