Thursday, October 20, 2011

Care for a Cuppa?

Hi girls!!!

I've got an exciting news to announce! I'll be having a little tea party next Wednesday (on Deepavali day, that is!) as for my Blog Birthday Party - that I mentioned before and planned to do it earlier, but due to some reasons, I had to postponed it.

So anyway, this is just going to be a small gathering for my friends and my faithful readers, for all of us to enjoy some tea and English scones and whatnot, and to get together and have a little chit chat! hehe :) you wanna join us? It'll be dress up a bit and eat free food and take some photos and have a little fun! hehe. And no, you don't need to dress to kill like the picture below! hehe.. to join the party with me? =)

Err...can you read it? I hope you can! If you can't, please click on the picture to enlarge... =/

So this is the invitation card. I only invite about 20 people though. If you want to join us and dress up in ala Victorian-y or Vintage-y outfits and have a little fun with us, then do leave a comment just about anythinggg... with your email, below! I'll choose the lucky ones of course, as seats are limited! hehe ^_^

And yes, there will be freebies for you and an award for the Best Dressed! And maybe a little games with prizes too! hehe..

So if you didn't win last time, and would like to come to my little tea party, do leave me a comment ya! It'll be fun to see you girls! ;)

P/s: If you are clueless on what to wear, here's a little tip for "Victorian" related outfit..hehe.. - Ruffles, Pleated, Laces, Black, White, Velvet, Pearls, Feathers, etc etc! Just dress up in whatever you're comfortable with ya! No pressure at all! ;)

Ok...see ya!!!

The Queen ;p


  1. I'd be happy to attend your victorian little tea party! But I'm a shy type n I don't hv good outfits to wear to the party. But as Winnie the Pooh said, “You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes", so I guess it's time for me to socialize a bit! :) n most importantly, to get to know u better. Pick me!

  2. Oooh...if you dont mind being bombarded with questions and tips about fashions, makeups and every other thing..pls invite me as well..

  3. hi wani dear!i'd love to be a part of your tea party celebration :) first time i met you though not quite eye to eye was during the astro bbq party last year i think at sunway hotel.hopefully this time if i get chosen among your list of guest,we'll meet and get to know each other better then :)
    looking forward to see you,Rosey

  4. I can't think of a better way to have fun with you in a Victorian Tea Party.It can be as simple or as elegant affair you choose to make it. And I wish to add fun and atmosphere in your party. Oh I love Victorian Party!!

  5. I can't think of a better way to be part of your party. It can be as simple or as elegant affair choose to make it. And I wish to add to the fun and atmosphere to your invitations.Oh I love Victorian Party!!

  6. Dear Lady Shazwani,

    Your tea party is a glorious affair indeed and it is a great honour if I can be one of the guest. It would be meaningful to share the table with you while enjoying freshly brewed tea with scones on a beautiful afternoon. After all, we share the same birthdate, on Seventeenth of January although not in the same year. Anxiously waiting for your answer. Till then, adieu!

  7. sob sob Wani, this ain't my style T____T don't have victorian/dresses for this sob sob...... i hope u enjoy your tea party with your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this one big fan will be watching from facebook ^___^ post pics pls!

  8. i have sent u a msg on your email. do check ya!


  9. saya nak. teringinnnnnnnnnn sgt2 nak tgk u, wani. tapi saya malu :(

  10. i missed this event.. next time please shazwani do again.. :)


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