Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am a Grumpy Young Lady.



Remember this post? Well, I told you earlier, I've been using someone else's laptop since mine got crashed. Well, it was my dad's laptop to be specific.

And I swear to God while I was using it, I didn't press any unusual button, did not download any songs or videos or pictures or whateverrr at all, did not cucuk any thumbdrive, did not do anything else other than checking my emails - gmail and ymail, updating my blog, approving comments, checking my Facebook, updating my Twitter and only read those favourite blogs that I love so much. THAT'S ALL!!!!


And then, all of a sudden, while I was browsing through this particular blog, there were a lot of windows popping up.. (it was maybe about 8 times before the damn thing shut down completely)

I know it's a virus or whatever you guys called I just closed the windows..But it kept coming back and appear some more. So I just close it every time it appears. And at the same time, the antivirus thing keep on reminding me to renew it since it has expired. And then tiba tiba..the laptop shut down by itself and I cannot restart it at all. (Until now)

So of course I got freaked out. It's my dad's lappie! It contains a lot of private/confidential/important files and folders.


And then, tiba-tiba je after I told my brother (bcuz I thought maybe he can help me out..) but..turns out, he blamed me for it. EEEEE. Wey, I did not press any button la dammit! Plus, abah's anti virus dah memang EXPIRED pun! So it's not my fault ok! I REPEAT, I DID NOT CLICK, PRESS, PUSH, TEKAN, PICIT ANY BUTTON OR WHATEVER OK. THE THING JUST HAPPENED! AAAAAAA. I OFFICIALLY HATED MICROSOFT. AND SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHOEVER INVENTED THE VIRUS THING. Happy sangat la kau ye dapat rosak kan hidup orang lain.. Yeeeeesh. BODOH. BODOH. BODOHHHH! (ke aku yang bodoh..sebenarnya?)


Is there any ways I can get the documents/files/folders that contain in the laptop even though it cannot open/start at all?? Ishh. Please, help me out.. I'm desperado.

Please God..please help me.. I need my lucky charm right this second! Please give it to me!!! =(

P/s: to make it worst, my DiGi has been barred again! Ish. Now I have to use the Celcom number pulak. Tapi yang ni takleh main internet lebih-lebih.. Nanti orang tu marah. huhu.
haihh..Great! No connection at all for now! =(

Tolong Saya.


  1. hmm i think it's not what u press. main internet je dah boleh menyebabkan banyak virus boleh masuk our laptop. i didint mean to scared you, but dulu pun i dah penah kene. and bila pegi kedai, dia cakap kene format balik. ask your dad whether he backup his files or not..

  2. i think as long as hard drive tak kena rosak or kena virus, kita bleh recover balik all the folders n files.

    kena suruh org yg terer computer lah tlg tgkkan.

    dun blame urself. it's not ur fault pon..

  3. wani...awk boleh kuarkan hd dari laptop tu & transfer all the files guna external hd..unless ur hd is totally crashed..huhuh..

  4. Hi Wani.. worst come to worst try recovering the hardisk's content so that your dad's files can be saved.. i experience something even worst before, i spilled coffee on my thats truly my fault.. but good thing was that the content in the hard disk is recoverable.. unless the hard disk is corrupted the files can be saved..hope things go well :)

  5. wani,ur dad save all his doc dalam C drive or D drive?...if in D,insyaALLAH akan selamat if u format pn...i pn penah jd mcm a sudden ade la dalam 20 page kuar n comp hang..kalau jd mcm tu i off je comp.then bukak far x jd ape2 lg..hehe...

  6. try bukak guna save mode... ble on laptop tekan F9... then pilih save mode... then boleh r copy semua file2 yg rasa2 penting... cuba la try.. sori x reti nk xplain...

  7. Chill Wani..

    Every lptop got their own hard disk..

    Bring laptop to kedai komputer and they can save good damn documents for you..

    So good luck...

  8. stay calm...
    neway, what is ur father lappie brand?
    usually latest lappie will do back up automatically so that if anything happen the system will recover all the info/doc up till your last back up point. and it is advisable for you to go to specialist..

  9. cuba check kat kedai or someone yg expert..bole je u retrieve those items from hardisk even after the laptop cam kong

    good luck:)


  10. it can be recovered. u ask any of your friends yg terer pc for help la.xpayah pegi kedai nnti charge mahal gile. btw antivirus updated is really important.its REALLY2 risky if you surf the web without activating antivirus sebab kadang2 website yg normal pon ada virus. dunia it skarang dah maju. we must expect the worst. gudlack!

  11. hurm....can get the docs back but u need to become a MacGyver coz need to take out your dad's hard disk and turn it into 'slave' while connect it to another PC/laptop....huhu access your dad's hard disk from the PC/laptop and recover all docs...hope u understand what i mean =)

    Anonymous2 frm ur previous post ;)

  12. owh, i am ur silent reader.. banyak2 la sabar yek.. i know its hard tapi try la hantar kedai ke tanya camne nak wat, k? =)

  13. khrnnnadia2/12/09 7:36 AM

    yup, there's a way i think.
    tp only those yg tahu can do.
    i had mine done once!

