Saturday, October 1, 2011

She's in Our Blood...

Since I was little, wherever I go - to my mom's office, to the mall, at restaurants, etc.. I always get comment/compliment that my eyes are so big (for them its big I think, but for me it's really just.... normal - cuz I've seen bigger). Like there was this one time.. I still remember, I was 9 years old, in the elevator with my mom, then this Chinese aunty said to her friend with a very surprised look and voice,"Ohh..Look at her eyes!! It's soooo big!"... I could still remember the way she talk that if she had never seen people with 'normal' eyes with just a wee bit bigger eyelid. haha.. Then sometimes I received something like, "Besar nya mata akak. Takut saya. hehee". And the most annoying line ever, when there's a (rempit) guy who would use this line, "Awak...mata awak besar la. Cantik. Kita nak pinjam mata awak, boleyyy?" 

Euw. =_='


So anyway... Yeah. I got ermm.... big eyes I supposed? Hmm.. I guess I should thank my dad for that. hehe.. Cuz he's has the Afghanistan and Pakistan blood. And we all know they have big eyes.. So most of all the relatives of my dad's side has big eyes..  (My mom's side has Chinese blood, by the way - Her grandfather was a Chinese). 

So dad.....thank you dad for giving me the big eyes, and oh..not to forget, my M.A.C, Stila and Maybelline too, for helping me to enhance it. So thanks you guys! LOL ;p

Haha lameee! This is what I do, when I am soooooo bored last time! I played around with make up and looks. hehee ;p And this time, I was trying and experimenting to look like Arab, but I failed. Oh, definitely. I ain't got their nose. Pffft. So sad. hehe

So...this is what you get; a Malay (to the power of 4) + Afghanistan/Pakistan + Malay + Malay + Malay + Chinese + Malay + Malay + Dunno what other race + Malay + Malay + MAKE UP = Me. hahahaha ;p

Oh well...actually, when I became older, it seems like....the eyes are shrinking or somethingg.. and it doesn't appear that big punnn...that I had to get a little help from a thing called make up. Heeee ;p

Now..wanna see who's my great great grandparent who was from Afghanistan? Just recently we found her photo! Here it is!

The left one. Her name was Mehna or Munna or something.. She's my dad's great grandmother..

Oh, I would love to see all of her children when they were young. Must be as pretty as her.... =)

" do I make myself look like my ancestor? Should I wear like thisss? Is this "taliban" enough?"

Teehee. ;p

Cucu-cicit Munna ;p


  1. Funny la u..suka exaggerate! I don't think ur eyes r that big unless u jegil2 mata purposely like u did in ur pictures ur other pics in previous entries they look normal size je..

  2. i love ur eyes la....vry beautifullll

  3. there's Bugis from Wan's side too, if I'm not mistaken la (eh ke Acheh ntah..But I think Bugis).

    Bugis garang! That's where our keluarga "rimau" came from kot. lol

  4. bulat2 pun comel.. :)! hey..i loike your blog sis, luv it so much...keep writing ya..

  5. bestnya dapat tgk pics lama ur moyang..hidung dia mancung habis :)


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