Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don't Sweat It with Rexona!

A week ago, I was invited to attend an event by Rexona; "An Experiential Discovery of Sweat and Body Odour" and also had the privilege to watch an exclusive premier screening of Dream House movie, held in GSC One Utama! :)

So anyway, the purpose of that event was to actually enlighten everyone and raise awareness about the five causes of sweat and break myths about body odour! Because believe it or not, your body can generate a considerable amount of sweat even when you're just watching a movie or working/sitting in an air-conditioned office!

The event was kinda fun as we get to play around on their little playground.. and best of all, before the night ends, we get to watch a movie as well! (we were the first to watch that movie! ^_^)

And did you know....
  • Six out of ten Malaysians do not use deodorant! - Euwww ;p
  • 65% of Malaysians often joke about their friends’ body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it. - Oh, poor that person.. =/
  • The five causes of sweat (light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions) are inevitable in people’s daily routines and have a silent effect without them realising it!

So that night, Rexona has geared to offer the bloggers and guests to an experiential platform to uncover the five causes of sweat. There were five stations altogether, for the activities which were customised to signify the light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions...that could cause your body to sweat!

Number 1: Light Movement

There was a Kinect game station. I saw people were doing simple kicks, strikes and punches.. hehe. I didn't play though..

Number 2: Heat!

Next to it was a simulated setting of the beach with sun and coconut tree and hats and balls, etc. I saw people were taking polaroid shots at that beach! I want one actually, but I didn't join and pose for it! (Too shy, so many people!) haha ;p

Number 3: Stress

Number 4: Humidity

Of course, weather also plays a big role in sweating! And with our hot and humid weather in Malaysia, there is NO WAY that you will not sweat! But don't worry, "Use Rexona everyday! Nothing keeps you drier!", as they said! hehe

So while everyone was busy playing around on those little playground, me, Aizat and Azhar went to the food side to have some dinner! I was so starving..I just need my fooood! ;p

"Om nom nom nom..."

And then after he had our dinner, we were ready for the last part of the event!

The Number 5: Emotions

Do you know that emotion is one of the triggers of sweat? Some people sweat when they get nervous or surprised or worried or in a suspense mode or something.. so with that, Rexona presented us with the screening preview of Dream House movie! Yeayyyy! :)

Walking to the movie theatre..

Sorry, bad lighting! the look of this poster, it seems like it is a horror movie.. But well, not really actually! Just a bit suspense..which I like! hehe.. And it's a bit complicated too, but I really enjoyed the movie! (Although I had to annoy and ask Aizat and Azhar while watching it...cuz I was really confused! Haha. Oh mann....I'm always confused! Sorry guys! heee ;p)

Oh..and Rachel Weisz is soooooooo preeeetehhhh! Love her face! ^_^

Lastly, thank you Rexona and Edelman for inviting! And thanks for the goodie bags! Now I got lotsa stock for deodorant and will definitely going to be dry all day! hehehe. Thank youuu! ^_^


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