Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out and About with My Girlfriends!

These girls were one of my close friends in high school. They are Hui Shing and Yvonne. (Go view her blog, it's awesome!)

So last Saturday I had a great day hanging out with these girls in Bangsar! Had a little catch up, a little shopping, and a little dessert hunting

And we had our lunch in Papparich. 

....Oh! And a little cam whoring too! hehehee (Girls will be girls! ;p)
This is Hui Shing by the way.. And the other pretty girl is Yvonne..

Next, to Bangsar Village mall! ^_^

Hui Shing, the LV lover ;)

Ahhh.... Such a lovely day! Girls, we should do this often ya?! Can't wait for our next date! And ohh...we should do some girlie stuff la, next time! Like manicure/pedicure? Or... going to the salons ke?? It'd be so fun!! What say you? hehe

P/s: I think I found my shopping buddies now, since my other friends these days are always so busy! hehehe ;p

P/ss: My kaki heeled already! Thanks for the lovely wishes!! Love ya!! Mmuacks!



  1. i thought i saw u wrote in twitter that u dont like to see people wearing "loose style tudung/hijab" and only applicable if you're going to the market??

  2. wany...mcm xseseuai je that scarf style dgn you...mcm nak xnak pakai je...lgpun still nmpk rmbut you kan...
    no offense yeah..

  3. Hello adik Wani sayang..

    May I know where did u bought ur baju tu? It looks nice and it's this season color..glad if you could share..thank you!

  4. wah nampak lain pkai kaler oren tau
    yang penting nampak nice jaa

  5. wani, i do love reading your blog.. tapi sejak akhir2 ni wani berhijab tak proper la..why?
    wani ikon pada gadis moden yang berhijab..kekalkan yang baik ok!

  6. wa...fesyen tudung baru !

  7. wany nieeeeee...bagi lah stail macam mana punnn... tetap nampak cantikkkk! jeles nyeee..i really wish i can be like u, girl.. always know how to wear things and whats look good on u.. hmm..bestnyaa..

  8. nurul: true. well.. maybe our definition of "loose style" is different :)

    anonymous: nope, dont worry..none taken! btw, thanks for your opinion..will improve more ;)
    (n yes, if u browse through most of my pics, my "inner" will always somehow droop a little, causing to make all my "baby" hair to show.. i guess the weight of my hair is the cause that makes it droop, no matter what inner i wear - I got thick n "heavy" hair, btw)

    mrs syakir: thanks! u can find it in zara ;)

    cik nur: thank u!

    mrs adnan: thanks for your comment dear.. But...ermmm... icon? Erkk.. since when? hee.. Seriously, no, I'm not.
    Okay..firstly.. Well, im only a small blogger la.. I'm not Hana Tajima or Norjuma or whoever it is.. Nor am I trying to be one. I'm only a normal girl...who lives a normal life.. Not trying to be an icon or anythinggg in here...heee ;p
    Secondly, I memang macam ni la dear.. I know, and I admit, I'm not those girls yg bertudung litup habis. (At least, not yet). Bukan sejak akhir2 ni jer.. Cuma, I choose to upload/publish them or not. Tu jer.
    And kalau i dah betul2 puas and ready, i will not wear short sleeves, tight jeans, tight clothes, etc etc anymore. And wont wear stilettos, make up, perfume, etc...

    Will improve, insyallah. =)
    (Thanks for the reminder, btw!)

    cute froggie: haha.. tak la baru sgt... previous posts dah pakai ini gaye dahhh.. lol ;p

    anonymous: aww u're so sweet. thanks honey! ;)

  9. wani dearie,
    maybe you tak rasa you icon, or didnt intend to be one tapi ramaiii young girls out there who want to be like you. dress like you, make up like you, kalau tak takdela org tinggalkan comment -macam camne you buat tudung macam tu?
    - make-up tutorial pls!!
    -wani you beli baju tu kat mana?

    so almost everything you do ramai pengikutnye. n kita tak boleh nak expect org lain pandai2 pk ikut mana yg baik , jgn ikut mana yg tak baik.

    renung2kan ye :)

  10. wani dearie,

    remain la yg baik...dont make 'bertudung' as fashion je dik.

  11. nanie

    the tudung style mmg x sesuai dgn u. showing your hair and neck.
    sorry to say.

  12. maybe u should try mysaa snood.. it will covered ur neck..
    u look selekeh in that style of tudung.. :)

  13. I rasa ok jer.. Mana ada buruk. ni mesti org2 yg mmg nak cari kesalahan u dik.. Akak dah lama folo blog adik... dari entry lepas2 akak baca... Ada je entry u pakai topi lah, nampak kaki sket la.. nampak tgn la...nmpk rambut sket la..nampak leher ke...apa2 la..meaning, u bukan jenis yg mmg cover habis... so..akak tahu la wani bukan that type (mungkin belum lagi). so tak payah la org lain nak marah2 tak tentu pasal... rilek ahh..

  14. haah wani nmpak selekeh here n there.sgt tak sesuai dgn u. mybe u kluar dgn non-muslim dorang tak tegur that style of hijab. but we readers care. u look better dgn cara pemakaian yg biasa u pakai tu.cantik n sweet. dun change to this style plsss..;D

  15. yup..totally agree dgn most of the above comments...u look weird dowh dgn tudung mcm ni...pakai la tudung elok2 sikit...not nice at all kalau pakai mcm ni...nanti org ikut pastuh kita dpt dosa free...sorry..kalau u tersinggung

  16. Omg wani is just in her mid 20's..let her live a little la...let her wear what she wants as long as hati dia bersih and suci...semua orang akan berubah bila sampai you wani :)


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