Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Weddings and Reunion

Hi girls! Sorry for the silence. I was busy with TV 9 and Utusan Malaysia shooting last week, and also had some activities going on during the weekends..thus, no time to blog! Heeee

So anyway, 2 weekends ago, I was invited to attend my ex-high school + uni friend's wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda. Dina looked so pretty that night! I love her dress! So elegant!

I didn't take lotsa photo of the wedding though. I was too busy having fun with the rest of the girls who were there! hehe. I mean, just imagine the excitement of seeing your old friends! - It has been almost 10 years of not seeing my high school mates! Everyone looked so different, so matured...but yet still the same somehow! hehe.. Some already pregnant, some with the kids...some just got married...and some on the way! hehe.. And also, I've seen half of them already wearing a hijab! Alhamdullilah...I'm so happy to see them! (These are the girls who used to be so sexy and hot last time! heheheh.. And now..everyone looked so beautiful adorning the hijab! ^___^)

Oh mannnnn. This is it, huh? I am reaching to thattttt era where everyone in your world has a family...and becoming mommies and daddies already! Goshh..I feel so grown up! haha =/

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Look! Fafa is pregnant already! 
I remember attending her wedding in May last year, or something... (can't really remember when's the exact date!) and now, she's 8 months preggie! Congratulations darling! ^___^

With the two gorgeous ladies...Atikk and Annur. The girl in brown is Bagutta's owner. hehe.. I remember, back then she always have the nicest Baju Kurung! And Annur's color is so pretty too!

By the way....I think tall people should never wear high heels laaa! You guys are making me look like a hobbit here! hahah. Oh well, but Atikk is already really tall, and she didn't wear heels pun. Even my 6 inch heels can't compete with her height! Oh darn, I'm such a shortie! >__<

These are my high school friends! 
We are from the awesomest Sekolah Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur yawwww! ;)

Oh, this pic! I remember Aimi, who took this photo that night, said "Okayy...yang lain tunjuk perut, tapi Wani sedut perut!" Ahahahahaha. That girl always has the funny things to say! hehe

With Yanie, Aimi and Shida..

Okayyy..this girl is not from the same high school that I went. hehe. Met her in UIA. The first person to say hi to me back then! Gotta love this girl! ;)

With Aimi, Alia and Shazila

This girl feeling-feeling pengantin! eheheheh ;p

....and this girl too! Ahahah. 

With Dina the beautiful bride!

These two used to be my roommates back in UIA!

Cantik kan, her dress?

Congratulations again, Dina and Jep! May you both live happily ever after! eheheheh. ;)



  1. When is your turn ? :p

  2. Dear Shazwani,

    been your silent reader for quite a long time and i am very much interested to ask u some things. Tho this post/ comment might not be related (at all) to this present post, but I'm not sure how else to ask you for some advice.

    Firstly, I'd like congratulate you for your appearance on last weekend's utusan. U look fantastic!

    Secondly, I need your advice on some travel matters. I'll be going to Singapore in a week or so, I need to ask you as to what are the good affordable beauty products/ things I can get in Singapore? I am very much interested to purchase some lush products, but am not sure where I should be heading in Singapore to get them.

    Are there any good places in Singapore to shop? i know people always do say that Singapore is a great place to shop, however, due to my recent visit in Salvatore, in which some customers in the store were passing comments on how expensive items are in Singapore as compared to Malaysia, makes me wonder even more.

    Further, can you suggest me any good/ romantic places in Singapore to just hang out at?

    Thank you, so much Wani!

  3. meriahnyerr uolss.., ehhHe

  4. You looks all good. the gown wear in royal blue color looks fantastic. You know this is my favorite color.

  5. hey! you all looks very gorgeous. But the lady in royal blue color looking fantstic> ilike this color and your gown also.


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