Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haikal's way of Greeting the Chicken!

Oh my nephew is sooooo cute! My nephew, Haikal (1 year ++) isn't afraid of anything at all. Not even cockroach, or lizards or insects or whatever at all. He is one tough guy! So cute okayy! There was this one day where he killed an insect with his foot and showed to his Abang (Hariz)..tapi Abang dia pulak yang jerit2 hysteria, sebab takut..LOL

And anyway..on our first day of Raya, my family and my second sister, Hanis went back to my dad's hometown/kampung.. So there were a lot of chickens and cats and etc all around the kampung.. You know la kan, suasana kampung.

So Haikal got really excited when he saw the chickens, and wanted to explore more about it! Dia asik kejar the chicks to catch it.. I guess, he wanted to make some rendang ayam kot...LOL ;p
So anyway, my dad caught one for him...and surprisingly, he was trying to kiss that poor hen that my dad got for him! hahaha.. Although it's dirty and unhygienic, but it was so cute and funny... ^_^

Watch the video below to see him held the chicken, play with it, pulled the beak, touch it (and I mean he touched everywhere! - The beak, the eye, the body, etc) and even tried to kiss it! haha. So funny!

Haikal's mom said if he likes/loves something, he'll kiss it! So I guess..this is Haikal's way of showing his love towards the poor little hen... Or maybe he just wants to greet her and say hello by doing that! hehe. Cute guy!

P/s: Don't worry, the boys dah mandi bersih2, lepas pegang the chickens..hehe



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