Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sigh... Another Impostor!


Sometimes I get a message, people telling me..some bloggers "steal" my photos, and claimed it's theirs. Like taking my stationary collection photos, my accessories stuff, my make up collection, my shoes collection and et cetera.. Haihh.. Well, as much as I don't like that, (because you know.... at least put some credit for me la.. - I took my time to snap the photos, and then to transfer it into my laptop..and then to edit and resize it, etc... And lastly, to upload it in here some moreee, so the least you could do, is to watermark my name on the picture you took, or give some credits to me larr..) Right? But well.. These days, I don't know why I just don't want to do or say anything about it.. Maybe sebab I terasa macam funny je orang-orang macam ni, pretending to be someone else..and lying to their friends and family, and strangers/readers about their stories/life..  So I guess, the reason why I don't want to say anything just yet..cuz I don't want to spoil the fun and just wanna keep on reading and see what's next, that they are going to lie and say! hehehee ;p (It's like..this is my own joke, that I keep to myself... Heeeeee ;p)
I mean, is not threatening me or my family... even though, it IS annoying sometimes, seeing these fake people... But...Hmm..entah lah...

But when I found out about this thing the other day, I just couldn't keep quiet anymoreeee. Because really, I think when it involves 'people', it is REALLY a serious case already.. It's scary. It's freaky. It's threatening.

Like, my sister's case. Seriously, she copy-pasted everything, bulat-bulat and claimed that our family is hers!! (But changed our names, of course). She's living in a delusion! That psycho girl is sooo freaky! Knowing that she was my sister's ex-roomate tu yang lagi scaryyyy!! tskk.

And now... the case that I just found is... me.

Someone tried to be me. Well...the person didn't exactly change names like that psycho girl did, but  instead, she use my name (only spelling is different) and took a lot of my photos from this blog, and pretended she is me, on Facebook.

Well at first, I think it is not really such a big deal...I mean, that is still my face, and it is still my name.. So basically he/she is just making another account for me. So I thought nothing to worry about lahh..and just wanna keep quiet like I always do..
But..then, after much thought.. I really think I should make an action about this. It's threatening and it's kinda bothering me.  The person could do anything with the account, and my life is on the line!!

It's scary and freakyyyy okayy?!

Wanna see? Here's the FAKE SYAZWANI'S (with a Y) account on Facebook!

Now let's see...what did the person put on his/her page....

Hurmmm..... Her hometown is in Kampung Kabong Sarawak? Hmm... yadda yadda yaddaaa.....Worked in CIMB. Schooled in SMK Kabong (Where the heck is thattt?). Graduated from UPM Serdang... bla blabla.... Hmmm.... Nope, all of these are not ME! (Btw, look... she made an album for that Fashion Valet event that I attended last few weeks..Pffft)

Okay...let's move on,, what else does this person wrote...

Now this is my favourite part....

None of these are my favourites! Musics, movies, etc...NONE!
Siti? haha. I only like her make up. Not her music. And Avril? Well.. I only listen to her songs, but not make her my idol/favourite! And Sheila On 7? Hmm...I only like one song. (And I forgot the title! So that does not really count as "Favourite" la, kan?!) ;p

And moving on to the "Movies" section.. Hurmmm..... Of all the movies he/she listed above, I have only watched one movie among those!! So yeahhh... Favourite lah sangat kannn.... Pffft.

So nope. That does not sound like Shazwani Hamid with this real face at all!! -_-"

Next...the "Favourite Television" section, none of those sound like me!!! CSI? Never watch! Dr. House?  I don't have Star World channel anymoreee. SpongeBob? For cartoons, I only watch Disney's cartoons. And blablabla......seriously, none of those are my fave channels!

