Friday, July 13, 2012

What I Wore

Last weekend I purchased a full length mirror for my room.. Though I already have a mirror here, but that mirror just won't do any justice to take a gooooooood look at myself (fully). heh.

So anyway, it was a great deal purchasing this mirror.. It's only RM 150 from RM 300+! It's a white frame stand mirror.. which I placed it at my open wardrobe area, next to my mannequin brooch.. It is not that big, which is great because I have a very small space here! tskk..But I'm still loving it! hehe

Now.... I love getting dress every morning.. waking up to see yourself in a room full with clothes, is such a nice feeling..hehe. Choosing shoes, tops, pants, scarf, bags, etc etc..and mix and match them in front of this mirror is fun for me! I feel like I'm in a dressing room of a boutique or something! haha. ;p

Last time, I didn't really get to do this or rather..I didn't really have mood for it, as much as now, because my mirror wasn't placed in a dressing area.. Plus, that mirror wasn't a full-length one. And it was placed at the nonstrategic area. Which is in front of the door and next to the bathroom....and far from my closet  =___=' 

So it's a bit leceh for me to walk back and forth from my wardrobe to mirror, just to see if things look okay on me.. (Note: I'd try more than 3 outfits every time I play dress up in my room / or choosing outfits to go out. Ha ha.)

So yes...I'm one happy girl now. I love this mirror that stays in my open closet! It's easier to play dress up this way! And it's perfect! hehe :)

Anyways...since I just got this full length mirror in my room, I like to take a shot of What I Wear Today, before going to work..hehe

So here's what I wore last few days...

Green coloured scarf from Pasar Malam, H&M printed top, Victoria Secret's black jeans, Eclipse grey pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs green bag and H&M accessories 

Yellow coloured scarf from Pasar Malam, Zara tiger printed blouse, Victoria Secret's red jeans, Celine red bag, Salvatore Ferragamo nude coloured wedges and Diva accessories

Teal coloured scarf from Pasar Malam, Banana Republic white cardigan, H&M mint green sleeveless top, Warehouse white jeans, H&M mint green sandals, Furla mint green bag, and Diva & MNG accessories 

Purple-pink scarf from Arzu, mummy's chiffon silk Baju Kurung  in Yellow and Pink (which I think..the kain was bought at her fave store, Euro Moda), Louboutin shoes, Kelly bag and a diamond ring

That's all! Will take more outfit photos soon!



  1. nak beli cermin panjang mcm ni gak la.. :)

  2. Kalaulah ada baju yg banyak mcm u ni, bilik yg besar, mesti best dapat cermin besar mcm ni...

  3. wah very fashionable, admire laa...

  4. you have tons of high heel shoes! wish i can have those too :P

  5. you always look super gorgeous. i wish i can be like u (^___________^)

  6. Love the 2nd outfit!

  7. suke semuanya. dah dua tahun jd ur silent reader bru now brani komen. hehehe. i adore u sis. :)

  8. i always adore ur selalau susah nak cr kasut. i pakai saiz 3 usually..huhuhuh..saddd

  9. Wowww...semua cantik! I adore u babe..u just know how to put everything together n looking so nice without being so over! cantik! I love all ur bags n shoes and clothes!

  10. i love ur wardrobe, i love ur mirror and i love ur room! soooo girlish!

  11. Ello dear gojes..
    First time post a comment on your blog..i did email you reply so far..may be u kinda bz or something..its OK..i gotta to say, u look slimmer..huhuuu..siyess..keep it up babe!


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