Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It was time for her to go..

Sorry for the lack of updates in here..

I had a busy weekend attending events, so I didn't have time to update.. And on Tuesday, my only grandmother (my dad's side) passed away that morning. :(
So, the whole family were in Pahang that day and Wednesday. This was the first time I get to see the burial event.. Normally I won't be following people to the grave.. - I'm somewhat afraid to see the burial of the deceased or something... But now that she was my only grandparent who was left, I wanted to go and see how do people actually bury the janazah..

I must say, it was such a sad and eye-opening event..after hearing the talkin/prayers recited by the ustaz, I felt insaf and I feel like I wanna improve myself and be a good muslim! The age of the grave/barzakh world is soo scary, if you're not prepared and not a good/faithful muslim! We never know when is our time! So we all must strive to become a better and faithful muslim, inshaallah so we all could be in Jannah for eternity! (This is a reminder to myself too!)


Anyway, I'm very happy to hear from the maid who took care of my grandmother...that she passed away so easily. - On that Tuesday morning, after Subuh, she took her bath (she wanted to go shopping at some market called Pekan Sari in Lanchang, like her usual routine on Tuesdays). After she cleaned herself and getting dressed, she wanted to rest on her day bed while waiting for my aunty which is her first daughter, to pick her up.... But before she lie down, she said the kalimah  "la ilaha illallah" about 3 times and then she rest on the bed and sleep..andddd.....little that we know, it was time for her to go......
She was gone right after she sleeps..

She wasn't sick. She didn't have any sickness/disease at all throughout her 92 years. (Only fever or cough or something like that every other month) She was a very strong lady.

And when I saw her face that day, when we wanted to kiss a goodbye for the very last time before burying her, I saw that her face is somewhat...glowing! Like....there's nurWow...this is my first time seeing that kind of face of the deceased.. I hope she will be placed among the righteous and enter paradise by The Grace and Mercy of Allah. Amin

We will miss your lemang and your Pahang accent and also your melatah, Wan. May you rest in peace. Al fatihah.

Your Granddaughter.


  1. Takziah to your whole family.

  2. al-fatihah,
    senang nye wan pergi..
    sedih la nak puasa n raya..
    takziah ye wani..

  3. salam takziah, Alfatihah..muga roh Wan ditempatkan disisi hambaNya yg beriman

  4. Takziah to you and your family. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan sentiasa diberkati Allah. Amin.

  5. Sebak baca ni. Teringat arwah Wan.


  7. Dear wani,

    Not that "she died so easily" dear.. Its better to say "She passed away peacefully".

    Not a nazi grammar or what, I think it sounds inappropriate. :)

    Takziah for your grandmother.Al-fatihah...

  8. My condolences goes to you. I think Masri would also gve his condolences to you. May Allah reward you for being patient through this hard times.

  9. Al fatihah...salam selasa ada pekan sari..di lancang...:-)

  10. alfatihah utk nenek awak

  11. Al-Fatihah buat arwah Mak Ngah Hawa...


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