And the interesting part... The "Games"... hmm... Badminton and Futsal, ey?? HA. HA. You've got to be kidding me! The last time I play badminton when I was 11, and then I stop because I was injured and swore to myself that I would never play sports anymore (because I keep on getting scars and injured and what not). And Futsal? Well... I did play once dulu - If you count as dressing up in a sports attire in pink and putting on a matching trainers with your "sports bag", and only went into the court for like 3 minutes, and run from the ball (cuz you were scared of getting injured), and ended up watching your friends play futsal while you eat Mister Potato, as playing futsal lahh..... ;p

Hmm..anyway, by looking at this person's information... I don't know why... I sense that this person is a HE. Just look at his fave TV shows.. his Movies, his activities...
I mean....  I think,most of my readers or stalkers (heh ;p) in here are mostly women righttt...and this is a girly blog... But none of those things that he put up...sounded girly. At least in my eyes....

Oh my.... If it's a HE, it'll be much much much moreeeeee scarier!!!!

I mean... who would do such thinggg....and steal people's photo (or and pretend that it's theirs??

This is patheticly sickkk.... =(

Oh look... there's an album for "Balik Hometown", curik from my entry that I balik from Saudi! Pfffft. Hmm... I wonder...what was on his/her mind la...

Seriously. I REALLLLLYY wanna know! (He even put up my dad and my sister's photo!!!! >_<)

"Okay... Apa lagi aku nak ambik eh.. Gambar mana yang interesting eh... Jom scroll lagiii.... Hmm.. nak ambik gambar yang ni lahh... Konon-kononnya aku balik Kampong Kabong aku ni, naik MAS lah.....  *few minutes later*  ..... Okayy... done! Yeayyy..bestnya, best nyaa aku naik MAS!!"  haha ;p

"Okay..gambar pergi event dah. Gambar "aku" balik Kampong Kabong pun dahhh. Gambar apa lagi ehhh.... Hmm... Haaa....gambar aku nak pergi beli spek la pulakkkk.."



Haihhh... Maybe he/she was just wanted attention kot... Or maybe this is just a sick joke that he/she intended to do for me... Hmmm.. whatever your reason is, mister/mistress whoever your REAL NAME is.... PLEASE delete the account immediately! I have made what I should do..and will take this case seriously. Take an action to close down that account, or I will! the mean time, to my readers, can you please do a favor for me by helping me to report it to Facebook admin.....

Just click at the bottom left side button (below your "Friends" icons), the "Report/Blocked This Person" button... And click "This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake"...and select "Someone that I know", and insert my name... Shazwani Hamid

Thank you so much guys!!! I would really really reallllyyyyy appreciate thissss!!!!!!!

*big hug!!!*

P/s: I really should start watermarking all of my pictures kannn? Haihh... -_-"



  1. Haiyaaa, gila punye oranggg. Maybe budak budak baru nak up kott.

  2. pity u girl..

    i think u should better watermark ur pic..scary dowh!

  3. mom of luqman13/4/11 5:28 PM

    i think this people have a lot of times to do those things. like..byknye masa ko nk create acc, upload gmbr, update info bla bla bla..acc sendiri pn mls kdg2, ini kan nk buat another acc that claiming its yours..*rolled eyes*

    manusia ni mcm2 la..

  4. i made the report too! biar padan muka dia...huhu

  5. oh my!!!pls la darling...pls watermark ur photos...but then again, its no use watermarking ur photos if the impostor is pretending being u...aite?ehehehe i guess, imitation or i guess in ur case, impostor is a form of flattery?eehehe naaaah...will report it now..!!btw my fren pon kena cmtu only that this person using her photo and gedix gila ngan guys..walhal my fren tuh da kawen...pastu dok add kitaorang yang mmg true fren of shazreeyana ni..erk~ silap la...

  6. helo shaz, that's really are not 1st blogger yg i jumpe jd mcm ni..scary sgt..u memang kene watermark kan gambar..watermark tgh2 so that die takley edit/or crop the watermark..

    bersabar yea, budak comel mmg selalu ade stalker :p

  7. hehehe.. comel je dunia bila wujud org2 fake mcm gini

  8. hi wani,

    just to inform u that i dh report kan sekali, but i can't select "someone i know" as we are not friend2 at fb. so i can only choose "does not reflect the real person" tu.

    Anyway, hopefully it will end quick, and do take care, knowing someone else is stalking u can be very very dangerous.


  9. haisyoo.. zaman sekarang mcm2.. takutlah dik..
    nnt akak tolong reportkan kat facebook gak k..

