Sunday, January 27, 2013


So I had allocated some of my free time to do the hijab tutorial video as requested by you guys... But unfortunately my darlings, nowwww....the recorded video is giving me a hard time! - the audio and video are out of sync!!! And it's reallllly hard to edit it! Ishhh...I'm so sad! >__<

I tried recording the video three times now on my PhotoBooth and every time I'm making a video through it, the audio and video is out of sync! Haih... Anyone knows anything about this and how to fix it?? tskk. I'm SO sad and annoyed with this! Because now it means I have to do it again! - It's either I'll edit this video dengan sepenuh hati dan perasaan sabar, or.... I will just have to make a new one, using other camera that I have because my PhotoBooth just doesn't seem to like me anymore! Sigh. :(

Tapi...Both pun require a lot of time! So bear with me ya..for those who have waited for this video for months... Because you will have to wait a little bit more! Heee ;p (By the way, please know that this is just a really simple video. And it's the oblong scarf tutorial, anyways. - I will do the square scarf next! ^__^ )

Ok, have a great week ahead! Take care!

P/S: I was on TV 9 today! hehee. It's so weird seeing yourself on TV bcuz I always see myself typing/reading. haha. That's why nowww, I'm gonna go and make another video by myself so I will be a bit familiar seeing this Cik Wani in motion. hahah ;p

Cik Wani.


  1. Maybe tak perlu bersuara ok kot :) just nnt edit je instruction kat bottom tu. Pastu masukkan je lagu as background music. That wont susahkan akak. hehe. kita buat tuto guna cara tu la.

  2. Saya tengok Wani kat Safiyya semalam. :) - Wawa

  3. its ok wanie just enjoy you day ok dear take care :)

  4. Tahniah Wani. Tengok Safiyya semalam.Hiks!

  5. Dik,

    betul, maybe takyah ada suara..just letak caption jer apa yg nak kene buat...

    best of luck..can't wait :)


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