Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Victorian-themed Tea Party

So my little tea party with my readers went well on Wednesday.  Thanks to all my little elves for helping me out! hehe. (Although I was really nervous at first, because it's my first party that I ever organized/planned for..but it all went well after that..... I think? hehe ;p)

So anyway, many thanks to this pretty girl,

.....for helping me out... Like, A LOT!!! Thank youuu Muna..hihihi ;p

I'm still editing/resizing the for now, let me just show you a snapshot of the party!

I hope everyone had fun! I know I was really nice seeing you girls! And I really wanna do this get together session some more! You guys are very sweet! Thank you for coming! ^_^

Will update later! Good night my little scones and cupcakes! ;)



  1. hi, muna is very beautiful. does she has a blog?

  2. alahai...sweetnya...congrats!!! :)

  3. your friend looks a like shila hamzah..awesome party.. wants to enjoy next time.. :)

  4. sad becos i cannot come :-s


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