  14. OK, here's what my husband tells me to tell you, it may or may not work but you can try right?

    1. Try turn on the laptop again and if it's ON, usually it'd give you an option. Select SAFE MODE, you can def get to the folders. A virus shouldn't stop you from getting to use this Safe Mode.

    2. If you have a copy of Operating System in a CD the same one as on your laptop, try doing a repair. When you insert the CD it'll ask whether you want to repair or install/uninstall. Select Repair.

    3. Install Ubuntu of free OS and use that to get to the Windows directory, this will also get to your files/folders.

    I hope this helps!

  15. Hi Wani,

    Kenapa tak tanya ur BIL(Rahz) dia kan expert in IT?

    Ok just to share with u apa I tau la..

    Ur computer dah kena Trojan.. Trojan ni memang ada dalam laptop u esp bila u cakap av dah expired

    nak retrieve file balik kena masuk from Bios.. f8 then amik safe susah sikit sebab nak trace dr prompt. nak baca line by line

    nak citer pun susah sebab benda tu bukan mata..

    bawak pi kedai komputer citer kat derang tapi jgn format kang hilang semua file...

    or simply ask ur BIL

  16. Oh pity u! sometimes too depends on high tech life also not a good thing..anyways, if let say your dads lappie total gone..cannot be ON..and ur dad needs all the details, here what you can do;

    1.) try to take out the hardisk, and plug in to other pc (well u might need to put it in external casing first before u can do it)..check whether it detect or not..

    IF LET SAY TAK DETECT..You may try this;

    1.) u balut the hardisk with anti static plastic then balut with masking tape..put it inside a fridge for one whole day..after a day, sejuk2 tu u terus plug in to pc..if detect try to do the scavenger..u can also use hdd installer to scan..

    well..that one kalau kronik sgt aa..but im sure the first option will do :) ..

  17. i call u wani la ok

    u said u tak penah klik/download apape kan from i conclude u jugak tak pernah install apape software lah kan.

    u tryla buat system restore

    start menu>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore

    then u klik dkt 'restore my computer to an earlier time'

    u choose lah tarikh memule u pinjam ur dad's lappy that it went back to normal,just like the condition your dad gave u in the 1st place..

    no worries,file-file sume takkan affected..believe me


  18. take out the harddisk .. boleh dapat all the documents .. coz everything in the HD .. bawak pegi jumpa any computer person .. they know how to do .. no worries :)

  19. same case like my lappy...what did i do? Jumpa doc lappy.ntah apa dia buat..then, I update my,ok!SO FAR!

  20. kan sllunya ada bckup file..kalau kne virus sampai x leh on. Just antar je kat kedai kalau kne format suh lah bckup file lama jadi x kan ilang hehe

  21. sabar ek..if it were me, i oso marah...btw,just linked ur blog hun!

  22. jangan pakai window. pakai linux mint. mmg xda virus at all plus the applications are so damn cool!!!

  23. hay... i luv u'r blog...^^ i'll follow u orite...

  24. Wani buleh diselamatkan insy fail2 tu, now ada software tu safe data utk kes pc jadi camtu. Haritu pc akak pon rosak camtu lepas windows yang sama pop up berpuluh2 kali. Sila hantar ke kedai repair pc berhampiran, dun worry! repair pon murah jer

  25. it's okla dear..

    hantar je kedai, bagi ext hardisk kt diorg suruh diorg save all folders yg ada dlm laptop tu..sbb diorg bule bukak harddisk tu(see bwh laptop)without On the laptop.


  26. oh poor you.the same thing happened to 2 of my colleagues. so, what they did was re-format the whole laptop and install a new anti-virus. but the bad news is all the files inside are gone. well, unless you dad had back-up it somewhere. or you can bring it to computer store then ask them to remove the harddisk (by opening the laptop), recover its content and then re-format. tapi yang ni i takleh gerenti yang file tu will be fully recover la. you have to ask the computer technician.

  27. You could try taking out the laptop hard disk, putting it in an external hd cover and connect it to another computer as an external drive. Just make sure to scan the drive before opening cos you don't want to infect the computer you're trying to view it on. Btw, get AVG Anti Virus, it's free :)

  28. wani, i had face this problem once,tapi pc office la. end up kena tukar pc baru and all files gone. sbb format few times pn tak jalan. virus still there.

    bukan nak takutkan U, either my IT guy tak reti fix the problem or maybe the virus itself mmg tak leh nak delete.

  29. hi,
    u can try to use handyrecovery software to retrieve all those deleted file

  30. Huuhuu, i don't know a single thing about these stuffs, sorry yea wanny. Hope you'll be fine :).

  31. get lah macbook, sure x de problem mcm ni...


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