Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Salmon Sisters

Out with this lady last Sunday. 

We had an event to attend. So after the event, we went for a makan session at a japanese restaurant in Pavilion. We both love japanese..salmon, especially! We share the same taste in fashion as well as food too! hahaa.. I guess our mother taught us well! haha. So anyway, since it is my birthday month, my sweet sister decided to treat me that day! Yeayyyy...thank you kak long! ^____^

So what did we had??? Oh well....I was so starving, so I decided to ruin my diet (again), and ordered a heck amount of salmon menu on our table! hihihiiiii... (and later my trainer scolded me because he saw my Instagram pic! Pffft. I knew, I shouldn't post my food pic on Instagram. I forgot I have a stalker ;p)

Gosh......I love salmon. I could eat salmon for a year! Yes, nothing but salmon and salmon! hehee

So we did a lot of catching up and gossiping over there. LOL. The things women do when they gather! haha. Hanging out with the sister is fun, especially when we both have the same taste in fashion, foods and opinions on certain topics! hehe.. She did a lot of shopping too that day. Too bad my paycheck is not here yet, otherwise I can join her as well! Oh, but then again, these days I feel like I don't know what else to buy already, except for buying a house! haha. Then again, that one requires a lot of money! And I can't buy it just yet! So...really, I don't know what to buy these days! HAHAHA ;p

I mean, my wardrobe is about to explode.. There's not enough space to hang my clothes anymore, and I keep on having to buy new hangers for new outfits that I was so itching to buy jugak-jugak! And I have enough bedsheets for my bed already, enough shoes... and my make up is not expiring anytime soon, and I have quit buying bath/body and skin products that I knowww, I'm not really gonna use! haha. So instead of buying another pair of pants or a leopard printed tank top or whatever, I got myself some sanitary pads and tissues that day. - The things I really need right now! LOL ;p

It's nice having a big sister! Tapi teringin jugak nak ada adik perempuan! hehe..

Anyway, the thing that people would ask me these days would be this magic question: "Bila nak kahwin?" hahah. This sister especially! LOL. She's too excited for a big event like that I guess! Hmm..She can't wait to be my maid of honor, I suppose? hehe.. Oh, I'd be delighted to have her as my MOH! ;p 
But anywayss...well, getting married is not as easy as Bruno Mars said it. - Cuz it requires A LOT of things to consider, especially when you had an experience of "almost" getting hitched to the wrong one! hehe. So...things like this you reallllllly can't play-play, right?! hehe. I mean, you gotta be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc well-prepared! And honestly...I'm not sure whether I am one hundred percent prepared for all that! Heeee.  So, now.....let's just chill. And stop asking me the cute question, because I really don't know what God has planned for me! Kalau dah jodoh, takkan ke mana, right? hehe ;)

Anyway, why are we talking about this, la? haha. Ok I'll stop. Maybe I'll continue blabbering about that in another post ;p

Yes...we're romantic like that.
Tengah hujan pun nak camwhore ;p

Love you, my sister! And thanks for treating me lunch/dinner that day! Hang out soon k! ;)

Your youngest and awesome sister ;p


  1. Mana ada aku shopping byk la. I only bought 3 items from Sephora. That's all :p

  2. gosh. you sisters look alike! i wish i have a sister. =D

  3. u look so vibrant in that yellow dear.
    nak cari this kind of color jugak la...
    u really inspired me tau.

    -silent reader : malyn-

  4. OMG...your elder sister ke? cantik and so sweetnya dia. I ingatkan adik you. Comel sangat, lembut je wajah dia :)


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