  10. owh dear....scary okeh mcm tu. take care dear, takut stalker sejati dia ni

  11. i've experienced that too. just once. tekejut sgt cos my husband who discovered it at facebook. my family members and close friends reported the fake account n alhamdulillah fb closed it after 2 or 3 weeks later.

  12. luckily u dah make report...hopefully this person tak kaco u lagi...

  13. being a famous person tak mudah... aiyooo

  14. wanie

    kalo akak x few trick to add into our blog--x not allowed to RIGHT CLICK--means x way to copy /save ur picca..mungkin wanie leh try nanti..sorry xtau apa nama widget tuh..serious shocked baca entry ni!!kesian wanie..

  15. she/he only have 18 friends? lol

    my senior's pic, got stolen too. she is sooo pretty. so the impostor stole her pics and start making friends with bunch of guys(retarded one, checking pretty girls profile to woo them) out there. she even replied to comments like "hi awak comel lah" etc.

    i guess your life just so amazing, people do want to be like you.

  16. isshh mcm2 dorg ni kan, plis lah nak jd fakers la hape laa, kelakar giler!

    nyway, sbb tu penting watermark kat any of our pics kt blog ni,in case xdelah org curik pic kite, u lepas ni pape pic u make sure put the watermark there ok? ;)

  17. May be she wants yo be like you but she just can't afford to have such luxury. I think, you should make all of your pictures secured. I don't know how to do it, but people can't right clicked on any of your post & pictures.

  18. you should watermarking...i never thought between the fun you had when blogging, it will be scary also... - My Ras

  19. As salam...peminat fanatik you tu Wani...btw what happen to your sister's blog, I mean Hanis. not available anymore?

  20. hai! i'm one of ur so-called stalker..ekeke..betol dik, akak rase awak kene watermark gambar2 adik.diorg (ramai kot) ni pathetic tol! (emos...ekeke). ha, tu je nak cakap.

    akak stalker

  21. I dah buat dr semalam ms bc status u kat facebook...(winkz)

  22. salam...

    was ur silent reader all this while.. i've tried searching for this girl's page on FB but couldn't find her..

  23. Hi Wani,

    I've been a silent reader but i feel that I need to say something here. I have the same thot -- that a guy is behind this fake account of yours. I think the reason why people do this is because its always easier to be a "lady" when requesting to be friends with people he doesnt know (or people that he want to stalk). I think the motif of putting up pictures of you and family is so that 'she' looks normal and not threatening to the strangers in 'her' friends list. This is dangerous as people put up a lot of personal information and photos in FB, and once 'she' get hold of this information, they get the power (like in this case) and can do a lot of things with it. Just be careful ya!

  24. wany.. seriously pathetic person yg buat mcm ni.. btw, u should watermark ur pictures long ago... huhu.. btw, org ni peminat u agknye.. tapi ada masa plak dia update kat fake fb account u kan..erk

  25. dah takde keje agaknya orang itu ye?

  26. kesian u, orang pames macam U, memang akan ada jeee orang nak dengki kan ? hiiii / sabar tauu

  27. Done reporting that person on FB!

    Btw roommate aku yg copycat tu pun pernah buat Friendster account, pretending to be me tapi letak nama Izah. She even took my pics when I was small, siap reply "thanks" kat komen2 yg ckp "dia" cute. haha. lawak dol ;p

  28. Dear, I've reported to FB that this person is pretending someone I know and I was asked to tag whom he/she pretended.

    I believe you will be receiving a message in a while with the message to report this profile, hopefully this account will be closed with numbers of report.

    Take care :)

  29. omggg..this is sickkk!

  30. psycho betul. hope the fake account will be closed by the FB admin

  31. hmmm...orang tu xde keje kot..tu berani buat macam tu...

  32. Know what? It happened to my younger sister too, twice!! That fake girl created profile using my sister's info & photos on FS & FB. The worst thing is she even chat with some of my sister's friends!!!

  33. OMG..minah ni tak de kerja ke..rajin die pikir how to pretend to be u kan...camni punyer org pon ade...may b life die too miserable kot n she likes to be you...huhuhu


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