Sunday, October 23, 2011

Black, White..and a little Pink! :)

I'm in the middle of preparing some things for the tea party.. A little nervous. A little excited. And a little headache. haha. This is my first time preparing and planning a party..though it's just a small one, but handling it all by myself seem a bit errr....panicking and confusing? heheheh. ;p
Especially when I got a lot of things to do. There's work. There's a pet to take care of (Yes, I got a new pet now! hehe). There's traveling here and there. There's events to attend. And then there's a party to plan. Aiyohhh...hehee. I hope everything will turn out fine.

Oh well... why am I so nervous for? After all, it's just a small party. And it's just a gathering with my girls...right? It's not like there's gonna be a VIP or whoeverrrr...riggghhhhtttt? haha.. Ok, I need to stop panicking and start doing my things. And wrap the presents and whatever. Ok byeeee!



  1. jgn lupa tunjukkan hasilnya

  2. sweet!! tak sabar tunggu your cerita ceriti about the party nanti :)

  3. See u tomorrow wani. Thanks for the invite ;-)

  4. yes black with & pink good combination.. :)


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