Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Happy but Clueless Girl

Hey guys! How are youu? How was your weekend? (Okayyy.. Wth? Soalan common. hehee) ;p

Me? Grrrrreat! I am really really in a good mood lately. Probably because I have just finished my very last paper last week! Phewwww..
It was a 2 and a half hour paper. Full essay from A to Z. Gosh..I hate essays. Especially if I can't remember my points! But if my memory system in my brain is functioning normally on that day, then I'd be so happy to answer all of the questions, with long long looooongg explanations. hahaha

Things I usually bring in the examination hall room: Lots and lotsa pens/pencils/highlighters/erasers/correction fluids/etc - The reason why I bring so many stationary items in the hall, because I need to have back ups just in case my pen dies while answering the questions (I do not want to experience like Mr. Bean had! haha), next is Matric Card, Exam Slip, Calculator (if needed), Tissue Paper, Mineral Water 1.5 Litre, Car Keys. Hmm.. that's all I think..

But this time, since it's my last paper, I brought along my camera too, for me to snap some photos after the exam has ended.. Well, just for memories sake =)

Exam Venue: CAC Conference Room 1 & 2, Subject: System Analysis & Design, Time & Date: 2.30 pm - 5.00 pm, 16th June 2010

Okayyy.. Starts answering, students!! 10 short essays, 3 long essays. Hmm..sounds like fun! LOL ;p

Hmm..after a good 2 hours, I managed to answer everything. I think I did okayy. I was happy the whole time I answered the questions. Oh so magical! haha. ;p Well the moment I opened the question booklet, I smiled happily! Kinda prepare for that questions.. Yeayyy.. So I really hope I can score for this subject. Oh all depends on the lecturer's generosity and err..the accuracy of my answers too, I guess..hehe.. So jangan happy sangat, nanti esok esok keluar result, sedih kang baru tahuu.;p

Anyways, I didn't get out earlier though. I used that extra 30 minutes to check back everything, every word, every spelling, sentences, every graph and drawing, and I even highlighted the words with orange, yellow, pink, blue, green for some key important points for the answers, for easy grading and marking. 

So Dr. Hizam, you better give me an A! hehe =) that my exams are over..and studying life is finally over, I really really have no idea what to do next. I mean, I am torn between pursuing my studies to the next level, which is Masters, or Working.

Well, I have spoken to my dad regarding this matter. Years ago, he used to support me to further my studies right after I graduated. But knowing my dad, he would usually say like some positive things you wanna hear, but when the time has come, for some reasons, he sort of hesitating to do it. hehe. So before I start planning something, I asked him again the other day just to make sure.. Because I do not want to plan everything like doing some sort of a research on where to study, the costs, the subjects, studying the map of the selected university, finding out the standard of living there, explore the places such as where to live, the public transportation, the halal food area, and so on and so forth, just yet. 

I do not want to plan/search for everything, and then when asked, all the effort will be crushed into pieces because daddy didn't allow me to. Hmm.. so that's why I prefer to ask him again before starting to do my research. (Sebab benda ni bukannya nak rushing rushing pon. Bila-bila boleh start belajar, right?)

And yup, as expected he said it would be better if I pursue my master when I am a bit older (and wiser) and had some experience of working for about a few years. Well, he got some points there and there's some reasons behind it too, actually.

So yes, true that. I agree.

But..I've seen many people take masters right after their degree programme these days. Right guys? And I have asked their opinion too, and they said, they can still cope and manage as it's not that hard and have a huge difference with degree pun. Hmm.. I dunno about that, sebab susah and senang sesuatu benda tu, is really really subjective. Some people said this thing is so easy, and that thing is hard, and some won't agree with any of it. Or whatever.. Hmmm.. So I dunno.  =/

Actually the reason why I wanted to further my studies right after this, is because a) Degree is too common now. And I have always imagined/wanted to get at least a master just like my dad b) I want to get a master at a young age c) I want to experience to learn in a different environment d) I am still not married yet so I can focus and give full commitment e) I want to learn to be independent and live on my own  f) I am still in the mood to study - I'm afraid that once I work, I don't have a heart to further my studies anymore.. and lastly and most importantly is because g) I am still not ready physically, emotionally and mentally to have a real job. I mean, I am not ready yet to face the world that has no endings. Work, work, work and work every morning from Monday till Friday, and every year until I'm old! I do not want to work like a dog! Goshh..that sucks! hahaha ;p Can't I just study my wholeeee life? Cehhh..macam lah rajin sangat! haha =P

Anyway, mom agreed on this. I mean, she wanted me to pursue.. while daddy, for some reasons he is still hesitating. Hmm.. I am not complaining or whining ke apa.. Not at all. I mean, it is totally my dad's rights and choice. Ye lah, saya anak dia, still under jagaan dia, all the decision and financial planning/source would be from him. So..apa-apa pun, kena dengar cakap dia. Plus, I know he is worried about me studying there alone. Makan minum saya, sakit saya, transportation saya, pergaulan saya and et cetera..

