Monday, October 10, 2011

The Secret Life of Nora! AWESOME!!!

(Look at her shoes! It's yummylicious!)

I've seen the ads everywheree... posters and vids on cinema, etc, but haven't had the chance to see it yet, until last Saturday... tu pun sebab ada orang sponsored. heh ;p - Well..cuz I wasn't sure if it's going to be a nice movie or not...and I didn't want to burn my bucks just like that if it isn't so good... But was AWESOME! I didn't know Tiara got such a lovely voice! N such a talented woman!!! And not to mention, super hot too! hehe. I am sooooo going to watch it again for the second time...and this time, I'm so going to pay for it! hahaha ;p

To be honest, that was my first time watching a theatre. (the one I watched with my friends in my 3rd year in uni didn't count, as I did not get to watch fully (I sat on the floor - so can't really see) and plus, I wasn't focused 100% ). So yeah, now I know how awesome Tiara Jacquelina is... She's so gedix and cute... and yeah, now I know how awesome a theatre movie really is too!  haha. I am so lame! =_=' (Even the famous PGL pun I tak tengok pun lagiii! ---_____---) 

Anyways.. Here are some of the shots while I was in Istana Budaya watching the musical theatre The Secret Life of Nora..

They sing, they dance, they're happy. And they made me happy.

The first part of the show ended..and we had a break for 20 minutes..

...and the show ended! Time to take lotsa photos! hehe ;p

"Whoa...there's two spies behind this pillar! Hmm...I wonder whether I can fit behind it too?"

Ini korek hidung ke...or buat mcm pistol? LOL ;p

Oh...he's so pretttyyyy. haha..

Aznil was toooooo funny in the movie! I love him! He made me laugh my arse off! hehe

There were some merchandise for sale too! 

"Which one look good? White one or the brown one?"

Oh! I also met my readers there! Hello...errr...girls! Sorry didn't catch your name the other day! But nice to meet you girls! hehe ;p

Awesome actors and actresses

If you haven't watch it, do watch it guys and girls! It's really a nice movie! Tiara is too cute. And Aznil is too funny! And all the music is awesomeeee too!

I love it! ^_^



  1. wow.. i also never experience watching a theatre.. nampak mcm interesting ajerk!
    anyway wani, you look nice la.. pink and yellow really pop-up ur beauty and preety face.. ngehehee...


  3. combination of colour pink and yellow cantik sgt dear :)

  4. i kinda like ur fashion taste this time, it suits u dear!

  5. movie ke theater??


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