Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera!

A week ago, before I went to Hong Kong, I posted this photo on my Instagram, telling you guys that I just got a new toy to play with! It's the Samsung NX 1000 Smart Camera! So today I'm gonna do a little bit of review about this awesome camera ok!

Here is what's inside the box. 

Now..let me be frank here. I'm not those girls who know a lot about camera. I only know how to point and shoot...anddddd that's all! haha. ;p All the terms for photography and cameras, I don't really know that much! And that's the reason why I was a bit skeptical to buy a DSLR camera last time because I thought it'll be such a waste of money for me, because I will only use the "Auto" button to take pictures, instead of actually using the rest of the buttons that are available on the gadget! haha. So I thought, a "normal" compact camera will do. Plus, I don't really like carrying heavy stuff inside my handbag! (I always carry my camera around in my bag, so this is the reason why I don't like fat, bulky, camera! ;p)

But when I got this camera the other day, and played around with it for a bit, I thought it is so awesome! Not only the color is so girlie.. but the design is sleek and simple/clean as well! And most importantly, it is very light comparing to a SLR camera - it weighs a mere 200gm! This camera is extremely portable and it is such a perfect travel companion! The color comes in white and pink by the way. And I definitely like the pink one! ^__^

Comes with an interchangeable lens and flash

The hand grip makes it easier to hold the camera while taking pictures

I gotta say, this Samsung NX 1000 camera takes great pictures! It produces images that rival those of any premium DSLR! I no longer need to edit my pics when using this camera! The easy-to-use interface make using the NX1000 pure joy! Even though the size is compact, but this camera gives amazing performance with its 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, high speed capture and fast auto focusing, that lets you take true-to-life pictures! The NX1000 also has a special i-Scene lens priority mode, which allows you to select the scene modes, six different Smart Filters and the intelli-Zoom function. Smart Filter 2.0 options make it easy to create special moods.

You can make your pictures or videos even more impressive by applying filter effects: Choose the Tilt & Shift Lens effect for a miniaturised look, the Vignetting Effect for striking contrasts, Half-Tone Dot for a comic-book look, and many more! With the Selective Colour feature, you can even choose the colours you want to emphasise.

The thing that I like the most about this camera is the Wi-Fi feature!!! Forget about bringing the right cable along or the memory card reader, etc. This built-in Wi-Fi lets you instantly share special moments with your friends and family directly from the NX1000 via Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, Email, even when you’re on the move! How cool is that?!

Also, the dedicated Smart Link hot key makes it easy to save photos you just took to any compatible smartphone, for even more sharing possibilities! Meaning, besides sharing your photos via all the social networks, you can also share it on your phone!

I posted this photo on my Facebook, just to try out the Wi-Fi feature! 

Anyway, here are some of the random photos I took during my holiday using this Samsung NX 1000 Smart Camera!

Night scene


Smart mode

Vignette effect

Old Film

Fish Eye

Smart mode

Black and White

Here's in summary why you should own this cool camera!

  • It has a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • It has the built in Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Has the Smart Link/MobileLink hot key for you to easily share your photos with your friends and family
  • 1080p Full HD Stereo Movie Recording
  • Smart Auto 2.0
  • Has a 3.0” LCD

The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 is the most affordable of the NX range at RM 1999

To find out more about the NX1000, visit this site!



  1. OMG! I want this Cameraaaaaaaa!

  2. love it! :)

  3. Should never leave your lense detached with no cover that way. it will ruin both your camera and your lense. dust will be trapped in it. just sharing.

  4. pink! bler baca entry nie rase macam nak beli tros camera nie dek.. hehe

    visit blog akk ye.. http://langitbiruitu.blogspot.com/2012/12/chocolate-party-promo-2013-d.html

    thanks.. :D

  5. i just got mine last week (pink one lol)! i must say i love this camera!

  6. Hi, Guys.Jacqueline here. Just wanted to tell those whoever really love this Camera . Because I'm Selling IT !. Reason is, now i would like to buy a Go Pro action camera, so gonna sell my lovely old PINK Samsung NX 1000 at RM 1999. Of course you get to negotiate the Price. Just call me/ SMS me 014-2374112 OR E-mail me. jwmj95@hotmail.com . For more information or ask why, am i selling such a high price. ^_^ Cheers


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