Sunday, January 6, 2013

What a Weekend!

I had an exhausting but awesome weekend! Lotsa activities I did! - My normal weekend would be chilling at home if I don't have any events to attend...or just hang out with my friends, go makan or something. But last two days, it was kinda different than my normal routine...I was kinda busy going here and there..But it was really fun.. I love it when my day is full with activities! - But I hate the part where my body aches every where later on! haha ;p

So anyway, on Saturday I got the experience of shooting with TV 9 in the morning, and then two weddings to attend in the afternoon and at night. Meeting my ex-school mates and uni friends was really really awesome!!!! Every one looked so different and grown up but still the same funny character! ^___^

Anyway, then the next day on Sunday that is, I had an interview with our local newspaper, Utusan Malaysia from morning till afternoon in Bukit Bintang! Then, later in the evening I went out with my best buddy Zeam, to catch up and chill..And then at night, I went out for a body massage and dinner with my family.

Pheww.. What a weekend! hehe

Interview session with the reporter from Utusan Malaysia. This guy is very friendly and nice....- and I hope he got my stories/words right! hehehe ;p
(According to him, it will be published next Saturday. And I'm quite nervous to see it actually! hehe..)

Photo shooting in public for the first time! haha

Safiyyah TV 9 Interview, on Hobbies and Interest topic.. 
I was nervous like hell! LOL. I'm not a word person actually. I get nervous whenever you ask me to talk! haha. I'm more like a typing person! heheheh ;p
Am not sure how was the outcome, but at least I have faced my fears, and did it anyway! hehe

My #OOTD and #WIWT for weddings!

Wearing my favourite color, the mint green. A dress from Nurita Harith and a Ferragamo clutch.

Met all my high school and university friends at Dina's wedding reception! It was really really nice!!! A lot of laughter and FUN that night!!!

We've all grown up!!!! Some just got married...some already engaged, and some are mommy-to-be!!! 
Oh man...25 is such a turning point for an old age! Okayyy.....I'm using the wrong word here. It's mature, Wani. You're not that old! (hahaaa..In denial! ;p) 
Ishh...dah tua dah aku rupanya..haha ;p

Will upload more pics soon! I have a lot of pending work to do now! Tata..see you later!! ;)



  1. Hi Wani,

    For the first time ever, I see too many pregnant woman in these photos :)

    Hopefully i am the next in line to be preggie especially after spotting so many of them in this entry.


  2. @miza yusof @nadya bubble: thank youu! it's my fave jugak! hehe ;)

    sally: inshaallah! :)

  3. Love your blog! You are very cantik :) much love from Australia! Xx

  4. Hai Wani.. Remember me? Ur story kuar esokkan? Jangan lupa beli paper Utusan esok! Hehe.. :)


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