Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Style Up Yourself!

Hey girls! I have an interesting and exciting news to tell you!!! And it involves some clothes! - How awesome! hehe. Wanna know whatttt??! Well.. here goes.... ^_^

MNG is having a contest called "Style Up Yourself" which happening from 5th to 8th April 2011 and 12th to 15th April 2011, both happening at 10 am till 8 pm at all the participating outlets 

So what's the contest all about? Well... all you need to do is to pick any of the tops that you fancy in those MNG stores to suit your style, and next, is to choose a style, from the four different categories which are: Casual, Jeans, Suits and Evening wears to suit your style/preference.. (any one of those four)
Yes, you heard me, just pick any clothes in the store, play around with the colors or styles, mix & match them up, and try them on! ^_^

Then, just strike a pose for the camera...and walla! You're in for the competition already!!

Isn't it fun and easy??! And best of all, you don't need to purchase anything! And in fact, you will be given a 5% discount card upon entering the contest! How awesomeee!

Here are the styles that I tried on:
(Remember, you must use all MNG stuff, from clothes to scarves, to bags to shoes and accessories! No other brands is allowed)

The Casual Look

The Denim/Jeans Wear

The Suit/Office Attire  

The Evening Look

 My fave one would be the evening look! I love the jumpsuit that I wore..and the blazer too! It's very much my usual style! hehe.. =)

Now here are some details of the contest, and the contest mechanics if you would like to join it!

  • Visit a participating Mango store during the participation period. No purchase necessary.
  •  Participant must choose at least 1 look and up to a maximum of 4 looks between the categories of Casual, Jeans, Suits and Evening.
  • Participants must mix and match Mango clothing and accessory pieces and proceed to change into the chosen looks.
  • An individually posed photo will be taken of the complete look and uploaded (1 day later) on Mango’s Facebook Style Up Yourself photo album.
  • Participants must tag themselves in the photo album.
  • Participants will be given a Next Step Card upon filling up the application form & submitting their photo/s.
  • Next Step Card contains a 5% discount coupon & instructions of what to do next.
  • After preliminary judging & shortlisting, wait for the announcement of top selected participants by 18th April 2011.


  • Total 4 winners : One (1) winner per look.
  • Each winner will receive a – RM2,000.00 MANGO shopping voucher – A magazine shoot
  • Winners must allow photo shoot opportunities in 4 magazines wearing MANGO apparel.
  • Details of the magazine shoot will be informed after the winner announcement.

Isn't this sounds so awesome?? Now let's head on to MNG stores and have some fun with the clothes, shall we?! ^_^




  1. hi wany...
    i like the evening look too...

  2. niceeeee....jeles betul ngan wani, u just know how to mix & match ...saye ni asik pakai baju same style jer hari2..tak reti nk dress up yg nampak simple n elegant...i so envy u girl :)

  3. gud luck yaa cik wanie :)

  4. love all the outfits! The one yg u wore khaki colored blazer tu pun lawa per.. mengapakah tidak upload? huhu

  5. Hey you,
    mango bag brown with pockets at the front tu ok tak? I was eyeing on it for quite some time. I can only buy it online, no store close to my place. What's your thought on it? Thnx

  6. best nye main mix n match.....:)
    baju byk bole la buatkn...baju sikit susah..hehehe
    good luck with the contest!

  7. wani,u look cantik with different style..buatla tutorial how u pakai shawl cam gitu..n nak request,buatla post about your bag..heheh :)


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