Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thank you Utusan Malaysia! :)

When I was a teenager (around 14 to 15 years old), I've always dream of appearing on a cover of a magazine or something! HA HA ;p And little did I know, 10 years later, I appeared on a national newspaper! heheh. Well, nothing big...nothing really special about it, but I really can't believe that just by blogging, I can make it into a local newspaper! O__o

Last Saturday (12.01.2013), I appeared on our national newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, on the front cover of their .COM section, for the "Blogger Pilihan" column. They called me about a week before the publish date, to interview me. At first I thought like..umm...what do they want to interview about la? I'm not thatttt interesting, and I'm not a big blogger like other celebrity bloggers pun kann.. So what is it that they wanna know la, I thought to myself. But well, they said they find my blog interesting, and they wanna know more about, who is this Shazwani Hamid la, etc. haha.. 

So I said yes to it although I was given like....just a few days to prepare myself for it! Please note that I am usually very shy and always nervous when talking with strangers (that is more than two, usually), but because I thought I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and just do it and experience I accepted it, and did it anyway! ;) 

And I'm glad I did it actually! (Although I don't really like my pictures in there...cuz I think I look weird. LOL ;p) But well, it wasn't that hard.. I mean, Thank God there were only two people who came that day - the reporter and the photographer. So yes, I can talk naturally. haha. (I'm really a shy person..and always so nervous with strangers, but that day...I was really fine! Probably because the reporter and the photographer is soooooo cool and nice, which made me feel so comfortable! ^___^)

Actually, the day before the photo shoot and the interview with Utusan, I had another interview on Saturday that week. That one was from TV9. So basically, that whole week I was fidgeting all the way since I got that phone call from TV 9 and Utusan since Tuesday till Friday! haha. Shooting back-to-back on a weekend! - I was so worried about everything... my pimple, my fat, my outfits, my make up, my talking skills, like would I be able to explain clearly, anddd everythinggggg! haha. Suddenly everything seemed to be a big problem to me! haha.  But when the day comes, it wasn't that bad pun, actually! - OK, maybe a little bit nervous for the TV9 interview, but well, this two experience, has actually made me learned something.... - That I really should stop my negative thinking patterns in my head, which constantly worried about anything and everythinggg, being the shy girl that I am kannn.... And to actually start educating my mind to think more positively, and that it will all be okay! hehe.. ;p

Anyways...enough on explaining a little bit info about me and my shyness..haha. Here's the article that came out on Utusan last Saturday! ;)

Thank you Utusan for choosing me to appear on your paper. You guys rock! You made my day when the moment I went to a petrol station that morning to fill up my fuel, and saw my face on the newsstand that day! hehe. So thank you for making my day! ;)

Shazwani Hamid.


  1. Wahhh. Gojesss. Tahniahh.. akhrny impian tcapaiii. ;)

  2. ye laa wani dapat masuk utusan nur rasa mmg dream semua org kan ..but yaa you look nice :)

  3. memang Wani bkn org sombong. bangga sbb ada kawan alam maya mcm wani. ;)

  4. Congrats Wani.


  5. congratulations Wani!
    You deserve it. Suka baca blog ni. Keep on writing ok

  6. Wow congrettss dear..

  7. congrate!!


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