Hmm.. Therefore, I am so clueless on what to plan next. I mean I know what I want, but..I can't have it just yet. So, might as well have some back up plans or something I guess.. Hmm..kalau I dah ada partner kan senang. Not that I am so desperado ke apa la kann.. I just mean like, at least boleh plan future sama-sama. Tak la pening sangat saya pikir sorang-sorang and then nanti plan saya clash dengan plan dia ke apa kan, bila nanti kita dua compare plan masing-masing..hahaha.. Apa aku merepek ni.. ;p (Oh, and for that partner/family part pun, I have another plan! Adeii..banyak betul plan aku ni. haha)  

Haihhh.. Banyak nya kena plan hidup ni!! I hate growing up! =(

Hmm..but whatever it is, all I know is that, as of right now..I do not want to find a job straight away. I want to relax for a few months (five freaking years of studying is sooooo long man! I deserve a break! heh), and then kalau nak kerja baru lah okay..kot? Tah lah.

Kalau end of this year I baru nak start kerja, lama sangat ke cuti I tu? hehee. Or perhaps January next year je lah I start. Lama sikit I boleh lepak, before I start working sampai ke tua.. 
Half a year I cuti, ok lah tu kan kann untuk kerja for like what 20, 30 years straight?! Goshhhh.. Even the thought of it makes me sick! Ishh... Life's suck! hahaha ;p

Plus, there are so many things this 21 year old girl have in her mind for her 'Summer Break'. She wants to travel, she wants to learn to cook (sebab nanti dah start kerja mesti penat selalu or dah hilang mood nak belajar masak..hehe), she needs to finish selling her stuff and clear off her closet, she extremely needs to lose weight, and so many many many things that 'She needs'.

Therefore, she just wants to breathe and relax for now!

Boleh tak? heh

P/S: So kakak-kakak sekalian, what are your opinions? Sambung study ke? Or kerja terus ke? Or kerja for a few years and then only I should pursuing my studies ke.. Or what? What do you think?

P/P/S: I have updated my sales blog. Do check it out. Happy viewing!



  1. my weekend is s***s!..sebab i need to work on weekend lagi2 jawab call bcoz semua orang marah nak tengok bola.

    pada pndapat i la kan, memang i pon nak sambung blaja after degree, tapi i terpksa la keje dlu at least 1 year to gain experience.kalau kerja tu tak best, memang berkobar nak sambung master..tapi kerja best pon kalau hati memang nak sambung belajar, memang akan ada semangat tu.

  2. i was once in ur shoes. i jst graduated in april and was thinking of working straight away!but then i felt like relaxing after all the years of studying.i got bored after 3 weeks.i am now on my way to further my study :) i think i better further now.the reason?same as yours.i did my degree in tesol and going to do my master in mass comm!A completely diff thing!its a challenge i put on myself :)

  3. Dear Adik Waney,

    Follow ur heart dear. In my opinion, as I have pursued my ACCA upon working, bukan directly lepas degree it helps me in so many ways, sebab for Master's level, it requires a lot of working experience in order to score. And it does not rely on books and theories.

    It's up to you in the end, but I am with ur dad sebab I have gone through the same thing.

    Apa-apa pun, good luck kay.

  4. Yup, mmg.. Time kecil2 dulu rasa nak cepat je besar, bila da 21 ni, rasa macam alamak, cpt nye nak tua.. haha..

    Peneng nak pikir itu ini.. gosh..

  5. Wanny, I have the same reason as you - because I felt degree is too common nowadays. I would say that directly pursuing your Masters is the best thing to do. You just graduated you degree, and you have a fresh mind when continuing your MSc. But, it doesn't mean that continue studying at 30+ is a bad decision. MSc is more to practicality and experiences. I just finished my Masters degree (equivalent to MSc) and felt a bit left out compared to other students in my class. Most of them have worked for at least 3 years, and managed to do well when it comes the project management and organization or even skills. But, yes you can always learn from the best - lecturers, personal tutor, and classmates. :) Hope that helps you with your decision making :)

  6. wani dear....follow ur instinct!!!klu keja terus mmg probability utk hilang mood utk further study tu ada..dah pgg duit seniri nnt, selalunya mesti mcm mls nak study lagi..tapi ikut wani lah..apa2 pun akak wish wani all the best k?:-)

  7. lupa nak ckp, akak dulu grad fr IIUM gak tau....masa pindah ke campus Gombak tu kira kami 1st batch la..bilik semua cantik2 lagi....rindu nya zaman2 study dulu...:-)

  8. Hi Wani babe,

    Since you have the momentum to study, go for it!!! You can still work on PT basis tho you're studying, you knw... Grab the opportunity while you can!!

    Cheers!! All the best in whatever decision you're making.


  9. kerja dulu... u need to gain experience first! belajar after u dah tau which major u nak.

  10. Saya vote sambung study!

  11. Kerja la :-) Jom join MAS. Your friend Izyan Hasib is here :-)

  12. sy vote sambung blaja..coz nnt dh kawen..ade anak..takdenya nk sambung blaja..konpem menyesal nnt..hahaha...coz me..after degree tros keje...borang master sampai skang tak isi2 lagi...
    takkan ade masa nya..slagi bleh blaja..blaja je

  13. stuju with hanis.. u muda lagi..

  14. kerja and sambung blaja at the same time. :)


  15. thanks guys! appreciate the feedback! =)

    will think about it!

    million thanks!

  16. hi wanie...

    tak salah kerja dulu n gain insights before pursuing your masters ....

    experience helps!! a lot!!

  17. Wany SILA SAMBUNG STUDY ANDA!!! study UK buleh tour europe hehe

  18. keje dulu pon ok gak least bley dpt experience dulu..skang ni experience tersangat2 penting..i realized it now..sbb tu aku ssh nk dpt keje..even if ko ade master pon still dorg nk experience..but wat eve it is, sume tepulang pd ko..pikir btul2 k =))


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